Bikie taskforce Echo raid Seabrook home in Melbourne’s west

 an hour ago

Bikie taskforce Echo police are currently executing warrants on a home in Melbourne’s west. Picture: Nicole Garmston

A SENIOR Mongol bikie has been arrested and a 3D printer seized during a raid in Melbourne’s west this morning.

Echo Taskforce detectives arrested two men and a woman, all with links to the Mongols OMCG, after raids in Seabrook and Oakleigh South earlier today.

A man arrested at the Seabrook property. Picture: Nicole Garmston
A woman is arrested during raids at the property. Picture: Nicole Garmston

Homes in Mintaro Way in Seabrook and Fleming Court in Oakleigh South were raided at 6am.

Ammunition, 3D printers, equipment for manufacturing firearms and a small amount of drugs were seized from the Seabrook property.

A 26-year-old Seabrook man and a 27-year-old Seabrook woman were arrested.

An allegedly stolen motorbike was seized from the Oakleigh South property and a 29-year-old man was arrested.

Middleton was bailed last month after he was arrested for drug and violence offences.

He was released with conditions a magistrate described as the “strictest she’s ever set”.

The 26-year-old’s partner Renee Comeadow was also arrested.

Evidence gathered in relation to bikies. Picture: Nicole Garmston
Police leave the scene with evidence. Picture: Nicole Garmston

Middleton was granted bail last month by magistrate Margaret Harding, who said he needed to be reunited with his family after five months on remand.

Ms Harding had wanted Middleton to hand in his bikie colours as a condition of bail, but backed away after she was told other bikies could threaten Middleton’s family because that was a “sign of disrespect”.

Police seized his Mongols vest this morning.

A police officer carrying a Mongols jacket leaves the scene. Picture: Nicole Garmston
Visitor outside the property. (black top)  Picture: Nicole Garmston

Middleton had told the magistrate he would not wear the club’s colours while on bail.

Other conditions included a $300,000 surety, daily reporting to police, a strict curfew, non association with witnesses and bikies.

Middleton, a father of a two-year-old, also promised to stay out of parts of Port Melbourne and Werribee as a condition of release.

Middleton and his partner Comeadow turned up at Sunshine Hospital at 8.15pm on November 1 last year after the OMCG member was shot in the knee.

Police arrived and searched Comeadow’s car where they allegedly found around 500 grams worth of ecstasy, a rubber gun grip and 4.2mm ammunition cartridges.

Middleton was charged with trafficking a commercial quantity of ecstasy and possession of ammunition.

Detective Senior Constable Andrew Broad, a member of the Echo Taskforce, told Melbourne Magistrates’ Court at the time that a search carried out at the couple’s home in Seabrook also resulted in officers finding a gun and a “substantial” amount of drugs.

Comeadow was charged with possessing a commercial quantity of ecstasy and storing ammunition after police searched her car at the hospital.

The search of the couple’s home allegedly uncovered a handgun and more drugs, the court heard.

Defence lawyer Sarah Pratt, representing Comeadow last year, said: “There is no allegation Ms Comeadow is in an OMCG.”

Police spokeswoman Melissa Seach said: “The warrant is part of an ongoing Echo Taskforce investigation in relation to perverting the course of justice.”

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2 thoughts on “Bikie taskforce Echo raid Seabrook home in Melbourne’s west”

  1. The one thing that stands out to me is letting him keep his colours after initially wanting him to hand them in as part of bail conditions.

    Considering the anti bikie (yeah it’s called something else in reality) legislation, either they lawfully accept the culture or they do not.

    Letting him keep his colours was saying something, albeit on a subliminal or other level, for another purpose.

    That decision may bite someone on the ass at a later point.

    Very interesting!!!

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  2. So long as Victoria Police Echo Task Force keep targeting and raiding all these many chapters of Melbourne Criminal Outlaw Biker Gangs. And especially keep finding more drugs in there clubhouses. The fact that all these outlaw bikers gangs, have been getting away with all these clandestine criminal activities for so many years is not good. They have all their fortified clubhouses and hang outs in the industrial estate area of Melbourne, and the fear if there criminal reputation, has keep the police for too long away from their premises. This hopefully has finally changed with some very good police arrests and imprisonment of some very colourful outlaw characters and identities, like these outlaw bikers above, and now the imprisonment of former Bandidos enforcer Sergeant of Arms Toby Mitchell and a few of the other colourful high rank Hells Angles , Rebels,Mongols, Finks and the other well known rival criminal OMG’S, that think they are all untouchable rom the police. Not any more. Echo Task Force and Santiago and Purana, Keep the heat on them all thanks – Victoria Police specialist squads. These gangs have and are the untouchable powerhouse controllers of the evil meth amphetamine – ice drug trafficking dealers everywhere across our country, that have to be put out of business permanently everywhere. Ice is destroying our vulnerable targeted frightened community with all its drug fuelled and related violence and crime. While these colours wearing outlaw biker thugs cruise around on their expensive custom motorcycles and having parties in their locked clubhouses, all the while the ice epidemic is creating more and more collateral damage victims of the drug use crime, be it violence of theft from innocent people in the community.

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