Former priest John Joseph Farrell jailed for at least 18 years over child sexual assaults

Victims of a former Catholic priest who sexually abused children in northern New South Wales in the 1980s have described the devastating impact of his crimes in statements read out in court.

John Joseph Farrell, 62, is awaiting sentencing for 62 offences involving 12 victims.

This is what the bloody church does, try to hide away filthy disgusting sexual offenders for years. BUT the time is up for the pathetic excuse, up until now known as Father F…Real name former priest John Joseph Farrell

‘Clear evidence’ of Catholic Church cover-up over Father ‘F’: former DPP director

Updated about an hour ago

The former director of the NSW Department of Public Prosecutions (DPP) says there is “clear evidence” the Catholic Church covered up the crimes of a paedophile priest.

John Joseph Farrell, formerly Father “F” under a decades-old suppression order, was sentenced to a minimum 18 years’ jail after being found guilty of 62 counts of child sex abuse in Armidale in the 1980s.

Pressure is mounting on the DPP to investigate the Catholic Church over its role in the cover-up of Farrell’s crimes, with the possibility of further criminal prosecution of senior Catholic Church leaders.

Since 1990, it has been against the law to conceal serious offences under 316 of the Crimes Act.

“I think this is very clear evidence of continuing cover-up,” former DPP director Nicholas Cowdery said.

“I don’t see how you can get away from that.”

Farrell has offered to give evidence against senior Catholic leaders who have repeatedly denied covering up his child sex crimes.

In documents obtained by 7.30, Farrell insists he admitted to Reverend Monsignor Usher and Father Brian Lucas he sexually abused five boys between 1982 and 1984.

They have denied witnessing Farrell’s admission to child sex crimes.

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Farrell’s legal representative wrote to the Special Commission into Child Sex Abuse allegations in the Catholic Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle in October 2013, saying Farrell offered to give evidence “contrary to the accounts given by Fathers Usher and Lucas”.

“Importantly, such evidence supports the proposition of a ‘cover-up’ and may provide evidence of offences such as misprision of a felony and the failing to disclose information concerning a serious offence,” the letter reads.

The confession

On September 3, 1992, Farrell was called to a meeting with senior Catholic church leaders in the in the presbytery of St Mary’s Cathedral in Sydney.

Present were Father Wayne Peters (now deceased), Reverend Monsignor Usher and Father Lucas, now the national director of The Catholic Mission.

They have said Farrell admitted to “nothing specific” and that Farrell spoke about his “sexual fantasies”, according to the Whitlam Report into the affair, commissioned by the Parramatta and Armidale Diocese in 2012.

“Farrell said nothing on that occasion where he mentioned any names or any matters of child sexual abuse,” Reverend Monsignor Usher told 7.30.

A secret internal letter about the meeting sent in 1992, signed by Reverend Peters and addressed to the Bishop of Armidale, includes details of graphic sexual abuse inflicted upon five boys.

“Some of the boys involved may bring criminal charges against the Rev Farrell with subsequent grave harm to the priesthood and the church.”

Reverend Monsignor Usher disputes the letter’s version of events.

“He [Farrell] talked a lot about homosexuality or gayness but whatever Wayne Peters wrote did not come out of that meeting,” Reverend Monsignor Usher said.

“He may have had access to other information.”

‘Facts constitute serious indictable offences’

Mr Cowdery said it was in the public interest that clergyman that may have known about crimes, yet failed to report them to police, are referred to the DPP on the basis of Farrell’s testimony and the 1992 letter.

“In that letter, there is a very clear description of facts that would constitute serious indictable offences,” he said.

“That is, criminal offences that carry a penalty of five years’ imprisonment or more.”

Associate Professor David Hamer, a specialist in the law of evidence at the University of Sydney, said it is at the discretion of the DPP whether or not to prosecute.

“I’d imagine that someone senior in the NSW DPP would take a very close look at any charges that were laid in this case,” Associate Professor Hamer said.

Father Lucas has always maintained Farrell did not make any admission that required going to the police, and did not agree to an interview with 7.30.

NSW Police Strikeforce Glenroe, the DPP, the Sydney Archdiocese and the Bishop of Armidale have all been contacted for comment.

