Mother confesses to murder of her daughter Sanaya Sahib

What a tragic situation, the precious little Sanaya who was abducted has been found in the creek nearby.Anyone who could do that needs to be locked up and the key thrown away!

Update : Taking an awful shift with investigators actions.Sadly this could become some else all together. I hope not

THE mother of 14-month-old Sanaya Sahib has confessed to the murder of her toddler after she was charged by homicide detectives earlier today.


Post mortem reveals Sanaya Sahib was smothered

IT HAS been revealed that an ambulance was called a week before the murder of toddler Sanaya Sahib because the little girl had suffered a seizure.

Sanaya’s body was found in a creek early Sunday hours after her mother Sofina Nikat claims a shoeless African man smelling of alcohol abducted her 15-month-old daughter while she was walking with her in Melbourne’s Olympic Park on Saturday afternoon.

A post mortem is expected to show she died of smothering, however police media said the results have not been finalised.

Meanwhile, her uncle Habib Ali has told the Herald Sun an ambulance was called to his Heidelberg West home, where the mother and daughter had been staying, a week before her murder because Sanaya suffered a seizure.

Mr Ali dismissed the episode as “nothing really”, but paramedics were worried the seizure had been triggered through a lack of oxygen via smothering, the Herald Sun reported.

Sanaya Sahib, 15 months, with her mother Sofina Nikat. Picture Facebook

Sanaya Sahib, 15 months, with her mother Sofina Nikat. Picture Facebook Source:Supplied

Sanaya Sahib. Picture: Facebook

Sanaya Sahib. Picture: Facebook Source:Supplied

Memorial for 15 month old baby Sanaya Sahib, murdered at Darebin Creek.

Memorial for 15 month old baby Sanaya Sahib, murdered at Darebin Creek.Source:News Corp Australia

Habib Ali, brother of Sofina Nikat and uncle of Sanaya Sahib. Picture: Hamish Blair

Habib Ali, brother of Sofina Nikat and uncle of Sanaya Sahib. Picture: Hamish BlairSource:News Corp Australia

Police have not commented on what — if anything — was captured on CCTV cameras located have near the park where the abduction took place.

No independent witnesses have come forward to confirm the 22-year-old mother’s account. She is being kept in an undisclosed location and hasn’t yet been interviewed by homicide squad detectives.

She is said to be “hysterical”.

Ms Nikat gave chase after the alleged abductor but then returned home with the stroller.

Mr Ali told media outside his home Sanaya “didn’t deserve” what happened to her. She’s such a cute little kid … I don’t know why this happened. Whoever done it, shame on him, he is a coward.”

Ms Nikat and Sanaya had been living with Mr Ali after she split with Sameer Sahib, Sanaya’s father.

He said Ms Nikat was shocked and “crying a lot”.

“She doesn’t know what to do or what’s going on, obviously.” He said the family still did not know what had happened to Sanaya or how she died.

Darebin Creek, where Sanaya’s body was found early on Sunday morning.

Darebin Creek, where Sanaya’s body was found early on Sunday morning.Source:News Corp Australia

He said the family had a lot of sympathy for Mr Sahib, who is struggling to understand what has happened.

Fairfax reported on Tuesday two men that Sanaya had contact with in recent days were facing serious criminal charges, including family violence and assault.

Victoria Police have not commented officially on the inquiry for almost 24 hours, other than to confirm no arrests had been made. But according to The Age, detectives were expected to investigate the links the men had to the slain toddler.

The tributes for Sanaya continued last night with soccer players from Heidelberg United Football Club last night observing a minute’s silence for Sanaya before their match against Port Melbourne.

Dozens of people have also left flowers and cards for the toddler near the creek where her body was found.

One crying woman said she didn’t know the family bit couldn’t believe something so tragic could happen in their community.

“RIP sweetheart. So very sorry for your family, our heart breaks with them,” read one of the many cards left alongside a soft pink toy.

—additional reporting: AAP

Update 10am 11/04/16

Police make desperate appeal for information about toddler Sanaya Sahib’s death

Police have made a desperate appeal for information as they hunt for the person responsible for the death of Melbourne toddler Sanaya Sahib.

The 15-month-old girl’s body was found in Darebin Creek, Heidelberg West, in the early hours of Sunday.

Sanaya’s mother, Sofina Nikat, 22, said her daughter was snatched by a stranger from her pram.

Police have searched a home in Heidelberg West where Ms Nikat had been staying.

On Sunday afternoon, police were seen searching through bins and leaving with forensics bags.

It is understood Ms Nikat is helping police with their inquiries.

Police said the only suspect is the attacker, described as a barefoot man with dark skin between the ages of 20 and 30.

He was wearing black pants and a black zipper top, and smelled heavily of alcohol, police said.

Detectives are investigating all possibilities and will today doorknock streets in Melbourne’s north-east.

The body was found just before 3:00am Sunday by a local family who had once lost a child and wanted to assist.

Heidelberg West residents left a floral tribute near the scene, which is less than a kilometre away from the Northland shopping centre.

The Mayor of the City of Banyule, Craig Langdon, said the community was grieving.

“I know the area well enough to know the area will be grieving greatly because it’s a very close community,” he said.

“My thoughts are with the family. It would be a tragic loss to any family, to find a child like that in the Darebin Creek, I can not imagine the grief they’re going through.”

Mr Langdon said counselling would be made available through the council to anyone who needs it.

No charges have been laid over Sanaya’s death.

A post-mortem examination will be carried out on the body.

Any witnesses have been urged to contact Crime Stoppers.

Body found in search for toddler missing from Olympic Park, Heidelberg West


THE GRIEVING mum of toddler Sanaya Shaib has left her home as investigators continue to hunt for the 15-month-old’s killer.

The police forensics team are now searching a home address of the mother of the dead toddler. They have been joined by members of the homicide division. Forensics Police said they were expected to stay at the house for several hours.

Local residents paid tribute to the 15-month-old with flowers and teddy bears near where her body was found.

Forensic police have started their search of the house by checking discarded rubbish near the property and in the back garden.

Homicide Squad detectives were investigating after the discovery of the body at Heidelberg West this morning. The body was found in the Darebin Creek by four people searching together, about 2.45am.

Earlier police said the only suspect in the toddler’s death is described to be a man of African appearance, between the ages of 20 and 30, six-feet-tall, wearing black pants, a black hooded zipper top, no shoes and smelling heavily of liquor.

Detective Senior Sergeant Stuart Bailey said parents in the area should be alert and mindful of what they do.

“This is obviously extremely concerning for Victoria Police if this is a random abduction,” he said.

“We think it’s completely random at this point in time.

“We need to be careful and alert, given what’s taken place at this present time.”

The warning comes after the body of a child, believed to be that of Sanaya, was found in a creek in Melbourne’s north-east at 2:45am this morning.

The body was found by a family of four, including a child, who were searching for the girl after seeing a Facebook post requesting help from volunteers.

The family, who had also lost a child in the past whom they later found alive and well, found the toddler partially submerged as they were walking along the western side of Darebin Creek. The child will be taken back to the Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine for a postmortem today.

Sanaya Shaib with her mother Sofina Nikat. Picture: Supplied.

Sanaya Shaib with her mother Sofina Nikat. Picture: Supplied.Source:Supplied

Sanaya was abducted from her pram in Olympic Park yesterday. Senior Sergeant Bailey said the toddler’s mother, Sofina Nikat, noticed the suspect walking towards her around 10:10am.

“That male has then folded behind her and has then pushed her to the ground, taken the child from the pram and run in a south-westerly direction on the eastern side of Darebin Creek, and crossed over a footbridge that takes you to the Northland Shopping Centre area and then pershaps towards Wood St,” he said.

“Once the child has been abducted, she (the mother) has chased the offender for a short period of time, realised she wasn’t making any ground there, so she has returned back to her home with the stroller and notified authorities there.

“We notified both the mother and father at 6:45am this morning (that the body had been found) and they are obviously in an extremely distressed state.”

Police don’t know how long the body had been in the creek.

A body has been found on the banks of Darebin creek. Picture: David Crosling

A body has been found on the banks of Darebin creek. Picture: David CroslingSource:News Corp Australia


Crews armed with torches scoured Darebin Creek in Heidelberg West until late last night. Ms Nikat was assisting police, but they stressed she was not being held in custody.

Inspector Paul Tymms urged anyone who knew the location of the child to come forward. He said authorities were hopeful Sanaya was still alive.

Ms Nikat’s older brother, Habib Ali, said the family had been supporting the young mother after she ­recently separated from her partner. He said his sister had taken an unsettled Sanaya out for a walk but ­returned home soon after with dirt on her clothing.

Mr Ali said: “She came screaming and crying, she said, ‘Somebody’s snatched my baby’. She was mumbling out of ­control.

“I just pray to God that whoever’s done this, please ­return the baby.”

The mother’s family claimed her daughter had been snatched from her pram at a popular park in Melbourne’s northeast.

Inspector Paul Tymms confirmed on Saturday evening that the disappearance was being treated as suspicious.

Sanaya’s uncle Habib Ali told the Herald Sun his sister had been hysterical when she arrived home from a walk without the baby.

“I’m devastated,” Mr Aly said. “This is shocking … why would anyone want to hurt this little girl?

“We just don’t know what to do.”

Sanaya and her mother were visiting Mr Aly’s Heidelberg West home for the day, he said.

He said his sister told family that as they sat down on a park bench she noticed a man watching her.

“She said someone was standing and watching her … but she didn’t make anything of it,” Mr Aly said.

The man then undid the clips in the toddler’s pram, picked up the girl and ran away toward Northland shopping centre, Mr Ali said he’d been told.

Next-door neighbour Melynda Smith said the family were quiet and she had not heard any disturbances.

“We’re just terrified,” Ms Smith said.

“We are shaken up over the situation.

“You hear it in other states, you hear it in other countries … you don’t expect it to happen in your own backyard.”

She said the family was close and had hosted Sanaya’s first birthday party at Mr Aly’s Perth St home.

“They support each other,” Ms Smith said.

