Police Raids seize more than $1.5 million worth of prohibited drugs in Central Coast

Police raids net $1.5m in drugs across the Coast

May 26, 2016 12:54pm


MORE than $1.5 million worth of drugs has been seized including 30,000 ecstasy pills and 1.5 tonnes of precursor chemicals following a string of raids across the Central Coast and Sydney yesterday afternoon.

Four men — including one linked to the Mongols outlaw motorcycle gang — will appear in court this morning while a woman, 34, of Woy Woy was granted conditional bail to appear at Gosford Local Court on June 21.

The sting, one of the biggest in recent memory on the Coast, recovered so much drugs and other contraband police ran out of evidence bags.

Police search a car opposite Point Clare train station on the Central Coast. Picture: NSW Police

Brisbane Water police established Strike Force Bamberry in December 2015 to investigate the manufacture and distribution of prohibited drugs across the Coast.

After ongoing investigations detectives yesterday conducted a number of searches on the Coast as well as properties in western Sydney and the North Shore where they seized a large quantity of prohibited drugs with an estimated potential street value of more than $1.5 million.

A storage unit on Bourke Rd at Waterloo was also searched with police locating 1.5 tonnes of precursor chemicals police believed was destined to be used in the large-scale manufacture of drugs.

the woman is escorted into the police station.
A woman arrested by Strike Force Bamberry

Brisbane Water police were assisted by other northern region general duties officers, along with the Tactical Operations Unit, Operations Support Group, Dog Unit, PolAir and Gordon Region Enforcement Squad.

The series of orchestrated raids began at 11am with a vehicle stop at Kariong where detectives arrested a 26-year-old who police will allege was a senior figure in the wholesale drugs supply on the Woy Woy Peninsula.

During a subsequent search of the vehicle, police located amounts of MDMA, MDA and cocaine — all of which was seized for further forensic examination.

One of the arrested men arrives at the police station.
One of the men arrested is taken in for questioning.

The man was later charged with seven offences including supplying large commercial quantity of prohibited drugs, supplying indictable quantity of prohibited drugs and knowingly participate in a criminal group.

Two 20-year-old men, both of Umina Beach, were arrested a short time later with one charged with eight offences including supplying a large commercial quantity of prohibited drug and participating in a criminal group.

The other man was charged with a total of 19 offences including supplying a large commercial quantity of a prohibited drug and knowingly participate in a criminal group.

A third man is arrested.
A second man is arrested.

The men were all refused bail to appear before Gosford Local Court today.

Following the arrests, police executed 11 search warrants across the state’s Central Coast — including properties at Umina, Woy Woy, Horsfield Bay and Ettalong — as well as a number of Sydney properties at St Ives, Stanhope Gardens, Hornsby and St Clair.

They also conducted a search at a home in Pickett’s Valley, on the state’s Central Coast — in accordance with a Firearms Prohibition Order.

While executing the warrants, police located and seized amounts of MDMA, MDA, GHB, cocaine, cannabis, methylamphetamine or ‘ice’ and steroids — with a combined estimated potential street value of more than $1.5 million.

A number of further items were seized from the properties, including two vehicles and an extendable baton, which will undergo forensic examination.

Thousands of dollars in cash was also seized in Strike Force Bamberry. Picture: supplied.

Strike Force detectives also identified a storage unit on Bourke Road, Waterloo, during the operation where they executed another search warrant.

Officers will also allege they located Mongols OMCG jackets — during the Stanhope Gardens search warrant — that were stashed with some of the $125,000 in cash seized across the raids.

Another man, 21, of Umina Beach, was charged with 18 offences and is due to face Hornsby Local Court today.

A 34-year-old woman, of Woy Woy, was charged with five counts of supplying an indictable quantity of prohibited drug but was granted conditional bail to appear at Gosford Local Court on June 21.

Brisbane Water Superintendent Daniel Sullivan said the operation targeted alleged offenders who thought they were “untouchable”.

“Once we get information that you’re dealing drugs in our community we will be relentless, we will hunt you down and we will bring you before the court,” he said.

Some of the drugs seized. Picture: NSW Police

“Strike Force Bamberry detectives have been working incredibly hard for six months, all of which has culminated in yesterday’s search warrants and numerous arrests.

“It’s clear that those arrested during the operation were members of an elaborate syndicate that had been operating across the Central Coast peninsula for some time.”

Supt Sullivan also urged people to never underestimate the impact one anonymous call to Crime Stoppers could make.”

“Many people say, yeah, you’ve seized a large quantity of drugs, so what,” he said.

“Let’s think about this, there’s 7kg of MDMA equating to neary 30,000 pills, we all see the damage that these pills do particularly at dance concerts and on the weekends in our emergency hospitals across the state.

“That’s 30,000 kids that don’t have to play that game of Russian roulette with this poisonous substance that we’ve taken off our streets.”

