Caleb Jakobsson charged over fatal Carrum Downs mini-motorbike crash to remain on bail despite breaches

Teen charged with hitting and killing mother-of-two with his mini-bike is granted bail AGAIN despite breaching his curfew eight times and being ‘insolent and disrespectful’ to her family

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This is not within community standards surely? Who cares if he misses his girl blah blah? He killed and expectant mother because he did not give a fuck! Why should we about him. Back to jail son and think about your crimes.

8 breaches whilst on parole and the magistrate says nothing wrong here…continue!

He ran over an innocent mum walking to the shops using a crossing…

Andrea Lehane pictured with her husband James

Andrea Lehane pictured with her husband James

Updated 3pm 16/05/2016

Caleb Jakobsson court sketch

A teenager charged over the death of a Melbourne mother in a mini-motorcycle crash will remain on bail despite committing eight breaches, with a magistrate citing evidence that he is a “changed individual”.

Caleb Jakobsson is accused of running over Andrea Lehane outside a Carrum Downs shopping centre in September last year.

The Melbourne Magistrates Court was told the 19-year-old had breached the conditions of his bail at least eight times since being released from protective custody in prison in October.

The breaches included failing to adhere to a curfew and another incident which was suppressed by the court.

Magistrate Charlie Rozencwajg said he expected someone on bail while facing the serious charge of culpable driving causing death “would toe the line to perfection”.

“It is not so with you,” he said.

Magistrate Rozencwajg said Jakobsson had acted in a way that was disrespectful to Ms Lehane’s loved ones, but that bail was about risk.

Jakobsson breached bail because ‘he’s in love’

The 19-year-old has been staying with a relative in country Victoria.

A hearing last week was told Jakobsson had broken his curfew imposed by court after falling in love with a single mother.

The relative Jakobsson is living with gave evidence after reporting him to police over eight breaches, telling the court he had been out with his girlfriend and new friends.

“He’s in love, I know it’s not an excuse. Often I knew he was local and wouldn’t pose a threat,” she said.

“I thank God I went to the police because he’s had a real change of heart.”

The woman had to re-pledge she would immediately report any further breaches of bail.

Magistrate Rozencwajg said the family member had told the court “since the last hearing, [Jakobsson] has been a changed individual”.

He granted Jakobsson bail with more stringent conditions until his next court hearing in June.

From other news sites:

Herald Sun: Monkey bike death accused Caleb Jakobsson to stay on bail

Teen charged over fatal Carrum Downs mini-motorbike crash granted bail

By Karen Percy

Updated 20 Oct 2015, 4:45pm

A court sketch of Caleb Jakobsson, who has been granted bail. (Supplied)

Caleb Jakobsson court sketch

A teenager facing charges over the death of a mother of two who was fatally injured in a mini-motorbike crash in a Melbourne shopping centre has been granted bailed.

It is alleged Caleb Jakobsson was driving a mini-motorbike in the car park of the Carrum Downs complex when he struck Andrea Lehane.

Justice Phillip Priest imposed 14 conditions in granting bail.

He will be subject to a 10:00pm to 9:00am curfew, he has to report to police three times a week, and he cannot leave the state or the country.

He has also been banned from contacting the other teenagers charged in this case, including by social media, as well as being ordered to live with his relative, who cannot be identified because of a suppression order.

“It was a very close run thing that you got bail,” Justice Priest told the teenager.

The 18-year-old is due back in court in January.

Photo: Andrea Lehane pictured with her husband James. (Supplied: Andrea Lehane fund-raising page)

Mini-motorbike hit-and-run: Bail refused for teen charged over death of woman at Carrum Downs shopping centre

Updated 30 Sep 2015, 5:15pm
Related Story: Teen charged over mini-motorbike hit-and-run ‘unlikely’ to get bail: magistrate
An 18-year-old man charged over a mini-motorbike hit-and-run that killed a mother of two at Carrum Downs, in Melbourne’s south-east, has been refused bail in court.