“I always see the mother out walking with her, getting fresh air … they are always spending time with the bub and the bub is never out of the mum’s sight.

“She is a very well cared for and looked after little girl.”

Mr Aly said he and his family had been supporting his sister through her separation from her partner, who lived in Hallam.

He said his sister and Sanaya had been staying in Mitcham but visited his home regularly.

The toddler was last seen wearing a short-sleeved white top with pink and yellow hearts, koala print pants, socks, and a black necklace with an oval locket.

Anyone with information is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or submit a confidential crime report at


12.16pm 10/04/16

A toddler who was found dead in a creek in Melbourne’s north-east this morning was snatched from a pram while walking with her mother in a park yesterday, homicide detectives say.

Police said 15-month-old girl Sanaya Sahib, who had been missing since yesterday morning, was found in Darebin Creek in Heidelberg West by four people searching together just before 3:00am.

Detective Senior Sergeant Stuart Bailey said the toddler was with her 22-year-old mother, Sofina Nikat from Mitcham, at Olympic Park about 10:00am, when the little girl was grabbed and taken.

“[Ms Nikat] noticed a male walking towards her, that male has folded in behind her and has then pushed her to the ground, has taken the child from the pram and run in a south-westerly direction on the eastern side of Darebin Creek,” he said.

“He crossed over a footbridge that then takes you into the Northland Shopping Centre area and perhaps towards Woods Street.

“This is obviously extremely concerning for Victoria Police if this is a random abduction.”

Detective Senior Sergeant Bailey said police believed it was a random attack.

The man has been described as between 20 and 30 years of age, about six feet tall with short dark hair and not wearing shoes.

Police said he was wearing black pants and a black zipper top.

They said he had dark skin and smelt heavily of alcohol.

Detective Senior Sergeant Bailey said Ms Nikat had tried to chase the man, but was unable to and returned to her friend’s home and contacted police.

He said authorities had worked hard to find the girl when she was reported missing, but she was found in the early hours by a local family who had once lost a child and wanted to assist.

Police said clothing on the body found in the creek matched that reported on the missing toddler.

Heidelberg West residents Michelle and Faye left a floral tribute near the scene and said they knew of the family.

“I just wanted to put flowers for the baby,” Michelle said.

“I couldn’t sleep knowing she was out here somewhere.

“I was hoping she was alive.”

Anyone who saw the incident has been urged to contact Crime Stoppers.

From other news sites:

Vic kidnapped girl’s body found in creek | SBS News

A toddler who was snatched from her pram in a Melbourne park has been found dead in a nearby creek.

Police say 15-month-old Sanaya Sahib was with her mother at Olympic Park in Heidelberg West about 10am on Saturday when she was grabbed by a man who smelt strongly of alcohol and was not wearing shoes.

Sofina Nikat, 22, told officers she was pushed to the ground by the man, who ran off with her daughter towards a nearby shopping centre.

Ms Nikat gave chase but when she realised she couldn’t catch him, she raced home to alert police.

She never saw the face of the man, who is described as being of African appearance, between 20 and 30 years old and about six feet tall.

The toddler’s body was found in Darebin Creek just before 3am on Sunday by a family of four who had seen social media posts about her disappearance and wanted to help.

The family, who had once lost a child who had later been found, spent the night looking for little Sanaya.

Detective Senior Sergeant Stuart Bailey said it wasn’t known how long the body had been in the water.

“It is obviously extremely concerning for Victoria Police if this is a random abduction,” he told reporters at the scene on Sunday.

“We need to be careful, alert, given what’s taken place at this present time, but we’ll wait and see how the investigation unfolds.”

He appealed for anyone who saw the incident, the child or her blue and yellow pram to come forward.

It’s believed Sanaya and her mother, from Mitcham, were staying with friends in Heidelberg West near the former 1956 Olympic Village following a separation from the tot’s father.

A large orange tarpaulin was erected on Sunday morning around a part of the creek where the girl’s body was found.

An air ambulance hovered above as police, positioned at the southern end of Northland shopping centre, diverted traffic, cyclists and pedestrians from the area.

Sanaya’s tiny body, on a large stretcher, was later taken away by forensic police.

Both parents have been helping police and are said to be extremely distressed.

The tot is yet to be formally identified and a post-mortem examination will be carried out later on Sunday.


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  1. I lived in west Heidelberg it’s still dangerous I don’t care what anyone says .that Olympic village park is a haven for crimes and drugs . A girlfriend of mine was raped and beaten there. Whoever did this sick horrendous crime needs to get a bullet through the brain save the tax payers money . That’s all he deserves . How could anyone murder a baby??? It’s just beyond sick!!! But I saw a lot of horrible behaviour when growing up there . My sympathies to the parents . I can’t even imagine how sad that would be to loose a child. I hope the police find this animal soon and put him down permanently and painfully . I hate going anywhere near west Heidelberg now it makes me feel physically ill . It’s a cheap place for people who are poor and need cheap housing . I understand this because that’s why we were there . Thankfully I got out and am doing so much better. Parents should keep their kids close at all times especially Olympic village shops and that bloody park!!! Have eyes in the back of your heads and for gods sake please be bloody careful .they don’t put bars on shop windows for nothing.

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  2. Was the pram left at the scene or pushed to Perth St Noone in busy Liberty Pde Sat afternoon saw an hysterical mum? Further to Perth St than footbridge His face not seen as he walks toward her? Anyone would give chase flag down the nearest car?


  3. I am sorry but to me that family that lost a child themselves who just happened to find that child. During the middle of the night Sound like possible suspects to me


  4. Taking an awful shift with investigators actions.Sadly this could become some else all together. I hope not. Still an utter pathetic and sad crime however it pans out. Heart out to the extended family

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    1. I just hope it’s not either one of the parents iv seen that before. I just hope they find him or her and put a bullet in their sick heads . There are some sick people in this world and whoever can kill an infant doesn’t need to walk the earth.that poor little might .

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  5. Sounds dodgy to me too. The cops should be going straight to the mum. A shoeless black fella? Just snatches a baby at random, runs away with it, then throws it into the creek. Give me a spell.


  6. Sounds dodgy to me too. Police should go straight to the mum. Shoeless black fella? Just snatches a baby at random, runs away with her, then dumps her in a creek. Give us a spell.


    1. Yep, ‘shoeless’ meant to justify no shoe sole prints. No struggle, nothing. She had a lot of time “observe” detail,lol – zip, not buttons or chords or press studs etc. Everything was black .Like her evil mind. Evil premeditated intention. She knew beforehand what her intentions were.
      It is ONE thing to commit a crime.
      It is ANOTHER thing to cover it up.
      It is yet ANOTHER thing to shift blame to someone else.
      There IS no EXCUSE. NONE.

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  7. If its a suspected crime scene area those people that claim they found the body have just become involved in the crime. It is irrelevant to say they lost a child before. I thought the area should have been out of bounds I guess that would be difficult keeping snoops away. I would have presumed the SES team and police would have covered the Darebin creek area already. So it took 4 concerned people to find her ? I initially thought the tot may have wandered off and drowned in the creek because the first news report did not say she was abducted by a man. Another querie is the mother said she gave chase and couldnt catch up with the abductor so she went back to her house to report it. Wouldnt it be wiser to stop where she was and ask the nearest person for help and a phone, so does that mean nobody was around and she didnt have a mobile? My opinion is its a dodgy story there could be a twist.I could be wrong time whatever the outcome it is tragic this toddler died she must have been very frightened its horrible.

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  8. Remember Jill Meagher? Cops spent ages at the family residence, came out with paper bags full of stuff for forensics. They are just following correct procedure in a criminal investigation. It’s their job! Shouldn’t read anything into it

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  9. Makes you wonder who and how many of these likewise crazy creeps are wandering around in public parklands with this evil intent on their minds of intentionally going out to murder a baby or child. And is there any connection with the other difficult to solve crimes of random abduction and possible murder. After the insane and bizarre craziness of the no apparent motive Sean Christian Price random stalking murder of an innocent schoolgirl Masa Vukotic on a park bridge walking track in Doncaster and the much older mystery back in , 2 June 2011, of the unsolved missing person, possible abduction and murder of 13-year-old schoolgirl Siriyakorn ‘Bung’ Siraboon.

    While this above bare footed alleged African appearance evasive suspect offender may have nothing whatsoever to do with other past abductions? – The frightening thing either way is are there several creeps like this latest offender, planning more similar random, or planned heinously evil crimes of this nature and type of abduction leading to the desperate callous evil murder of a young child or baby or even another adult just going for a walk in the park?

    If this description of the latest abduction murder perpetrator was only under the influence of alcohol or maybe also on hard drugs or ICE, it does seem rather rare for even a drug crazed ICE junkie to stalk or follow a young baby in a pram, then when the opportunity arose decided to attack and push the vulnerable babies mother out of the way, and then brazenly snatch the baby and run off with it, then decide to possibly murder the baby by drowning it. What sort of coward human beast does this sort of despicable type of murder.

    A very cold and calculating murder, by any standards past or present of the worst kind of debauched immorality and depravity by a sickening degenerate reprobated human being with moralless criminal or drug addict behaviours.
    But as is unfortunately occasionally seen in some of the worst cases of intentional child murder, the killer or killers have no boundaries to their evilness. Which today society is becoming a very frequent occurrence with these random, motiveless act of most violent murder on the innocent!…

    Lets just hope this Melbourne – Heidelburg West park abduction murderer near Northland Shopping Centre is caught very quickly and sent away for the term of his rotten natural life, and even preferably executed before he attacks again whatever his background colour, race or creed he is!…African or foreign raced new Australian citizen.
    Life is so cheep now, with these unpredictable cunning type of perpetrators stalking and just jumping out of the bushes at their easy hunted victim or prey.

    One more question is this the first time this latest beast, if he is known to the authorities, has attempted this type of spontaneous crime. Most Probably not! And this offender is most likely not the only one, out ‘let of his chain’, after the recent random madman Sean Christian Price on his ‘breached’ parole crime spree and murder. And there was the horrible serial rape murders committed by known predatory parolee serial offender Adrian Ernest Bayley in 2012.