Victim of sexual abuse by Catholic priest felt ‘completely abandoned’ by church

 8 Apr 2016, 5:46pm

Victims of a former Catholic priest who sexually abused children in northern New South Wales in the 1980s have described the devastating impact of his crimes in statements read out in court.

John Joseph Farrell, 62, is awaiting sentencing for 62 offences involving 12 victims.

One victim said in his statement, which was read by his mother, the abuse was compounded by the fact that when he reported what happened to him, he was not believed.

“I felt completely abandoned by the institution I had put so much faith in,” his statement said.

The victim said he had enjoyed a happy childhood until the age of 11.

“When I met Farrell, all of that changed,” he said in his statement.

He said the Catholic Church merely protected Farrell.

The man also said it was no coincidence he started drinking after meeting Farrell.

He said he developed chronic alcoholism, never engaged in study or long-term employment and has had 20 different homes in the past 25 years.

Victim ‘never had a proper relationship’ after abuse

Another victim said that having to re-live the offences against him was traumatic.

“I have never been able to have a proper relationship because of what happened to me,” his statement said.

My experience with John Farrell was always present in my thoughts and never was I prepared to reveal that I was a victim.

Child sexual abuse victim

Another victim who was raped by Farrell was overcome with emotion as he was preparing to read out his victim impact statement in the witness box.

His partner stepped up to read the statement on his behalf.

In it, he said the abuse continues to cause him problems with intimacy.

“I feel unclean until I’ve showered [after sexual activity],” he said. “John Farrell has shown neither remorse nor regret for what he has done to me and others.”

Most of Farrell’s victims were altar boys in the Moree area, but three of the victims were girls.

A woman who was sexually abused by Farrell said in her statement that was submitted but not read to the court: “I naively assumed that God must have been okay with it.”

“My experience with John Farrell was always present in my thoughts and never was I prepared to reveal that I was a victim,” she said.

Convicted paedophile priest John Joseph Farrell given sentence of 29 years for 62 sex crimes

A former priest will got to jail following his conviction on 62 counts of abuse.

A PAEDOPHILE priest, who raped one of his victims on the church’s altar, has been sentenced to almost three decade behind bars.

At Sydney’s District Court on Monday Judge Peter Zahra said former Catholic priest John Joseph Farrell “disregarded and took advantage” of his victims who he groomed over long periods of time.

Last month, Farrell was found guilty of 62 offences involving rapes and indecent assaults against three girls and nine boys over nearly a decade in the northern NSW towns of Moree and Tamworth.

As well as the 62 historical sexual crimes against children, a further 17 offences were taken into account when he was handed down a sentence of 29 years, with a non-parole period of 18 years.

He will not leave prison until 2033 at the earliest.

The disgraced ex-priest sat in the dock with his eyes closed as Judge Zahra told the courtroom how Farrell had assaulted his victims between 1979 and 1988.

Farrell was aware of, and exploited, the powerful position he held as a priest, the judge said.

Although some of Farrell’s crimes might have appeared to be spontaneous, they were in fact a result of the offender’s long-term grooming of the boys and girls which included gaining the trust of their parents, Judge Zahra continued.

At Farrell’s trial last month, the jury heard one of the victims, who was just 10 when the abuse began, was so trusting of the then-priest she convinced herself the assaults were “OK with God”.

The disabled victim, who can’t be identified, said in a statement tendered the court that the traumatising sexual abuse had continued throughout her teenage years.

“I naively assumed that God must have been OK with it,” she said.

Another of Farrell’s female victims would often try to escape when he visited her family home.

She would run to a friend’s house which led to her family becoming angry with her for being anti-social, she said in her victim impact statement.

“I kept the abuse quiet from my family as I was afraid of their reaction,” she said.

She told the court she had been robbed of her dream of having a husband and child.

“I have had plenty of boyfriends over the years but have always found sexual relations with them to be unpleasant,” she said.

“Although I made my body participate in the actions, my mind would remain detached.”

Before abusing the girls, Farrell had preyed on nine altar boys at Moree in the early 1980s.