Caleb Jakobsson, 18, faced the Melbourne Magistrates Court for a second day in a row, charged with culpable driving over the death of Andrea Lehane, 34, who was hit by a mini-motorcycle at a pedestrian crossing at a Carrum Downs shopping centre last Wednesday.

She died in hospital on Friday after suffering what her husband described as “unsurvivable” injuries.

Jakobsson was charged with culpable driving, failing to stop and render assistance, unlicensed driving and driving an unregistered vehicle.

A relative, who cannot be named for legal reasons, told the court that if Jakobsson were to be released on bail, he could live with her on a property in rural Victoria.

She told the court there would be plenty of opportunity for Jakobsson to be involved in volunteering, and he would have lots of support.

“We all want to help Caleb,” she said.

Photo: Andrea Lehane pictured with her husband James. (Supplied)

“We’re a tight family, everybody will get involved.”

But the prosecution argued Jakobsson posed an unacceptable risk of reoffending.

Magistrate Frank Holzer agreed, adding Jakobsson could face a lengthy prison sentence if found guilty of culpable driving.

Jakobsson will return to court next year.

Yesterday in court, police described the “chaotic” scenes at the pedestrian crossing in the aftermath of the crash, which was caught on CCTV.

Detective Senior Constable Leigh Miller said he thought Jakobsson was driving at 30 kilometres per hour in a 10kph zone.



Teen charged with hitting and killing mother-of-two with his mini-bike is granted bail AGAIN despite breaching his curfew eight times and being ‘insolent and disrespectful’ to her family

  • Caleb Jakobssen, 19, faced court in relation to a hit-and-run accident 
  • He was charged with a string of offences relating to a woman’s death
  • Andrea Lehane, 34, a mother of two, died after being hit by his motorcycle
  • Jakobssen has avoided being returned to custody after breaching bail
  • When granted bail in 2015  he was given a curfew between 10pm and 9am 

By Aneeta Bhole For Daily Mail Australia and Aap

Published: 16:29 EST, 16 May 2016 | Updated: 16:35 EST, 16 May 2016

A teenager charged with killing a mother-of-two with his mini-motorbike has been granted bail despite repeatedly breaching a court-imposed curfew and ‘acting disrespectfully’ toward his victim’s family.

Melbourne Magistrate Charlie Rozencwajg once again granted Caleb Jakobsson, 19, bail at a hearing on Monday after prosecutors asked for it be revoked because of the curfew breaches.

The ruling came even though the magistrate said Jakobsson had ‘an attitude that can only be described as insolent’.

‘Not only have you breached your bail conditions but you do so in a way that is disrespectful to the family and loved ones of the deceased,’ Rozencwajg told the teenager.

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Caleb Jakobsson (pictured), 19, accused of striking a mother-of-two with his mini-motorbike as she crossed a pedestrian crossing will avoid going back to custody despite breaching bail conditions

Jakobsson was first granted bail last year after being charged with culpable driving causing the death of nurse Andrea Lehane, 34, in September.

The teen is accused of striking Ms Lehane with his mini ‘monkey’ motorbike as she walked across a pedestrian crossing at a shopping centre in Carrum Downs – It’s alleged the teen then sped away.

The mother-of-two died on September 25 when her family turned off her life support after being told she wouldn’t survive her brain injuries.

When Jakobsson was granted bail, his conditions included a curfew between 10pm and 9am.

Prosecutors applied in April to have his bail revoked after it was revealed the teen had breached his curfew multiple times – and that the relative he is staying with had not immediately reported it to police.

Mr Jakobsson fronted the Melbourne Magistrates Court last month after the relative he was staying with, who cannot be identified, reported him to police for breaching his curfew.

At the April hearing, Magistrate Charlie Rozencwajg added more conditions to Jakobsson’s (pictured) bail, including he attend court for regular reviews

Magistrate Charlie Rozencwajg told Jakobsson that he would not not revoke the teens bail this time at a bail review hearing, but mentioned that Jakobsson had a an attitude that can only be described as ‘insolent’

At the April hearing, Magistrate Charlie Rozencwajg added more conditions to Jakobsson’s bail, including he attend court for regular reviews.