    When will it all end?…. Just who and how many in number of these predators are freely walking around in our now very on edge, unsafe community, that shouldn’t have been in the first place. Be they new immigrants or released criminals. Or have records of violence, domestic or otherwise?
    While this latest child abductee murderer may not be a known criminal out on parole, etc, he certainly has a concerning background from where ever he came from, that he should not be freely unchecked walking around in public places like a park, and no one has a clue who the hell he is?…
    Only yesterday the Mr Cruel unsolved cases suspects, were made public after 25 years. But 25 years later what has changed in Victoria, absolutely nothing. Murders and abductions of innocent Victorians continue at a growing rate. While the evil criminals that have been convicted and jailed for just some of these murders, have the audacity and the gumption to fight all the way in our high courts for a reduction in their prison sentences. hat a mockery to the governments and criminal justice systems of today, that allow this mercy on our worst killing criminals to eventuate.
    In the mean time, random motiveless acts of violence, abduction and murder of innocents are continuing out of control at a frightening pace.

    Never to be released prison sentence without appeal or parole need and must be enforced by the Judges , and only the Government, The Department of Justice and Criminal Justice System’s – Courts and it’s Justices in power today or in the future can bring this about.
    Listen to the ordinary people for a change and let them have a vote for the return of Capital Punishment and Never To Be Released Sentencing options at the Supreme and High Courts. And a complete overall of the sentencing acts, in regard to longer sentencing for horrible violent crimes. And no more plea bargaining by Criminal Defence Lawyers trying to get a shorter sentence for their evil clients. Rape carries a maximum 25 years, so hand out the maximum and abolish minimum sentences which give criminals less time behind bars.
    We the community expect more from our Criminal Justice System and demand and are entitled to a far more safe community, knowing very well that the many endless heinous dangerous violent criminals will never see the outside of a prison ever again!…

    :SIRIYAKORN ‘BUNG’ SIRIBOON – Victoria Police News – – April 8, 2015.

    :Missing girl Siriyakorn “Bung” Siriboon led a secret online life – – June 16, 2011.

    :’Bung’ Siriboon – The Australia – :Driver may have seen missing Victorian schoolgirl Siriyakorn ,Bun’ Siriboon – The Australian – June 2, 2014.-…bung-siriboon/story-e6frg6nf-1226939941…

    :Car assault link to Bung abduction being investigated . The Age – July 1, 2011 – Unsolved Abductions and attempted abductions and rape of a 86-year-old-woman a month prior to Bungs abduction and disappearance in the Melbourne suburbs of Clayton, Ringwood East and with potential links and similarities to facefit images of men with grey hair, 50 & 60 years of age, ‘southern european apperance’ wearing a white surgical mask matching the description of the Boronia abduction of Bung Siriboon walking to her Boronia Heights College. Police however have found no link despite similarities the perpetrators are similar in appearance and are treating all abductions as separate isolation incident jobs. There are differences in both incidents. – Video and pictures of facefit images…

    :Siriyakoon ‘Bung’ Siriboon / Special taskforce… The Age :Bung case ‘like opening a bag of dirt’ – The Age – October 25, 2011 –
    – ‘Bung where are you?’ – Police have compared the “troubling” case of missing schoolgirl Siriyakoon ‘Bung’ Siriboon with the more than 35 years ago unsolved disapearrance and suspected murder of eight-year-old kidnap victim of Eloise Worledge who was discovered missing from the bedroom of her home and her window’s fly wire cut in January,1976 in Bayside Melbourne suburb of Beaumaris in January 1976. Despite the state’s biggest-ever missing person case and years of subsequent police work, nobody has discovered what happened to the little girl and her body has never been found. – Pictures. – A poster for missing Boronia teenager ‘Bung’. – June 2, 2011.

    :Missing teenager Siriyakoon bung siriboon – mako – – “This will send a message that we never forget and unsolved cases never close.” Task force Puma detectives interviewed more than ‘250 registered sex offenders’, ‘100 sex offenders in the surrounding areas’ , ’70 people have been touted as possible suspects’, police canvassed more than 1000 Boronia homes and investigated more than 1,100 pieces of information , 500 phone calls and reports generated from the public calls to Crimestoppers.

    :Images for Bung Siriboon.


  10. The African man was said by the mother to be running off towards the Northland Shopping Centre, so maybe he is on some CCTV in or near there?… He must have then doubled back to the Darebin Creek area, where the babies murdered body was found. I wonder if anybody saw him in the Northland car park or street area carrying the abducted baby. Sounds like this 6 foot African suspect has run a long distance, both before during and after he has murdered the child and left it in the Darebin Creek.
    I assume this man is still at large in the community, somewhere hiding out, he should be on some CCTV, from somewhere, and if the suspect is dark coloured of African or Sudanese, he must be on record with the Department of Immigration before he got his Australian Citizenship. That is assuming he is a legal immigrant. Or is he just out of jail, there are a lot of Sudanese prisoners in jail at the moment.
    It’s bloody scary what happening in our country.
    And even if this turns out to be a custody or some domestic revenge murder scenario, it is still very frightening that this alleged seen African perpetrator, can just run up to the victim in a park, where there would have been other people just going for a walk in the area, and brazenly push her over and grab her baby from a pram, and even worse take it to murder it, not giving a shit who saw him, then most horribly just dispose of it by throwing it into the Darebin Creek., like a piece of rubbish.
    Why murder the innocent baby?, whatever angry reason he abducted the baby for, couldn’t he of just dumped it somewhere to be found? – Why callously murder the defenceless infant? It looks like the murderer intentionally wanted to murder the baby, no matter what? — Did he drown it or kill it somewhere else first? – What a pathetic low life mongrel. This is not a racist assumption by me, but what are we letting into this country, when this kind of heartless crime can occur, and in a public park of all places.
    Just Shocking!…


    1. We are not vetting who comes into our country well enough. But then what does a murderer look like?? There are all colours who murder in this world . (Sadly) hopefully there will be cameras with proof of the animal who did it somewhere. I REALY hope whoever did this suffers painfully for the rest of his or her life.

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        1. Yes it’s pathetic and makes me so angry when these animals walk!! The bastards are sick and our pathetic justice system just let’s people go. I’ll bet her lawyer comes up with the defence she was beaten as a child so it follows on. I love that excuse!!! It’s a load of crap. I was beaten as a child by my gutless step father and molested so far I haven’t killed anyone . She’s just a sick coward bitch who should NEVER get out again . That poor little child was innocent with the world ahead of her. I’m still crying it’s awful !!!


          1. I’m so sorry that you were beaten by someone who had fiduciary responsibility for your life. But as you say, you haven’t killed anyone yet.
            Some people are pushed way beyond the limit and reason and still have not,yet would be justified in doing so.
            They pull the poor me, racist card, they’re in positions (caring,political, lawful positions etc) so walk. The rest of us wouldnot.
            Did you see where she didn’t even have to front court today “for health reasons” (this signals further alarm. It may be that her defence will attempt to ‘medicalise’ her criminal actions to get her off what she as done.
            Her “health” was strong enough to murder an innocent, defenceless little life entrusted to her.
            Girl babies are nothing to them.


            1. Yea they will try the mental health card alright I know that for a fact. And your so right when you say she had the senses to murder her child . I just hope against all hope she doesn’t get out of jail ever. Just for once I hope there’s justice done in Australia.


      1. Yea granted it seems sus to me I doubt that would actually happen . But I hate to think a woman would do it . But then women have killed before. Whoever did it needs to be shot .

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        1. I agree. If we did this in another country WE would be shot. But then, we would not do it.
          And our taxes are supporting her. The female gender is worthless to such.


    2. Your false assumptions wrongly condemned a black man and an entire community.
      You offer no apology.
      Go read and watch To Kill a Mockingbird.
      “He” was never “at large” in the first place,as was obvious.He never pushed her over;never grabbed the baby;never ran off with her; and never murdered the child.
      He was not there in the first place.
      Infact, he did not even EXIST.Just goes to show how quick some people are to crucify and hang others.
      Innocent people have been hanged because of such ignorance.


  11. This is a truly sad story. Something is amiss. Having toddlers of my own, I know how hard it is to get toddler in a stroller, let alone getting them out of a stroller, with the shoulder and waist harnesses. Wouldn’t there be a few minute struggle to get the baby out of the stroller? I hope this mystery is solved soon so the public do not have to fear tall African men in Heidelberg.


    1. You have a point, actually, Mandy – a toddler’s little legs have to manouevered in exactly the right angle to ease them smoothly into their pusher.


  12. Do not believe a word of this story. Who would take children looking for an alleged abducted child in a dark park at 2.45am in the morning when the Police had already searched there and had to finish at 9pm and intended to go back early in the morning. Who really believes a child has been abducted. I saw the disgusting state of the Housing Commission house as well. At least Police took items from the house. Pity they were not on the William Tyrell case. Do not want to hear mum was depressed either. I feel the people took the body to dump and than rang the Police and no doubt are friends of mum who would be on welfare.

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    1. Exactly: How could ANYONE murder a poor little child??? It makes me sick.
      Throw her away. Lock her up and leave her.
      She was only upset because she feared getting caught.
      A bullet, Deb, agree.


    2. Your guesswork was wrong.
      From the start the murderer was obvious.
      Yes put them on the Tyrell case. Let’s hope that outcome differs from Morcombes.
      Child killers and paedophiles should NEVER BE RELEASED. They CAN’T change.


  13. I live across the road from Perth street where the mother was staying. She claims that at around 10:10am on Saturday morning her baby was taken, she gave chase and watched the man cross the bridge at Northland shopping center. She turned around and went back to where she was staying on Perth street where she raised the alarm. If you look on a map, this tells us that she walked almost 2km (with the pram) back to Perth street before the police were contacted. That park is FULL on a Saturday morning. There is no way that 1) no one saw it happen, 2) no one helped the screaming mother chasing after her child 3) no one offered to call the police for her. Her whole story smells very fishy to me, even if you ignore the extenuating circumstances (eg. messy recent divorce).