He had raped one victim on the church’s altar and targeted others in a local swimming pool and during car trips to nearby parishes.

Many of those sitting in the public gallery of the courtroom wept as the sentence was handed down, while others clapped as the judge imposed a non-parole period of 18 years.

— with AAP

Ex-Catholic priest John Joseph Farrell jailed for 29 years for child sex assaults

Emma Partridge

John Joseph Farrell during a previous hearing.John Joseph Farrell during a previous hearing. Photo: Barry Smith

Victims stood and clapped as one of the most notorious paedophile priests in NSW was sentenced to 29 years’ jail after committing 62 acts of child sex abuse in regional NSW.

Former Catholic priest John Joseph Farrell, 62, sexually abused nine young altar boys and three girls between 1979 and 1988 in Moree, Armidale and Tamworth.

Victim Mark Boughton with his wife Belinda after former Catholic priest John Joseph Farrell was sentenced to 29 years in ...Victim Mark Boughton with his wife Belinda after former Catholic priest John Joseph Farrell was sentenced to 29 years in jail. Photo: Nick Moir

Farrell, also known as “Father F”, committed 27 acts of sexual assault, 48 acts of indecent assault and four acts of indecency.


The “predatory” former priest was sentenced to a maximum of 29 years but a minimum of 18 years at Sydney’s Downing Centre District Court on Monday.

He closed his eyes and showed no emotion during the three hour sentencing.

Victim Mark Boughton outside court.

Victim Mark Boughton outside court. Photo: Nick Moir

One of the people who clapped and cried was victim Mark Boughton and his wife, Belinda.

Outside court he said he hoped the outcome would allow himself and other victims to “have a life”.

“I’m very happy with the outcome; maybe it might show everyone else that they can stand up do the right thing and get these so called people off the street,” Mr Boughton said.

“Hopefully, everyone can get on, move on, have a life,” he said.

“Justice is served – he got what he wanted or what he needed, preying on kids. It’s not on – hopefully the world knows that now.”

During the sentencing hearing, Judge Peter Zahra spoke of how Farrell groomed many of his victims and exploited his position as a priest.

“The offender admitted he had a great deal of influence over the altar boys and he abused that position,” Judge Zahra said.

Judge Zahra said the offender, “disregarded and took advantage of the vulnerability of the child victims”.

“In relation to the altar boy victims, the offender knew there would be continuing opportunity because of the relationships he had developed with the victims and their parents.

“The offender created situations where he was confident he would not be detected even where his sexual abuse was, at times brazen in the extreme.”

During the trial, Crown prosecutor Bryan Rowe outlined a series of incidents in which Farrell groped, molested, raped or forced oral sex on the altar boys.

One altar boy who was indecently assaulted in a Moree swimming pool and later raped in the presbytery said, “It was the worst memory of [my] life.”

The victim went to report the sexual abuse to police in 2012 after viewing a Four Corners program.

He said he felt “embarrassed” and “ashamed” and said he hadn’t come forward earlier because “back in 1982 no one would have believed my words against a priest”.

Another victim had told the court that he was forced to perform oral sex on Farrell in a cellar when he was aged 10 or 11.

He said he told one of the brothers that he had been “hurt”.

Someone told him “they would sort it out” so the victim felt safe when he went back to church the following day.

But Farrell pulled his pants down at the altar and raped him.

“It felt like hours,” the victim said.

He said Farrell had threatened to kill him and his family if he told anyone about what had happened.

The former priest also molested three young girls. On one occasion he fondled the vagina of a little girl while she was at the dinner table with her family.

“The offender continued this conduct throughout the course of the meal during which he was engaging in conversation with other members of the family at the table,” Judge Zahra said.

Another victim, who was aged between nine and 11, was in Farrell’s bedroom at the presbytery when he was sexually assaulted with a toothbrush.

“I just want you to tell me if this hurts” or “how does this feel”, Farrell said at the time.

The victim cried and screamed out in pain.

Farrell was not suspended from public ministry until 1992.

His jail term will expire in 2044 but he will be eligible for parole in June 2033.