The teen’s relative said she had failed to report Jakobsson’s breaches, despite giving an undertaking to the Supreme Court that she would, because she was trying to show mercy.

She said: ‘I didn’t think he was a threat. In every one of those instances he was somewhere local.’

Jakobsson is scheduled to attend a review in June before facing a committal hearing in July.

Andrea Lehane(left), 34, died on September 25 2015 leaving behind a son and daughter (right)

The 19-year-old (pictured) was granted bail last year with conditions that included a curfew between 10pm and 9am.  Prosecutors asked for Jakobssons bail to be revoked because he breached curfew eight times

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10 thoughts on “Caleb Jakobsson charged over fatal Carrum Downs mini-motorbike crash to remain on bail despite breaches”

  1. Soft justice again, weak magistrates this boy hasnt been punished he has been given leniant priviledges hooking up with a single mother he has fallen in love, what a crock of shit those words are. Thats pathetic. She must be a twisted warped slut hooking up with a young lout whos life is in a serious mess but is wandering around aimlessly supposedly staying with some hero in the family pretending to be this poor sorry arse lost soul, but deep down hes just hoping he will worm his way out of this mess with soft cock judges and sympathetic sluts by his side. Wheres the fuckin punishment why isnt he in a corrections facility doing time pussys!

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  2. Great article. So tired of seeing him being given freedom over and over despite proving he is not remorseful and thinking he’s above it all.
    p.s Intro comment says he killed an expectant mother. She was a mother of 2 but I don’t think she was pregnant.


  3. This smug repeat offending piece of shit Caleb Jakobsson could be handed down the Maximum Prison sentence in legal accordance with the Victorian Crimes Act and Sentencing Acts 1958 and it’s amendments. It’s written in stone, For Culpable Driving and manslaughter. It carries a 25 year term of imprisonment.
    But as usual the Queen’s Magistrates and Judges of Victoria, will not use this power bestowed upon them that Her Majesties Sentencing Acts allow them if they really wanted to and to hand down harshly to repeat offending criminals.
    They prefer take the do-gooder merciful slap on the wrist deal, as advised to them by the smug criminal clients do-gooder criminal defence lawyers to be a good boy instead, giving them discount sentencing options of the rehabilitation counselling track.
    And we the community and all Victims of Crimes as usual, have to bare the blunt of this lack of tough punishment on offenders and have had enough of this soft on justice by the courts, with no real hard punishment handed down anymore, and no more giving these offenders a very long prison terms, instead . This lenient sentencing and Community Based Correction Order (CCO) options which are continually being taken by the Victorian Justices in their Queen’s Court houses.
    Is letting down all Victim’s of Crime.
    But the Judiciary never seem to be the victims and care more about the Human Rights of the Guilty and to hell with the Victim closure and compensation as a result of these violent offenders and their long criminal records.
    Today just one of the member very violent Sudanese Apex Gang that has been wreaking havoc in Melbourne and all over Victoria, was handed down by the Magistrate a mere soft 11 months Youth Justice Facility Centre sentence. A year or less for good behaviour for such violent reckless and frightening criminal perpetrating. This is not punishment, this is a few sessions of counselling and rehab in a do-gooder facility. Not prison. 11 month later he is back on the streets. Who knows what next he will do? Stuff this rehabilitation of dangerous offenders, just lock them up for many long years and throw away the key. So the community can feel safe again. Is this to much to ask of the Department of Justice and its courts of law and sitting magistrates and Judges???…

    BELOW: What legal sentencing powers the judiciary have at there disposal in the courts to hand down to criminals, but will not enforce, especially rarely the maximum permissible terms of imprisonment from the Sentencing Act 1958 & 1991.