    1. Tell the cops then, if what you say is true. If you don’t you are withholding vital information and perverting the course of justice.
      If what you say is not hearsay or gossip then defend this child’s life by going to police and making a statement.
      If you don’t then I, or one refuse to believe you and take you seriously.
      ANYONE can make [false] allegations about ANYONE.
      Go to police.
      Tell them what she said (or pull your head in).


  14. I would suggest some harsh judgements are being here made that are blocking reasonable thought, it is easy to criticise those less fortunate people should not label everyone who lives in housing commission as on drugs. Some are disabled and some have had a hard life and are trying to raise children and make ends meet…It is also very topical at the moment to target African refugees…which seems quite convenient for an abduction accusation…enough said on that!

    Immigration is a separate issue, and I would agree that immigration causes numerous problems in society, but this is not about immigration, it is about cold murder of a child, which sadly happens in all countries…immigration discussion is for another forum.

    Mother claimed the attacker approached from the front then doubled back and pushed her in the back to the ground yet she claimed she could not recognise his face????

    Why did the mother not contact police or 000 from her mobile phone immediately after the attack? It was reported she chased the attacker then walked home then contacted authorities….that seems quite odd as she is Indian, and of my Indian friends are permanently attached to their mobile telephones. Claiming she had no way to contact authorities, that she did not have a mobile seems quite convenient, or inconvenient, whichever way you judge this case.

    In a very public shared pathway on a Saturday morning where walkers joggers and cyclists are riding regularly, to have no witnesses see a man running barefoot with an infant in his arms, even over the very busy Southern road bridge seems very odd.

    I fear the truth will be so much closer to the home of that little girl. And if the mother was involved she should be jailed and have her uterus removed.


  15. I smell a rat the story is dodgy like I said before the SES covered the Darebin area I dont believe there ever was a black fella that took her baby. Its a lie and a decoy.

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    1. And now? WHO foots her bill? WE,, the Australian taxpayer.
      Never has Australia know such terror and abuses as we have been forced to tolerate and pay for left right and centre for poor vetting and immigration. Just look at what we get in return.
      This has to end.


  16. Cadaver dogs are amazing they would find a body alot faster than a human with glasses on and a stick. My dog can find anything with his nose he could of been a police or customs dog.Im glad hes mine (: anyway to be honest the mother has guilt written all over her face when the detectives were escorting her out of the house. Bag me if Im wrong.

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  17. In any case, whatever the possible scenario and twist of this horrible child abduction and murder, if this is how it really happened and went down, as the mother says, or it was committed by other parties by a person or persons unknown.
    What really is a big concern is why?, were the Darebin Park CCTV camera’s not working.
    Because it is a very sad fact in todays society, that there needs to be as many CCTV camera’s in public places as possible to record these deviate offenders.
    Looking back to 2012,had that scumbag Adrian Bayley not been on that Bridal shop CCTV filmed stalking his victim Jill Meagher, would he have even been a suspect and caught. Because the Justice Department were not obviously interested at the time in keeping a proper eye on his movements on parole even after a vicious assault on a man in a pub in Geelong. He was still wandering around, drinking at hotels, nightspot places that served alcohol to him. And while he was on parole.
    The same with Sean Christian Price, who knows how many others he was watching to prey on before the murder of Masa Vukotic. These are just two parolee’s that were not being supervised.

    And if as it appears on this abduction and infant murder in the Darebin Creek, the killer seems to have just slipped through the dragnet. The police are calling him a random killer, so he can’t be known to police or justice authorities as yet?
    The police say they are not going to make public the victims face fit image of this alleged African suspect. Why not?…
    Surely this is not a touchy feely sensitive issue to potential public racial vilification on the African or Sudanese in Melbourne.
    If the suspect is indeed turns out to be a African or Sudanese man.
    So if the police have made a face image, why don’t they make it public ASAP, so any public witnesses, who may have seen this African man carrying the baby, can immediately inform police, while it is still fresh on their minds. They may know who he is, or seen him before or where he was last seen, say at a supermarket or bottle shop, where alcohol is purchased. Or is he a homeless person, if he was smelling of alcohol and only in bare feet?

    What I’m saying is that if we the public, don’t know the full picture of what he looks like, then how can we report to the police, if we saw him in the Darebin Park or Northland Shopping Centre or in the vicinity. The publics eyes and ears can work with the police in this despicable murder, by helping trying to locate the whereabouts of this baby killer. If he was a homeless man, then someone surely would have seen him before hanging around the area, as this is the common pattern haunt of homeless people, at daytime and night time they, hang around public parks and sleep there, or under a bridge. Or they often approach a people for some money to by booze and smokes.
    It would have made it a lot easier to identify the killer, if the park had working CCTV. But I think a Bottle shop in the area could have the suspect on their CCTV.
    As it appears likely this African man is a regular drinker of alcohol, which means he buys his grog and probably his smokes from a venue that sells alcohol.
    This would be a god place to start to try an identify him, that is if he is indeed unknown to the police.
    Also if he regularly appears to walk around in bare feet and with black or dark trackie dacks and a dark zipp up hoodie, he must be known to somebody living in the Heidelburg – Darebin area even if he is a homeless hermit? Somebody must know of his squat or hideout on the streets or in the parkland vicinity. These kind of homeless people tend to stand out, as they sometimes appear rather scary in appearance when we see them walking, creeping around or sitting in a public park often drinking and smoking and sometimes talking to themselves and sleeping or flaked drunk or on drugs at a park picnic table.


    1. They will check soil samples near where the dear toddler was found against the dirt on her clothes (the latter reported in the newspaper) and if it’s a match well strike your own conclusion.


      1. Forensics/police/other investigators/examiners/court etc are the ones who will dig out the truth. Not us. We can observe, deduce, be illuminated etc etc but the bottom line is that although we can see certain things (or not)-we were not there.


  18. The brothers are suspicious the Mums been removed by homicide baby smothered and again last week inducing a seizure ,seemed fine in Mitcham not so fine in aloof Uncles home ” She said something like a man pushed me & the babies gone ” hmmm

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  19. The family who alleged to have found the baby in pitch dark in a river should be in gaol. No doubt we will be having a Priest or Minister of Religion speak out soon and tell us what a wonderful mother she was and appeal for money like the Priest did for the mother who drove into the lake in Victoria and drowned her three children. William Tyrells Foster Mother and Grandmother should have been taken into a so called safe house like this woman is. Maybe they can get this family who see in the dark to look for William Tyrell just around his grandmothers house that she sold.


      1. As I think about this, I wonder if the reason these people really went to the creek is because the mother told them she had killed the baby? How are they involved,really? Are they also part f the crime?


    1. Beats me Reagan.
      Did you see the camera footage of the murderer leaving the park area?
      I couldnot tell if the baby was in the pusher or not?
      So sick it us evil.
      But like Bayden Clay, and others I wonder if she will get off lightly.


  20. My first reaction was, “The mother has murdered thus baby.”
    Contrary to the family and neighbour who said she was a good
    It was obvious.
    My second reaction upon her arrest and confession was, “I KNEW IT!”
    Do we Aussies look dumb or something? We are not stupid. And the family have the nerve to abuse OUR media when she got caught??!?
    Prior to which her own family said (before she was caught) that whoever killed the baby was a coward. I thought, “And you’re about to find out who that coward is!”
    The idea if a barefoot black man was racist and designed to redirect our focus. Sheer deception and cover-up. The barefeet was meant to justify no shoe prints.
    Christ! Give our coppers their due!
    This poor little girl. My heart breaks. May she rest in eternal peace.
    I bet the mother walks.
    When will society realise child killers are like paedophiles. No conscience. They CANNOT change. They have no remorse.


    1. Agreed well said being a victim of pedophelia myself I know they have no conscience . And unfortunately we just have to live with that as victims . Whilst they think it’s ok . It’s a pity they don’t die at birth .


      1. They should be locked up forever. Or die. They have abused and continue to abuse and ruin lives.
        We might ask WHY ARE THEY NOT LOCKED UP PERMANENTLY? Or castrated. Or wear labels that say, “I am a paedophile. A child murderer.”


  21. Then blame another minority community member of snatching her daughter. I hate to repeat it but the 1st media footage early on gives so much away in family tragedies. (murders) She lacked all the signs of a grieving frantic mother.

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    1. Yea she’s nothing but a sick animal there’s absolutely NO excuse for what she’s done. Anyone who sympathises with her would have the same sickness as she does let’s hope she gets life . She should NEVER walk free among humans again EVER.

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      1. All bullies are the same.They are the same mentality as paedophiles and need to assert ultimate harm over others to give themselves a sense of worth.
        They should have been drowned at birth.
        This socalled “mother” has ALWAYS been a murderer.It was just a matter if time.
        They turn our country and lives into a mockery.
        Why should we be forced to tolerate assholes shitting on us in our back yard and pay to support them as well?


        1. Save money shoot the bitch she’ll breed again and do the same thing to another little baby. The sad thing is she’ll probably only get 2 years max or possibly walk. There is NO excuse for this .

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          1. Deb, Absolutely agree!
            Some women (things) who have murdered their babies (or female paedopiles – can’t imagine THAT but I believe some wives have made their husbands cop it for their crimes blackmailing them with, ‘You’ll never see your kids again’ etc although either way they are BOTH involved) have been jailed for a minimum amount of time AND allowed to go out on leave AND have another baby while in prison.
            They should be chopped and given life. It is an INTENTIONAL crime NOT excusatory (eg, ‘mad’ not ‘bad’, so let her go.
            Such an act is a CHOICE. She CHOSE to DO IT, to get id of what THEY didnot want. Kids are not disposable.

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            1. Shooting star your right kids aren’t disposable and she knew exactly what she’s done . She’s nothing but a filthy murdering animal I mean to kill a child you’d have to have no conscious whatsoever A sociopath . And I believe some (not all) women do hold kids over their husbands head eg: emotional blackmail for sure. And the only ones who suffer are the kids. Iv seen that happen before. Some people should be sterilised at birth.