Author: Robbo

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13 thoughts on “Former priest John Joseph Farrell jailed for at least 18 years over child sexual assaults”

  1. More suffering, more trauma, more suicides, more alcoholics and drug addicts as a result of this. Is any government ever going to stand up to the table and say FUCK.This is not good enough. No more waiting until they are dying pathetic skeletons of their prior power mad lives. Give them jail time now, give the victims a minute moment of satisfaction. Some bullshit apology from the grave means stuff all.

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  2. So right Robbo, the Government are the pathetic weak link in the chain to justice being served.

    And we all know the reasons for this, all human rights lawyers now politicians, they have know in Victoria, as a travesty of justice, softened the bail act for young offenders breaching bail.

    Why this has nothing directly to do with institutionalised sexual abuse or deviate offending from the long years past.
    The Softening bail laws will cause many problems in years to come as growing statistics of victims of crime are growing, regardless of the spin and lack of concerns by soft on crime politicians. Even though experienced police tell them otherwise. They don’t want to get tough on crime or act in the interest of the general community and pander to the do-gooders and criminal rights experts…
    As todays violent juveniles are going to be tomorrows very dangerous adult criminals in the prison system.
    The answer to this can be rather expensively, but in the short to long will term fix , without red tape interference and spin by the do-gooder bureaucracy of professional criminal lovers of the justice departments and political parties who are to soft on crime.

    The simple solution is to toughen the mandatory sentencing laws, Crime Act 1958, Sentencing Act 1958 and Write a new Crimes & Sentencing Acts 2016, with three strikes your out of the community for good laws, and to be mandatory enforced by the Justice Department and courts in very close liaison, input and advice with Victoria Police on the better protection of the community and secondary to the rights and rehabilitation of violent criminals…

    Both harsh and deterrent wise, very long custodial prison sentencing for both ‘juvenile and adult offenders’, and put into legal books written law, — long custodial sentences, that the magistrates and judges, must have to hand down in the courts, regardless of their own personal traits of leniency, clemency or mercy, forgiveness, sympathy thoughts on rehabilitation reintegration, reformation prospects and human and welfare rights of criminals before them in the court dock.

    What I’m saying, is a zero tolerance message loud and clear examples, have to be made, to all the would be, and hardened criminals out to harm the community.
    And as always falling on the deaf ears of the politicians and the in flexible out of touch judiciary who are never listening to the victims of crime. — I have said it all many times before here!

    If a would be criminal, does any crime of aggravated assault, home invasion , carjacking or attempted armed robbery or rape up to murder on a victim, then the judge would and should for the sake of the “victim – victim’s” — “not the criminal”, — have to sentence the offender or offender’s to a harsh minimum of no less than “10 and more often up the present maximum of 25 years”. As determined by final consolation in a victims impact statement by the victims of crime in court, and at the criminals trial before the sitting judge or magistrate, not the defence lawyers, thoughts and recommendations on a final criminals sentence that they advice and plead to the judge to hand down to their client, often a soft non-custodial sentence , like a preferred Community Based Order with 200 hour community work. This is no deterrence to violent criminals.
    And worst of all is a total insult to the traumatic suffering and property damaged by the victims of crime by the often recidivist perpetrating offender.

    Why to the peoples rights — Civil Libertarians this may seem, dark ages or draconian to the lawyers and company! The victims are always secondary to the rights of criminals. And do the criminal ever consider a victims human rights in the commission of a crime. Never!!! They only wreak havoc and suffering at the victims and family and friends expense!!!

    So the jail will be overcrowded ,so what , who among the ordinary people in the community really cares how much criminals are going to suffer behind bars!
    Just keep expanding and upgraded the jails with cheaper lower cost secure decked our shipping containers. If violent criminals don’t like going into overcrowded jails, then they should not have committed their crimes, then they would not have to go to the overcrowded jails!…