    :Maximum Penalties / The Sentencing Advisory Council –

    :CRIMES ACT 1958 SECT 17 Causing serious injury recklessly – AustLII –
    1 Section 10 AA(1) of the Sentencing Act 1991 requires that a term of imprisonment be imposed an offence against section 17 and that a non-parole period of…

    :CRIMES ACT 1958 – SECT 75A Armed Robbery – AustLII – (1) A person is guilty of armed robbery if he commits any robbery and at the time has with him a firearm, imitation firearm, offensive weapon, explosive or imitation explosive within the meaning assigned to those terms for the purposes of section 77(1). A person guilty of armed robbery is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to Level 2 imprisonment (25 years maximum).

    [PDF] Sentencing Amendments (Baseline Sentences) Act 2014 –

    :CRIMES ACT 1958- SECT 5 Punishment of Manslaughter – AustLII – 20 years Maximum.
    :CRIMES ACT 1958- SECT 3 Punishment for Murder – AustLII – Level 1 imprisonment (life); or 25 to 30 years. Maximum. Sentencing Act 1991 –


    :CRIMES ACT 1958 – Victorian Law Today Act –




    VICTORIA’S PRISONS are full to bursting point with accused criminals awaiting trial.

    And taxpayers face a bill of tens of million of dollars to stop the overcrowding.

    One-third of the state’s jail population is now inmates on remand. The alarming milestone comes almost a year after the Melbourne Remand Centre riots — which a government -commissioned report blamed on overcrowding.

    The number of remand inmates has surged by 400 in the same period, forcing the Andrews Government to commit $95 million last month to increase security and provide more beds at the Melbourne Remand Centre (MRC).

    A damning report by Victorian Ombudsman Deborah Glass, released last September, warned remand prisoners would be a significant burden for the state in years to come.

    It highlighted the fact that ‘rehabilitation programs were in short supply’ for remand inmates.
    One Prison Officer revealed that some inmates spent months “playing Monopoly, Scrabble and Sony Playstation”.

    Corrections Victoria is addressing the issue, according, to spokesman Michael Gleeson, who credited recent bail law reforms as a key factor behind the increasing remand population in Victorian prisons.

    These include changes under the Andrews Government and the former Napthine Government to crack down on bail offered for serious offences for breaching bail conditions.

    “There are currently more than 1900 remandees in the Victorian Prison System, almost 30 per cent of the total prisoner population”, Mr Gleeson said.

    The Government and Corrections Victoria have introduced a range of measures to manage the increasing number of remandees.

    The Ombudsman’s report said court backlogs were also a contributing factor.

    The hefty $95 million makeover for the riot damaged Melbourne Remand Centre (MRC) will include 160 new beds to be installed over 18 months.
    But the bill has already suffered a cost blowout — the bill was announced to be $52 million late last year after inmates rioted over smoking bans.

    In March, a new prison in Lara, near High Security H.M.Barwon Prison, called Karreenga was ‘secretly’ – ‘rebadged’ to hold protection prisoners on remand, to deal with the increasing pressure on the Melbourne Remand Centre (MRC) in Ravenhall, and remandee prisoners held in Victoria Police custody cells.

    Opposition Corrections spokesman Edward O’Donohue warned Victoria’s justice system was in crisis.
    “The costs of Daniel Andrews’s mismanagement of the Victorian Justice System continues to grow,” he said.
    “After failing to prevent the worst prison riot in Victoria’s history, the cost to fix what prisoners trashed has blown out from $12 million, to $52 million last December 2015 and now to over $95 million.
    And independent report into last year’s riots conducted by
    Former Deputy Victoria Police Commissioner Kieran Walshe, warned overcrowding and other conditions were factors behind the 13-hour rampage.
    Sourced from the Herald newspaper – Wednesday, May 18, 2016. – Alex White.


  5. No wonder there is crime and violence in our country with weak and naive magistrates giving bail to idiots like this jerk
    So he gets cozy with some girl who suddenly is his alibi ? He should be inside and waiting for the murder hearing
    How many times do we have to see offenders reoffending while on bail or parole ? This evil and I remorseful pos with his co dependent relative luring got him has really stepped over the line and so has she the fool of a woman
    If they think he is worth saving then maybe this warped half breed family need to have a look at what Callum has done to Andrea’s family
    They should be ashamed


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