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              1. Men do it too. See the guy who kidnapped his children from their own mother and fled to Lebanon. Emotionally abusing hisvown kids to get ‘revenge’ on his wife for leaving him. Im sick of people perpetuating the lie that only women do this and men are the poor innoce t victims. Most mothers are just trying to protect their kids from abusive men.


    2. Agreed Robbo.
      Reminds me of the “Obvious guilt” in the Gerard Baden Clay case…. remember Olivia.. the lip biting.. the high pitched GBC voice … oh so obvious.

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  22. Wasn’t the black at all. Goes to show how wrong a person can be. Straight out of To Kill a Mockingbird.
    The “mother” should NEVER be released. And I am to support her???
    Poor child.

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  23. Told you say but you put up a rant at the start of the investigation about the poor mother and family. Everyone but you knew it was the mother all the time.


  24. This will be the criminal defence lawyers plea bargaining defence for this child killing client…if the mother pleads Not Guilty before a Judge and Jury.

    (1) If a woman carries out conduct that causes the death of her child in circumstances that would constitute murder and, at the time of carrying out the conduct, the balance of her mind was disturbed because of—
    (a) her not having recovered from the effect of giving birth to that child within the preceding 2 years; or
    (b) a disorder consequent on her giving birth to that child within the preceding 2 years—
    she is guilty of infanticide, and not murder, and liable to level 6 imprisonment “(5 years maximum).”
    S. 6(2) amended by No.68/2009 s.97(Sch. item 40.1).
    (2) On an indictment for murder, a woman found not guilty of murder may be found guilty of infanticide.
    See sections 10(3) and 421 for other alternative verdicts.
    (3) Nothing in this Act affects the power of the jury on a charge of murder of a child to return a verdict of not guilty because of mental impairment.
    S. 6A
    inserted by No. 7546 s.2.

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    1. So her lawyers have already been appointed, explored everything and examined everything in detail as has the Crown and they in turn have disclosed the core nature of their intended defence to you!?
      If they had or did the case would be dismissed.
      What you posted is clausal. It is nit the ‘defence’.
      Don’t jump ahead of the Judge, Jury, Crown, defendant, witnesses and experts or Jury who have not yet been called letalone consideration or conclusion of a ‘defence’.
      We are not forty years in the past nor are you equipped to determine or report (and mislead the public) facts least of all assumptions.


    2. Ye, Former, thought they would use this one. Mongrels. Bear in mind they will not have had any or ample time to asses and /or explore all of this in her case.It’s like saying,
      “We’ll use this whether it applies or not)”
      If she is so ‘good’ try her under Islamic law (stone to death).


  25. They got the rat alright she had guilt and evil written all over her. Those people that claimed they found the body when the SES had already searched are accessories after the fact. I wonder where the dead baby was hidden after she was murdered up until she was placed by the creek at around 2.45.

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    1. Beats me Reagan.
      Did you see the camera footage of the murderer leaving the park area?
      I couldnot tell if the baby was in the pusher or not?
      So sick it us evil.
      But like Bayden Clay, and others I wonder if she will get off lightly.

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      1. Shooting star, let us all look to the sky and hope that the gutless snake Bayden Clay still has his worst nightmare ahead of him RE sentencing. The dick head might serve more time due to his baseless and pathetic appeal.

        My skin crawls when i start to read paid shrinks giving what they are paid for, depending what side they are on.

        The attack dogs set upon any dad who does something to his children but it seems some women do the same thing and find a place where they are some sort of victim with a damaged mind and we take pity on them. Stuff that

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          1. Robbo & Jo,
            Yes, let’s hope that Bayden-Clay can come out from behind his shield of protectors – t would b interesting to know how many and how often he saw ‘workers’ over the years(not knocking workers but socalled ‘good citizens’- pollies, lawyers, religious people – live double lives and have also cooked books on their ‘work’ tab.
            What I want to know is why is Bayden-Clay getting away with murder – literally. So much evidence was primary including Alison’s fingernail marks.
            Queensland is good at hanging innocent people and letting guilty ones go. What does this say about Queensland double dealing and corruption.

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          2. Yea agreed the crimes the crime and equality for all for sure. There’s all sorts of help for women now including lifeline and beyond blue . If you have horrendous thoughts of hurting or killing your kids for crist sake take them to the police or the hospital leave them there .but don’t kill them .theres help there’s medication to help even people out there’s options not just murder.

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        1. PS. Yes (re attack dogs) My neighbour is of the same opinion.
          I do believe that many males are not treated well or equally. The thing is, abuse knows no gender-specific action. Abuse is a HUMAN action. Not male or female.

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    2. Reagan
      Maybe that’s why the other people went to the creek in the dark at such an ungodly hour?? I’m a night owl but I wouldn’t be wandering around the streets or thru a park at that hour esp with NO REASON or to look for someone’s baby knowing full well the authorities are highly professional and expertly fine-tuned and trained to do so.

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  26. Before some of you here, dislike my comment opinions, like Watchful Eye and Shooting Star, as I can tell you very much despise or deplore me, and so that’s fine by me, I get it all the time as a former screw, but I’m not on here to make friends, just comment on all things mostly criminal and prison related, due to my previous background in Corrections, and on subjects both past and present.
    But you take a swipe at me and infer that I’m a racist of coloured or black men straight out of To Kill A Mockingbird. When I was at school in 1980, I had to do an English assignment on to Kill a Mockingbird. A very good book to read at the time I thought. So I know all about racism and injustice by so be it white people lynch mobs.
    1. I have read the 1960 Harper Lee book and also seen the 1962, Gregory Peck , black and white film on Atticus Finch the criminal defence lawyer in the American Great depression years around 1934/35 who was called by the prejudice American racist white Alabama people, ‘a nigger lover’ because he defended a wrongly accuse American negro Tom Robinson for rape of a girl, who the lynch mob town folk wanted hanged, for a crime he didn’t commit. – One of the greatest films of all time, even in black and white, I still think so…

    The reason I listed the writing from the CRIMES ACT 1958, was merely to show people on here what legal argument excuses could be used by the now charged woman alleged child killer and her possible defence to diminished her mental heath pleas to downgrade her murder charge to that of Infanticide, or serve less time in jail. I wasn’t trying to pre empting any guilty or not guilty verdict of a court of laws decision on the accused, as it has already turned out the accused woman has stayed in her cell and has refused to face the magistrate on first appearance towards her committal court hearing that she was required to attend now she is in protective custody on a charge of murder.
    I like many people did not know about this woman’s prior background, with Human Services and the ambulance call out for a seizure of the toddler, possibly caused by her trying to harm the child a week before she, reported the toddler abducted by a African man in the park, only to later in fact have allegedly murdered the child and dumped it in the Darbin Creek.
    And also the first reports of this crime publically made was that a tall African man pushed the mother to the ground and abducted the child and ran off. Then later on the child’s body was found murdered in the creek. And as there a few weeks back during the Melbourne Moomba festival, there were gangs of very angry African Sudanese juveniles running amok and bashing and robbing innocent people in a street riot. So like many, including the police and residents, we all thought that a unknown deranged or perhaps violent African offender had committed this atrocious random crime. Had the media or police said an Asian or a Eskimo or Maori or European Caucasian or even a Aboriginal Australian or any other description or race for that matter, committed this crime , then that is what I would have been concerned about who the offender – perpetrator was. Just like I am still very concerned about the identity of the elusive Mr Cruel, from so many years ago.
    Even the Homicide Squad were publicly stating early in the investigation that the murder of the child could be a random killing. And said they were checking any CCTV, and asking for any witnesses who may have saw the running man carrying the abducted child.
    So I was never making an assumption of a vilifying or racist nature against African men in particular. Just angry that it could have been a violent African parolee just out of jail.
    My concern was in the beginning that a African man had reportedly abducted the child from its mother in the park. And was reportedly in bare feet and wearing a dark hoody, which is not uncommon in Melbourne, day or night, with these dangerous ethnic street gangs, like ‘APEX’.
    So Yes I admit, I have been chasing shadow’s, barking up the wrong tree, as the mother had made her initial report a complete an utter ‘furphy’. A bit like the John Shape child murder he committed, while crying crocodile tears, after he had murdered his wife and child an dumped them at the landfill tip.
    But looking back at the Jill Meagher rape and murder and the crazy murder and crime spree committed by Sean Christian Price, anything is possible these day’s by some of these sickening deranged killers, especially the one’s in recent years on parole. I’m not a racist – I just hate everybody behind bars.

    So I am not trying to jump ahead of the Judge, Jury, Crown, defendant, witness and experts or Jury who have not yet been called let alone consideration or conclusion of a ‘defence’ or am I claiming to be equipped to determine or report (and mislead the public) facts least of all assumptions!
    And as it is turning out this alleged woman infant killer and her appointed defence are already playing the ‘mental heath’ card.