    The same old argument by the human rights experts, is that harsh jail and very long sentences are non productive and going to make criminal come out worst on their eventual release. Well they have already acted in the worst of ways before they got caught by the police and sent away to jail.
    And that can be solved very easy by the “3 strikes your out of circulation laws”, as used in the United States. As expected by the community over there of their judges. If a criminal is a danger to the community, then they will go to the big house and live in a not so friendly and safe community. Prison is where they belong, and prison is where they should stay indefinitely , so they can never again be a danger and threat to the outside community!… Three Strikes there Out, and to there new or old home back they go and stay, whether they like it or not!!!…They lose the key to their cell door!…
    Long sentences of more than 20 years to life in prison are what dangerous criminals deserve. If they cannot fit into the community, and remain predators, then they must have their freedom taking away from them permanently in maximum security. If todays young juveniles or young adult criminals knew a judge or magistrate had the power, and was prepared to use it to it’s fullest force upon them in court and with a iron fist on the wooden gavel used by the justices, send them away for many long years.
    Would they the offenders then be so be so fearless and brazen on preying on soft targets of people as the victims of there criminal crime spree’s in the community, know well if they are caught by the police, they will face the courts and not see the outside of a prison again for years to come?
    Will they think twice about committing their continual crime sprees, knowing the justice system is no longer go soft on them? … And come down on them with the full force of the law.
    It doesn’t really matter, what the offenders think or feel because, what the community wants is all that is important. And removing these thugs from the streets for years at a time, will keep us the community safe, what happens to them and how hard they do time inside jail, is of no concern to the average ordinary person!…

    And if they the young thug offenders think they are a real bad arse and fuck everybody in the community and continue with no respect for the police and prison officers. Like the ‘Apex Gang’ and the ‘Priznors of War Gang’ and the other formed street gangs in growing numbers in and out side the Youth Justice Facilities , then in the rubbish bin they go behind bars, preferably that is sent to harsh restrictive regimes of adult super maximum prison, for the rest of there soon to be adult lives, if this has to be, while they are a potential risk assessment if released from prison.

    The cost to the Governments will be very high, to build and expand more prisons and recruit many more custodial officer guards to accommodate and securely lock away the ever growing plague number of these modern age violent young juvenile – adult offenders.
    But sending and keeping in restrictive disciplined regime fortress prisons will above make the community feel safer from these lowlife violent and robbing and stealing thugs.
    The positive upside is money well spent, for the communities piece of mind, that dangerous criminals, will be safely locked away in correctional or prison institutions for extremely long sentences by good harsh judges and magistrates, with out the mercy and interference of defence lawyers, trying to keep the offenders out of jail or on bail, to them reoffend over and over again.
    If its good enough to have such preventative hold places for keeping known dangerous serial sex offenders in special built detention facilities like Victoria’s Corella Place or the Village of the Damned as it is notoriously known in the criminal world.

    So bugger the cost, why not extend these type of special built prisons, to hold all types dangerous types of criminals in a fenced off camp style as well as sex offenders, from easy returning back into the community, and having a very rigid and through risk assessment done upon them before they are ever even considered or entitled to released, and can be trusted to not reoffend and commit more like crimes of theft, robbery with violence, assault and all harmful crimes, modern day carjacking, home invasions, and all the new age types of crimes of violence, like the coward punch (king hit) and the rest to numerous to mention, that are continually creating more victims of crime everyday in the modern world.
    The Government and Department of Justice have to come down very hard and tough on crime committed by modern criminals.
    We the community expect you the government of the day to do so! And not make continual criminal welfare and prison overcrowding excuses!!!…

    ………It just not safe out after dark anymore on the streets, or anywhere in public places and this should not be!………
    ……………….We don’t feel secure or safe in our own houses or even our cars!……….
    The criminals should be living in fear of us the community and our police force, but their not..Why?
    ………………They just arrogantly and violently shows us disrespect and disregard for our property and life!…………………………………………NO JUSTICE…JUST US!………………………….


  3. The justice system sure is a huge dissapointment and failure to victims and their families I believe this is why there is an upsurge in payback murders and hits. If you can get hold of a movie called The Star Chamber starring Michael Douglas, F.P.O and anyone else interested I saw it in the 80s but am unable to buy it apparently its unavailable in Aust for some typical dumb reason. As for that slimeball Farrell the only way he should get out of prison will be in a box the sooner the better. Lets hope.