    1. Former: we are allowed to bark up the wrong tree. How else do we know who or what’s there?
      You said the Section you posted is what they WILL use, not what they COULD use.
      Possibilities are not probabilities.
      And now you drag parole/parolees into play when parole/parolees had/have nothing to do with this particular case.
      However, your use of parole is timely in the current political Victorian climate which is probably why you determined to add it.
      Just because you read a book about an Afro-american who was framed, the setting and narrative of which are in the long-entrenched psyche that divides North and South (USA) doesnot give you the insights and understandings derived from deep-rooted socio-political or personal consequences of racism.
      I am the first to admit I have a racist streak. And yet I was not raised racist but rather have stood in defence of blacks who in turn have only demonstrated this one true reality, that is: the REAL racism, the real hatred is against whites. I use the word whites simply to convey the message although I donot actually believe in ‘white’ as a defining property because no human is literally “white”.
      Sadly, you HATE people behind bars
      I say, sadly, because I know that it is possible for someone behind bars to have been set up and gravely wronged. Not that some people give a shit.
      You might like to do a deep and close reassessment and examination if yourself over time and find the goof person you are instead of being so bitter.
      Human suffering is something we all share. We all cry out in the night, often filled with despair or sorrow or grief or misery or lovelessness or loneliness etc.. how much more then if we have been wronged by our fellow human..?
      It takes a bloody good person to admit they barked up the wrong tree.
      I bark up wrong trees myself (not saying I am good by the way)!
      There are scews with huge personal issues vendettas perhaps, but personal problems and they use the job to justify abuses and deviance. But there are screws who are some of the best people in the world who leave a hole in someone’s heart and or fill it up and or wipe away tears long after the prisoner has gone whose encouragement and love kindness and compassion help shape better people. They don’t propound abuse.
      I hate some of the types behind bars too. They are the same as others on thus side of the fence.
      Cruelty and abuse HAS NO BOUNDARY.FENCES AND WALLS AND CELLS donot stop some people.
      Thanks for your reply Former. I think I will think of you every time I stick my head out the door and look around the place (at the trees) if not this forum.
      It’s good we can let it all out here and say what we think right or wrong.It doesn’t have to be “right”. Or wrong.
      At least we have a voice. And that’s something Australia is losing. We have to keep our freedoms and that means our voice.
      I can’t read the socalled sequel to To Kill a Mockingbird because the publisher’s just cashing in on the now-deceased author’s original success and the author was on her dying bed when they released it.
      There are others (readers and writers) who feel the same.
      Bias can strike anyone if us at any given point in time and anyone of us can find our lives changed by evil thrust upon us , forever. The secret is to learn from all our experiences and share them and help each other grow.

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        1. Are they Pakistani?
          Every Muslim knows you do NOT hold the Quran below your head.It has to be above.
          Nor is used to hold as she did in the car.
          I am also reminded that it is part of the Muslim way use every situation to promote Allah hence the real reason for holding up al Quran for THE WORLD (dunya) to see. It is akin to witnessing.

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    2. Hi there I don’t call you a racist and I know your job was tough I know I wouldn’t do it. I’m a pca I work with the elderly so now and again I cop some abuse but then that’s the nature of the job. So I get it . And I think that people right now myself included don’t want to see that filthy animal and her husband as well get off Scott free for the murder of that sweet little girl . That innocent baby with the whole world ahead of her. We are all upset all angry and we don’t want to face the very real fact that she may walk or only get 5-6 yrs due to our pathetic justice system. In my eyes there’s NO reason to murder a child . So I understand all the comments given .if there was any justice then someone would do to her and her husband exactly what was done to the baby girl. I just hope it wasn’t anything to do with any sick religious ritual shit.

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  27. There will be the typical do gooders jumping in to pick her brain as for D.H.S they are piss weak pen pushers just like the Nikki Coslovich murder D.H.S knew she was at risk but did bugger all to try and prevent the tragedy the case worker should of attended the home for checks but they sit on their fat arses in the offices the killer mother will get assessed after the murder. The warning signs were flashing but did anyone of a professional background step up no. Its too late for the child. Even some doctors will know there are families out there suffering from a family member being mentally unstable they have witnessed it themselves and still nobody in the family are offered any help to talk to a professional. The tradgedy takes place then thats when they all come out to get their piece of the pie. A killer such as her is not going to be rational they dont even forsee into the future she fucked up her own life that was her choice as for the uncle he must have known what happened and tried to coverup when interveiwed by the media. If we all worked it out and he claims he didnt know then hes a cunning liar. He will have to get his arse out of that place he wont be welcome there. Its very common in Australia to hear of parents killing their children it wont be the last thats for sure.

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    1. Yerh i might just kill myself instead.
      Why didn’t she do that? Why kill the kid?
      Or at least like Damien Little take them with you.


    2. Her life ended the moment she chose to murder the child. It was her choice. Irrational or rational it was the choice she made – a priori – .She walked into the park wheeling the pusher knowing full well her own intention. She walked out of the park in the face if passing traffic like a normal reasonable mother pushing her pram. No panic no hysteria nothing.
      On second thoughts I wonder if I am really “racist”. I think it is more that I don’t like me or anyone else being abused no matter what the colour culture etc.
      Anyway we can think and reason and argue forever.
      The reality is that no-one including myself can draw actual conclusions because none of us are or ever can be fully informed.
      Deb /Former you both had/have stressful jobs where oftentimes your care and responsibilities go unrewarded and yes abuse flies.
      Where would we be without carers cops ‘screws'(never sure why we use that word but I use it affectionately and not maliciously) and other such services.Anyone who abuses these roles/humans working in these roles doesn’t know the value of them (the people and the roles).

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      1. Yea I can’t believe she knew exactly what she was doing or going to do to her own baby . I look at that beautiful child and cry what did she ever do to anyone?? I can take a lot in my job but I can’t handle that. I can’t even get my mind around it. We as women should be nurturing creatures loving and protective people. Let’s hope they throw the book at her and she doesn’t hide behind religion or mental illness defence because that’s all her lawyers will have to defend that animal with.

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        1. I feel the same Deb. It is beyond me, beyond m comprehension too and I’ve seen some things. Some people are equally cruel and callous when t comes to animal cruelty, too. Courts and others seem to miss the point and address the crimes, sometimes look at causes but donot consider the nature of cruelty – the desire to harm etc. the actual desire that drives these scum and that they thrive on while the rest of us thrive on air. The will for what is good and right and just.. As with you and Forner for example- people donot enter into such roles because they don’t care. I would be so disillusioned.
          All this crap is how we do NOT want to be.
          But then look at the other half of the world where maiming and killing are normal – break a kid’s leg so they are maimed and can beg; PLAN TO kill murder slaughter countless innocent people in the name of “God”…etc and profess to be normal good-intending humans???
          Now they are changing OUR world and country and lives and demanding we change, we accept this violence (and if we object we are racist, picking on them, discriminatory etc).I, for one will never accept any of this as our way of life, as normal as forced upon us, I won’t be emotionally blackmailed into accepting, or sympathising with such acts that harm us all.
          When I met friends for chocolate and coffee or walk in the park I don’t expect to be murdered. I don’t expect to see Australians and Australia eternally shattered. And I don’ t expect THE LAW to let such things WALK. They wouldn’t if it was THEIR child.

          Liked by 1 person

            1. Yes!!
              We might need to start another political party Everyone else is. Can’t see any party standing against this stuff. Today’s News said 7 women died in Qld in 25 days.


  28. The cruel bitch covered her face with a book titled The Holy Koran in the police car. The vicious moron. She will cop her wack in prison unless they isolate her from others I say throw her to the wolves.

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    1. Yep let’s hope a lifer gets the bitch animal and slowly and painfully kills her.but I still say do to her what she did to her baby. That’s justice she admitted it then do it to her. Save money on her upkeep and her trial ( OUR MONEY) and make her suffer .

      Liked by 1 person

    A SENIOR ADULT PAROLE BOARD Employee who posed as young teenage girls in sexually explicit social media conversations has avoided jail

    ANDREW BARTLETT, 32, walked free from the County Court on a ‘recognisance release order’
    yesterday after pleading guilty to ‘transmitting child pornography’.

    BARTLET, who has quit as the Adult Parole Board’s ‘Operations Manager’, created two fake social media profiles to engage in sexually charged chats between last April 28, 2015 and June 26, 2015.

    Masquerading as a 13-year-old girl named “Maddy M”, ANDREW BARTLET spoke to men aged 19 to 36, asking to meet with a number of them for sex.
    Under the guise of a year 7 girl called “Shae”, he asked a father of two if the man would have sex with his 10-year-old daughter.

    Judge Richard Smith said BARTLET had sent photo’s to two users, but as they couldn’t be recovered he was sentenced on the basis that no child porn images were involved.

    He accepted a submission by ANDREW BARTLET’S lawyers that no children had been physically exploited.
    BARTLET was sentenced to 12 months’ prison, but was freed to be with his family after agreeing to the terms of a recognisance release order.

    The orders terms say he must be of good behaviour for ‘five years’ and engage in sex offender education for ‘two years’.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. What’s wrong with our justice system???????!! When we let pedophiles and murderers walk happy in the knowledge that these pieces of shit are out there walking among humans???whats wrong with that??? I don’t get it someone explain it to me !!!! Please!!!!!!!

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Wow.
      Some parolers are certainly deviant. I recall one woman saying a bloke posed as a medical official in Brisbane and years later was discovered to be with the parole board but denied he was himself lol. Blakely I think the name was. I can’t remember where I read it. Could have been here or who knows where. I shuddered to think.But then a one time head of Argos was found to be a paedophile so how safe really are people/kids.

      Liked by 2 people

        1. I don’t recall the name or if a name was given. It was some years ago. I remember being shocked as I have enormous faith in such a unit. The article said that he was head and that countless images had been found on his computer etc. I don’t know what if any legal proceedings followed but I do remember thinking two things:
          how grizzly the jobs that some people have to do, and how it takes a very special person to do them and how even in sensitive positions there are watchful eyes not the least how some jobs really get to people in them.
          I am not making excuses for this person because child safety is imperative but I am trying to understand the contributing factors that also would have ruined a good career. For some reason unknown to myself in time that followed I recall thinking this was not your ordinary run of the mill paedo not that I know a lot about paedos and their traits but I do believe that whatever this case,it was tragic beyond anyone’s knowing or even understanding.
          I am not sure what I am trying to say here.
          I couldn’t do the job. I’d be shattered.
          When I hear or read such things as “They had yo go through hours/hundreds of images…” etc and/or “some were under 1 year old..” etc I am lost and have no idea.
          Sorry I can’t be specific or direct but I don’t know. Nor do I want to know.

          Liked by 2 people

  30. Anyone here ever watch the U.S.Prison drama of a long series called – ‘OZ’… It is based on very realistic predatory behaviours in a American Special management segregation and protection prison Unit called Emerald City, which aims to improve inmates out of General Population of mainstream U.S. Prisons from all states.
    Anyway it is a very graphic depiction of the often violent and predatory nature of life and long sentenced dangerous inmates behind bars, whom the specially picked prison administration managers or Correction Officers, including a prison psychologist, welfare workers and even a Catholic priest, who all try there best under difficult circumstances to rehabilitate the inmates and better prepare them for their eventual release back into society from the life of prison

    ‘Em City’ or Emerald City as it is called. Shows some very authentically researched acting performances in this long running prison series. It covers all aspects of prison stand over gang behaviour and predatory violence among inmates, like the Aryan Brotherhood or White Power Supremacists, neo Nazis, Mexicans to Italian – Irish Sicillan mafia controlled organised crime, graphic prison drug use and drug trafficking, gang prison rape and also loving homosexual relationships forged between all types of inmates and the most racist of behaviours of the daily tit for tat prison violence and score settling behind bars and the rival and converted American Negro or black brothers and prison found Muslim religion converted prisoners who preach the writing of the Muslim or Islamic – The Holy Qur’an – And the special head bands the wear with their beads in prison and prison muslim prayer mat time.

    Here is just a brief depiction of the very long running prison series over several seasons. From YouTube clips. –
    I recommend to any one who has never experienced the inside of a prison to watch this long series. This is racist behaviour at its most violent and eye opening and shows that America’s overcrowded prisons are not the way our Australian Prisons ever want to go any time soon. But they will the way crime is now over crowding and stretching our prisons with some very nasty violent criminals with nothing to lose on very long sentences. Especially the Islamic State terrorist crime inmates like in our Goulburn Supermax jail and Barwon Prison in Victoria. Muslim religion is growing very popular in some Australian prisons, just like it has in U.S.Prisons.

    :Oz – Schillenger Rapes Gunzuel.

    :Oz – Ryan’s Rivals.

    :Oz – Adebisi indoctrinating Wanglar.


    :Oz – Schillenger Aryan’s Rape Peter Schibetta on the POOL TABLE

    :Oz gay scene between francklin winthdrop and chris kellar.

    :Chris Kellar and Tobias Beecher Part 1.

    :Oz – Every death from season 1.

    :OZ (TV series 1997 – 2003 – 56 episodes – Seasons 1 to 6. – IMDb TV shows.

    The full seasons series of OZ can be purchased in Sanity Stores or online.


  31. The derogatory slang Prison Officer ‘Guard’ or Warder Turnkey term ‘SCREW’ is a nineteenth century Victorian times Pentonville prison and goes back to the eighteenth century United Kingdom and Convict Colonial Australia archaic word term from the convict, transportation years and industrial revolution days of the Turn Key Warder, like for example Newgate Prison, Scottish Prisons, Irish Prisons ,Wormwood Scrubs and our Australian Colonial Port Arthur , Fremantle and Old Melbourne Gaol and Pentridge Penal Establishment from the early 1800s to 1850’s.
    The antique early prison cell locks and manacles, handcuffs and leg iron were locked by turning a key or screw and the same for the Peeler, Plod or Copper used the same type of old turn key to lock and unlock hand manacles and leg irons of the criminals in their custody. And the turning the ‘screw’ slang for screw designed ‘key’ which was the Turnkeys guards most important job in the prison by making sure prisoners are locked up at the appropriate times and accounted for by the lock up and let out if cells during muster or count. – Thus screwing the locks, or screwing the key which inmates gave the turnkey warder or guards the name, it’s the SCREW, come to lock us up.


  32. It appears Post Natal Depression is going to be used as a legal argument in her court defence.
    Typical ot the Victorian Justice system, mercy and excuses for the accused first, and victims suffering second! And not related to the above case, but the magistrates are just letting far to many charged offenders on bail. Stuff these offenders, if the jails are overcrowded and don’t have enough cells available for all these new crims before the courts. Then double bunk the cells or put four or crims in a cell, like the U.S.Prisons and other countries do. Then people committed hoon driving, assaults, armed robbers, would get to learn that when finally caught and arrested for their crimes against vulnerable victims, they go straight to jail, bail refused and a grim outlook facing them in overcrowded jails. Jail in Victoria at the present day is no deterrence its all about prisoner welfare and safety of the inmates. Not like a gladiator school and survival of the fittest and meanest the way Pentridge Prison ran with the old overcrowded dormitory division accommodation more than 25 years ago in Victorian Prisons.
    This is how it should be for the tough young crims after bail is refused, because they are a danger to the community. Lock them up in a real jail and stuff the do gooder’s advocates and prison reformist libertarians bleeding hearts sympathy crap – its a violation and cruel and unusual punishment inflicted upon the inmates. — No very Simple dangerous criminals, Don’t create victims of crime and violence on innocent people in their the crimes and they wont have to do t harsh overcrowding hard conditions of jail time! – The Three Strikes Law initiative – Bring it On in Australian Prisons and the Criminal Justice System. Lock them away not give them easy bail and parole.

    :Overcrowding: The Messy Politics of CA’s Prison Crisis. – YouTube – 2014.

    :California’s Prisons are Overcrowded. – 2013.

    :Lockdown San Quentin State Prison

    :California’s Prison Isolation Units: Necessary or Inhumane? – Pelican Bay State Prison, California’s highest-security lockup. – 2013. – KQED News – Very Suitable conditions for the likes of lowlife rapist killer Adrian Ernest Bayley and many others in Victoria and other Australian State Prisons. Take a innocent life, then loose their quality of life in solitary confinement. No Problem!

    :World’s Biggest and Toughest Prison Ever # Full Documentary – February 2016. – North Branch Correctional Institution – 45mins.


  33. So thats what is on the Vic Adult Parole Board a deviet sex offender what a disgrace that says it all .Andrew Bartlett thats a face thats easily recognisable one that you could kick in what a pathetic looking creep. What a cheek the defence counsel Mr Bourke you twit, my client was under stress and should be spared prison. Fuckin boo hoo dickhead. Is it any wonder women & children are getting raped and murdered I am not really suprised the rest of the parole board need screening I bet theyre a bunch of simpleton wackjobs like him too.

    Liked by 1 person

  34. Also Reagan this Adult Parole Board Operation Manager committed tis deviate offence after the horrendous Adrian Ernest Bayley fuck up that cost innocent Jill Meagher her life after the most brutal rape upon her by serial parolee violator scumbag Bayley and all the filth that had offended, raped and murdered during this Andrew Bartlett’s watch. It’s totally unacceptable! And to add insult to the communities injury this arsehole of the Adult Parole Board get a slap on the wrist and go and live with his parents and keep out of trouble for 5 bullshit years and do a sex offenders course, probably the same deviates rehabilitation coarse that that Corrections Victoria offered to Adrian Ernest Bayley- Edwards, and that really cured him – NOT!…

    Nothing is changing in the halls of justice, be it far to many of the merciful courts Magistrates and Judges who care more about setting the perpetrators free, after the hard work of the police catching them and the crims well being and becoming reformed by the pathetic decisions made by the all to powerful legal upper echelons of the Victorian Adult Parole Board and Department of Justice. I would not be surprised if this latest muslim Al- Koran reading Darebin Park baby killer Sofina Nikat if she goes to the nick, for any length of time, will do the same or less time than that smug bitch who did the body in the boot Maria Korp horrible murder, that presumed rehabilitated hoare killer Tania Herman.

    Never mind my harsh racist or anti criminal comments on here, I’m not letting scumbags goes free without risk assessments that the general public don’t ever get a say in. Human Services or Child Protection are failing far to many helpless children from domestic violence and murder inflicted upon them by unsuitable parents. On whether they deserve to have their children immediately removed from them and be kept out of jail or go free again. And I think many concerned people in our community, would not think they deserve to go free back in the community, and give them no jail whatsoever. But we can write and write, and nothing seems to ever change. Every week there are more victims, both children and adults of our broken soft authorities in control of child human services protection and the do- gooders of the criminal justice system. It’s never their children or loved ones or family members or friends that have to suffer the endless violence or be found , bashed in the street, robbed, raped, violated , murdered because of a repeated system failure and incompetence of unaccountability by legally educated experts in a government departments or lawyers office.

    Are well just a big crowd of 200 people and let some balloons into the sky, that will fix it all!…
    Remember many more than 30,000+ people marched for Jill Meagher. And that dodn’t change a thing either. Just a few deck chairs shuffled in the Department of Justice and Adult Parole Board, and this fuck head BARTLET now gets a be a good boy and a light slap on the wrist by a judge. While I’m not stating that this innocent toddlers murder is any less significant. Many of the crowd at this innocent c’s mourning were family and friends and neighbours of the child. There were other saddened public people from the public, but still a small turn out in comparison to the mass outrage over the Adrian Bayley rape and murder of Jill Meagher at the march for change in Sydney Road Brunswick in 2012.

    Liked by 1 person

  35. Newbie here.

    So, initially I thought the mother did it. She looked guilty as hell. The story of the kidnapping seemed implausible. And then there was the full confession. But now I’m starting to wonder. It’s all a little too tidy. I’s dotted. T’s crossed. So I’m now wondering if it’s just a coincidence that two murder attempts – one successful – in three days just happen to happen after the dad (with a history of violence) turns up?
    Any views?




    The State Government , Police and local service providers have welcomed the findings of the Royal Commission into Family Violence.
    Following a 13 month inquiry, the Royal Commission delivered its report to Government House on March 29, 2016.
    The inquiry looked into how to effectively:
    Prevent family violence, improve early intervention, support victims, make perpetrators accountable, better coordinate community and government responses,evaluate and measure strategies, frameworks, policies, programs and services.
    The final report has outlined 227 recommendations which include:
    :Dedicated Police family violence resources;
    :A future resource allocation model that accounts for demand;
    :Consistency in the use of family violence teams;
    :More training for officers;
    :Improvements to field reporting;
    :Alternatives for recording of evidence;
    :IT advancements to reduce paperwork;
    :Increased services provided to victims;

    Premier Daniel Andrews has indicated the government will honour all 227 recommendations.
    Mr Andrews said the report would change everything.
    “Our family violence system has failed victims for too long”, Mr Andrews said.
    “I thank the many people who have contributed to the Royal Commission, particularly the brave victim survivors and the people who support them”.
    Bendigo West MP Maree Edwards said family violence was a scourge on our communities and our nation and she welcomed the release of the recommendations from the first ever Victorian Family Violence Royal Commission.
    “I would like to thank the members of the commission for their dedication and hard work over many months to reach their conclusions,” Ms Edwards said.
    “I want to also thank the many service providers, family violence workers in the local region who provided considerable evidence to the commission that have allowed a regional lens to be shone on family violence and in the recommendations.
    “Their tireless work and commitment to reducing family violence in our communities is to be applauded”.
    Ms Edwards said she was also really pleased that women with disabilities, who suffer more family violence than other people, have been given special consideration and recommendations in the final report.