  4. Yeah, Reagan I have also mentioned The Star Chamber , a old R-Rated 80s movie with Michael Douglas, on here before in my past posts here in the lounge. I also saw it in the early1980s when it was first released on video tape at the video shop in 1983. It had a impact on me back then also, probably in a bad like vigilante way, but I don’t care. And I thought back then like some of the many 1980’s vigilante type movies, like the Paul Kersey – Charles Bronson: Death Wish series, Sylvester Stallone’s and Arnold Schwarzengger’s greats like, Cobra and Raw Deal, Kurt Russell’s Snake Plissken and Donald Pleasance in: Escape from New York & later Escape from L.A., The Class of 1984, Roddy McDowell and The Best a lesser known of movie called ‘Vigilante’ which is also impossible to find now, not even on YouTube. But all these 80s crime movies were great movies on serving poetic justice.
    I haven’t been able to find The Star Chamber, since either, on DVD. It probably has been banned by the do-gooders of movie Australian movie classification from watching Australia. You can’t even watch it on YouTube either. I’ve still got a copy on the old VCR tape, but it’s not very good quality as it was copied from the original tape. It looks like you got to subscribe to download on the web. Can’t be bothered with that, especially if their is a fee. I would rather just be able to buy the DVD in JB HI. I haven’t looked in there, but I doubt you would be able to find it there as well. Some good movies once they go out of circulation they are hard to find, except sometimes second hand. Or of course could be pirated from Torrent online maybe if you know how to do that.
    Here is the trailer from the movie on YouTube.

    :The Star Chamber (1983) trailer.
    :The Star Chamber (1983) (TV Spot).
    :Escape From New York. – 1981.- Futuristic Prison movie.
    :The Class of 1984. – We Are The Future… – Now look at it today, a movie way ahead of it’s time.
    :Death Wish 1 to 4.
    :Dirty Harry series.


  5. I was thinking the same thing probably banned by the do gooder censorship board what a joke. Its good to know you have seen the movie alot of people wouldnt have a clue. Dolf Lundrum was in alot of payback vigilante movies Im sure you would know too. I asked them at JB they said The Star Chamber is unavailable in Aust. I think Aust TV is really bordering on trying to dumb society down by roping people into reality shows and talent competitions hosted by overseas trumped up overpaid ex singers that claim every kid that sings on stage is amazing and is going to be a star.(Liars ) gone are the days of your midnight marathons or Deadly Ernest, Anthony Quayle in The Evil Touch. People are being conned into forming attachments to other people they dont know such as The Kardashians and those botoxed fake morons the Melbourne housewives what a joke. Thats the bullshit they are dumbing society down with. The younger generation may be more inclined to get sucked in because they dont know any different we do and know there is such a thing as a decent movie. Theyre idea of a movie is Bad Grandpa, Bad Santa, Bad Neighbours, Mean Girls etc. How riveting !

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  6. Yes Reagan, I agree with everything you say. Today it’s all Master Chef, My Kitchen Rule, Home Reno show. Which if one like that kind of thing ok. But personally myself, I would rather watch, CSI Crime Scene Investigation, The Bill, or watch the discovery channel documentaries or history channels and YouTube music and Documentary’s. I just can’t get into watching these reality TV shows. And with todays Music shows, like Australia’s Got Talent and the rest. I would rather watch the old Countdown and Donnie Sutherland shows. But I’m just a dinosaur. Guess we got to go with the times. But I don’t what to… I rather re live the past.
    I was a big fan of all the Dirty Harry and Death Wish movies in the 1980’s. And the Good the Bad and The Ugly, Hang Em High, For a Few Dollars More, Magnificent Seven.
    Movie’s today while they are probably better made with special effects wise, the 1960s, 1970s & 1980s and even some 1990’s movies are timeless to watch. Even decades after they were first released.
    Take for example the Rocky Movies, Predator, First Blood, Mad Max originals, Alien’s trilogy, John Carpenter and Clive Barker Horror movies. Just love them all, there the best.
    I also liked John Carpenters: Escape from New York and the music score with all these John Carpenter movies that were as good as the movies themselves. Another good one of John Carpenters was Christine, and the Halloween movies. Also The Omen movies, The Exorcist, the Shining. Clive Barker’s: Hellraiser – Pinhead series. And also excellent composed music with the Hellraiser movies.
    It used to be great going to the local video store for these then new movies to pick of the self. The only down side back in the 80’s, 90’s, was VHS video tape poor quality compared to today’s crystal clear and high definition Blue Ray DVD’s. But most of the old movies, have been made available now in high definition, which is great. Watching now they look and sound better than they did all those years ago.
    In fact while on the subject of classic movie, I’m going to go on to YouTube and look at some of the trailers to many of these long forgotten masterpiece classic’s.
    Cheers, Reagan. Check these out, you may like them. I recommend them…
    I think Hellraiser’s ‘PinHead’ and his gates to hell mystical pandora puzzle box ,know where to run, know where to escape, demon should be put in charge of our Prison’s… He would sort out the Bayley, the Price, the Cowen, the Dupas and the Cobby murderer’s and all the child murder’s in there. He will make them suffer in hell and tear there soul apart on his hell on earth!…
    “Welcome to Hell” – Quotes – Pinhead. “I prefere pain”! – “I am forever – Kill them all”…”So much suffering”… ” you have forsaken yourself”… “Welcome to Hell”…

    :”Hellraiser (1987)” Theatrical Trailer.
    Hellbound Hellraiser 2 – Official Theatrical Trailer. (1988).

    Hellraiser III: Hell On Earth Trailer. (1992).

    Hellraiser 4, 5 & 6 Trailers

    Hellraiser 1-9 Trailers.

    Hellraiser IV: Bloodline (Special Edition) – 1996.

    Hellraiser V: Inferno – Trailer. – 2000.

    Hellraiser VIII: Hellworld – Trailer. – 2005

    Helltaiser Revelations [Official Trailer] – 2011. – The last Hellraiser, Not as good as the Doug Bradley Pinhead, but alright for a Hellraiser movie all the same. Doug Bradley and his famous voice was the only real Pinhead in the Hellraiser series.
    …………………………………………………….Enjoy them all…………………………………………………..


  7. :Hellraiser Full Movie (1987) – On YouTube – 1Hour.33mins. – The original and best Hellraiser movie and HD. Quality.

    :Hellbound: Hellraiser 11 720p – 1988, Full movie. – 1hour.39mins, also as good as the first film. Love the music with these films.

    :Hell On Earth 1992 Full Horror Movie. – Hellraiser 3 – 1Hour.33mins. – This Hellraiser is also one of the best of the original trilogy… – Recommend watching these three Original early Hellraiser films.
    You wont be disappointed…….Enjoy them!….


  8. Is this commentary on crime or At The Movies with Perry Pentridge ? Move these comments to the correct board !


  9. I can’t respect any religion, I lost it for churches and religion. I renounced my Catholicism a few years ago, and told my kids why and they made the choice for themselves.

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  10. Frank Whitty the answer to your question is NO Deadly Ernest was an Australian host of a horror sequel between the yrs 1961 to about the early 70s. There were more than just the one. It had nothing to do with an American 80s comedy flop.


  11. They have got to find away to stop this from happening to start with, dont allow priest alone with children always have a parent of altar boys present i dont no what or how but fuck something has to be done. And there should be some sort of hotline in each district run by independent organization not affiliated with the church where children can call and talk and tell people what’s going on and not be afraid of being not believed or getting in trouble for asking for help. Something needs to be done now its gone on to long and those higher up who do nothing should face the same time and charges as the one that commits the vile acts because by doing nothing they might as well be inflicting the abuse themselves. It makes me sick to know what these man of god have done and even sicker knowing theres so many more out there that haven’t been held accountable due to the stigma and shame felt by the victims amd by not wanting to relive the worst time of there childhoods. They should be held accountable when it happens not decades later when they’ve been allowed to live the life they chose and they’re victims are robbed of that as children. I HOPE EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM ROTS IN HELL AFTER ROTTING AWAY IN JAIL FOR DECADES INSTEAD OF BEING PROTECTED FOR DECADES BY THE CHURCHES THEY HAVE NO SOULS THEY ARE THE APITTEMY OF EVIL. BURN IN HELL U FILTHY VERMON!


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