    Police Association of Victoria Police Secretary Ron Iddles said:
    “Many of these are marked for delivery within 12 months to three years. Realistically, if the government accepts these recommendations it must also accept that a massive injection of additional police resources, particularly police first responders, will also be needed,” he said.


  37. FROM YOUR SAY 50/50 LETTERS – Herald Sun –
    I AM dumbfounded to read that a magistrate has released two violent woman on bail accused of viciously assaulting an Ambulance Victoria Paramedic Officer while trying to do his job.
    Talk about being out of touch with community expectations. From Denise, of Doreen.

    Very well said Doreen, I second that. Our Magistrates are so out of whack with community expectations of them in the courts. But as always nothing ever changes, they do have the power before them to hand down very harsh and long prison sentences in the Sentencing Act, but they don’t want to, its all about the good prospects of rehabilitation of he perpetrator – offenders. It doesn’t matter to the beak what major impact on this poor guys future as a paramedic, who has had 40 years experience and service as a Ambulance Officer. How serious does an assault have to get, before bail is refused on these pathetic sooking violent offenders, and why shouldn’t this cowardly type of assault and recklessly cause serious injury on a dedicated team of Paramedics doing essential community services to help the sick and injured people, not carry a substantially long prison term, to teach these despicable thugs a lesson and to set and example of them, and all the other just like them, that this kind of violent behaviour is totally unacceptable on any person or persons, let alone on uniformed members of the emergency services professionally just going about their job of medically helping people. A swift 10 years hard labour non parole behind bars, would be a good sentence to start with. Then these violent thugs may think twice about setting upon their next victim on the streets!…

    LET’S hope the grub who spat at the McDonalds worker gets his one-month sentence increased on his appeal. – From Jim, of Rosebud.

    I WAS only 11 when Mr Cruel was on the loose. He scared me and my brothers stiff.
    Let’s hope we catch this bastard. – From Ben, of Scoresby.

    A LOT of questions need to be answered in relation to Sanaya.
    Our system is wanting. – From Sue, of Pakenham.

    THE Domestic violence brigade have up until now focused their attention on the father as the source of family violence.
    But who is there to protect the children from violent mothers?
    It would be good to see the people who are campaigning against family violence, acknowledge women can be just as violent as the men.
    Their rhetoric so far suggests otherwise. – R.Smith, of Narre Warren South.

    MEN are scared to admit they are a victim of domestic violence through fear of being called weak.
    Who’s getting violent?
    Not me. I’m just a dad who loves his daughter with all his heart. – Stuart, from Rosebud.

    HOW ironic that on the same day the Victorian government announces $572 million funding for child protection services and violence programs, the Court of Appeal overturns a two-year youth detention sentence for a 17-year-old who pleaded guilty to raping a 15-year-old girl seven times so savagely that it put her in hospital with serious injuries.
    The Appeals Court accepted reasons for overturning his sentence that the youth wasn’t coping in custody.
    Is not the whole point of locking a person up that you take away their liberty as punishment to act as a deterrent?
    Again, we have the judiciary more concerned about the welfare of the guilty, in this case a violent rapist, than the welfare of the victim.
    Just how do they think she is coping?
    No amount of money or policies will help protect children or violence against women unless the judiciary punishes those who commit violent crimes against them. —
    – From Wayne Adams, from Cranbourne.


    1. Hey was always the reason I made this place like 7 or 8 years ago. Back in the day, radio cut views, TV cut views, newspapers said oh yeah comment but then cut 90% of views. They screened and edited a punters say, which is crap. I would like to take the credit for the main media doing what I have been doing for near a decade. Maybe they DID realise folks want a say. It is STILL not enough…WE still need more of a say… The basket cases in Government have all these so called think tanks that they advertise for in papers and internet. Pay them 60 bucks for a poll/interview call it what you make.They are scientifically designed to make these so called voters to agree with the questions and then BINGO the next days paper say (a joke here) Yes politicians are underpaid and need more compensation for nights away, never using their own car, having their kids take all the jobs they can find. Bigger rates for taxi visits to wineries after the 5 min gov stamped opening of a stamp. I would like to paid 380 a night to see family when I already make 6 figures and we break bread in a house we own (hidden away of course). Dare those pricks spend their own money we say. I will stand in the 2016 June Election as the Gimme1Dollar Party.

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  38. I read about this fithy, putrid, evil baby killer Mervyn Bell was found dead in his cell 2 weeks after 2 inmates were aquitted of bashing him in the head with a hammer. It was Casuarina in W.A. thats what we want to hear F.P.O payback good job done inside. Dont you think?

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Anyone who kills a child molester or child murderer is ok with me and I say THANK YOU to them those inhuman pieces of shit need to die so we don’t suffer them anymore and children will be safer. Also so we don’t have to pay for their upkeep as well. As a victim of a pedophile myself I love hearing when one of those animals dies. I know that would sound awful to some people but trust me to fellow victims it makes perfect sense . And it s no great loss when they die.anyone who gets upset over one of those animals dying has to be related to them no normal caring persons going to cry.

      Liked by 2 people

  39. Yeah, Reagan pull down the segregation fences and unlock the gates around the high protection yards, and the fortress secure protection units protecting these degenerates. The crims for sure would administer some rehabilitation style poetic justice and weed each other out, like they used to years ago in the old prisons No need for early parole. Then the AEB the Cowen , the Dupas, The Hicks,The Clay and so on, would have more to worry about inside, than trying to get a lawyer and Legal Aid to successful appeal to reduce there long sentences. Sort of like in the Gladiator Movie when Russell Crowe is forced to enter the Colosseum as the new Gladiator with other scared prisoner slave Gladiators in Madagascar and Ancient Rome, all pissing and shitting themselves in utter fear of what is to come as they are forced to fight in the Gladiator games, win or die violently for there survival. And mainstream prison is much the same a Gladiator school in the prison yards of jail colosseum,also survival of the most ruthless, and prepared for a fight using jail made shiv’s (ice picks) knives instead of the Roman Gladiators medieval weapons and swords.
    And instead of the Roman’s , a bit like our government of corrupt , unaccountable or jaded justice of Roman’s , the community as the crowd of spectators as the new Adult Parole Board!… “Let the Games Begin”!
    So too does a the victim of violent crime in the community have the same fear of survival like a gladiator when they are up against a the bloodlust of a single or group – gang of very violent criminal perpetrator offenders who also wants to attack, bash rape and or kill their victim just like a crazy gladiator…

    :Gladiator First Battle in the Arena YouTube.
    :Gladiator / Are You Not Entertained? / Russell Crowe and Oliver Reed. – 2000.
    :Gladiator / His Name Is Maximus! / Russell Crowe and Joaquin Phoenix.
    :The Hunger Games – The Games Begin Scene HD – 2013.

    :Conan The Barbarian Opening Scene. – The Riddle of Steel / Village Massacre.
    :Conan the Barbarian – Riders of Doom (1982 HD)

    :Thulsa Doom behead’s Conan’s mother – Conan the Barbarian (1982) (HD-720P). – James Earl Jones at the beginning of Conan the Barbarian. – Riders of Doom: Thulsa Doom – Rexor and Thorgrim and young Conan before he becomes a slave.

    :Best Scene – “Steel isn’t strong boy” – Conan the Barbarian (1982) (HD- 720p). – James Earl Jones and Arnold Schwarzeneggar.

    :Conan the Barbarian – “You killed my mother, you killed my father, you killed by people!” [1080p].

    :Conan The Barbarian (1982) – Two Stood Against Many – Best Scene.- Grant Me Revenge. – Arnold Schwarzenegger.
    …………………………………………….’Enjoy the revenge from these great movies’………………………..


  40. The good old Conan movies. Yes F.P.O for eg that disgusting maggot Brett Cowan has been let out of segregation after 2 years of just seeing shrinks and prison guards and is now allowed to mix with some prisoners in mainstream because he was deemed a ( bash on sight ) target. Suggested by his management team what a crock whoever they are dumb bastards. Get a real job wankers. This sadistic evil putrid maggot has been protected for 2 years incase he gets bashed. Australias Prison System is CORRUPT they are keeping this bastard alive while we the public want him dead if he gets bashed on sight like the baby killer and dies GOOD thats what we want but no its being run by do gooder fu..kwits. Wake up wankers.What if it was one of their kids would they like to sheild the ugly son of a bitch whore and wrap him in cotton wool. Their methods are soft justice weak as piss. I hope Cowen gets his head bashed in to a pulp we can only hope his days are numbered. Even better choke to death like Joffrey in Game of Thrones.

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  41. Well said Reagan , fully agree. Watch the Chopper Movie filmed in H.Division in 1999. That’s what Cowen needs in the high protection unit. Some old H.Division panel beating like Keithy George got by dished out by Chop Chop. – “In here he’s just another bare bum in the shower”. “Want a cigarette Keith” or should I say Brett Cowen. Ha Ha. H,Division Screw’s “What’s going on here”. – Mark – “She’s sweet, oh Keithy seems to done him self some mischief”. “Off to the sick bay”! None of us saw any thing, it was just one of those things”! Ambrose was watching a fly on the wall…From

    :Chopper “The Movie”. – 2000. – Filmed in H.Division Pentridge before it fell into disrepair.
    :Chopper get’s stabbed.
    :Chopper (2000) – Ear Slicing Scene. – By Kevin Taylor.
    :Chopper The Movie Trailer.
    :Chopper Trailer 2000.


  42. Good one F.P.O H. Division panel beating.Cowen hasnt got a consience, absolutely no remorse Id love to string him upside down and bash the evil crap out of him.

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