Sources close to the strike force said those arrested allegedly represented the “top of the pyramid” with the blitz striking fear into a lot of “bottom feeder” dealers on the Peninsula.

“There will be a lot of drugs flushed into the sewerage system today,” one senior officer said.

Strike Force detectives are continuing their investigations.

Some of the seized cash.

The raids follow two searches at Morisset on Tuesday morning in which police seized 31 mature cannabis plants, 42 cannabis clones, 27 hydroponic lights and transformers, numerous carbon filters and fans, as well as an amount of cannabis leaf.

Police entered the two units at 9.20am on Kalaf Ave where they located three large and sophisticated hydroponic tents.

Each of the tents contained cannabis plants, lights, fans, transformers and ventilation ducting.

Police arrested a 39-year-old leaseholder at the location.

He was taken to Belmont police station where he was charged with possess prohibited drug, cultivate prohibited plant and alter or add to electricity installation for metering.

He was granted conditional bail to appear at Toronto Local Court on June 8.



19 thoughts on “Police Raids seize more than $1.5 million worth of prohibited drugs in Central Coast

  1. People who buy and take ice and other shit like it are one massive waste of space I have a friend on ice it’s ruined him I hate the shit !! And marajuana as well dope for dopes. The arseholes who sell it should be shot on the spot. They r no great loss either.

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  2. Agree with the first part ,but don’t forget Marajuana as you call it { Cannabis} was put here on earth as an ultimate healer ,I am guessing you don’t know the full story and history of Cannabis and its life saving healing properties . But as for the rest ,ice dealers and makers should be executed at least twice, then burned . The Police don’t like competition and never have so look out if your dealing bigtime they will get you .
    We all remember the Wood Royal Commission where they sold High grade Heroin on the streets as part of their investigations ,people were dropping like fly’s all over the cross . Ha and now that Dog Wood has been named as a VIP Paedophile ,I know I read the victims statement ,and not hard to believe once you start investigating the Police /Courts / and Freemasons.


  3. I googled Rick Simpson though there are hundreds in this world but the one that stood out extracted cannibis oil and has supposedly had success dealing with medical problems in many different ways he is from Canada. As for Dog Wood if hes a rock spider he needs a to find his way up to the highest cliff edge on a very windy day.


  4. Dog Wood could that be the former NSW Judge James Wood I did some research not sure if Im right I recognise him now worked on high profile cases. Royal commission into corrupt cops druggies were given hot shots to shut them up for good so not to expose what the cops were really up to and who they were. Glen Mcnamara thats one corrupt ex cop that still continued to faulter until his demise by killing Jamie Gao with the corrupt smiling assassin Roger Rogerson. Such a blatent fumbled messy murder too very careless process ample evidence for police to follow their trail.

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    • Reagan you might have researched but you didn’t gain many accurate facts , Dean Henry has made a complaint to the Royal Commission regarding the dog Wood who raped him as part of His VIP Pedo Ring, Do some more research only this time open your eyes and ears . As for Glen He didn’t kill scum gao ,Glad scum like him get killed though . Now you obviously are clueless about what is really going on here , Perhaps you should read his books which I have done ,you will then find the truth ,that dirty rotten gutless coward police were protecting and green lighting drug dealers and paedophiles , that’s also the reason so many Police are currently on child rape charges one is too many ,they all get suspended with pay ,then leave the force and get off scott free for raping children , when reality is they should be lined up and shot in the head right ? McNamara was the greatest cop in the History of NSW police a blind man could see that . Some people are just too dumb to work it out because they are brainwashed , the same idiots that believe in the Holohoax still ,what a joke hey ?


  5. Reagan thought you might be interested in this, did you watch Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. Collateral Damages , Season 17, Episode 15. On TV Thursday Night. Anyway if you didn’t it was about the New York Police Sex Crimes Special Victims Unit detectives taking down a group of child pornography distributors, but during their investigation stings the SVU is surprised when their busts include one of their own a deputy police commissioner. – Now although these police shows are fictional, this episode was very well made, on how undercover police gather evidence to make a sting on high profile paedophiles who are often people of high integrity, supposedly, like police, lawyers or higher.
    If you buy or hire the Law & Order SVU: Season 17 DVD. Check out this episode 15 :Collateral Damages. I Thought it was worth watching on how the sex crimes police caught a cunning low life very big paedophile fish and brought him before the courts.
    Perhaps some of our untouchables in our Australian justice system, need to be brought down the same way, We have already had one Victorian Adult Parole Board manager , exposed and brought down for paedophilia and possessing child pornography. Even though the scumbag did only get a slap on the wrist. Cheers Former Prison Screw.

    :Law & Order : Special Victims Unit : “Collateral Damages” – Season 17, Episode 15.


  6. :Law and Order SVU Season 17 Episode 15 Promo “Collateral Damages” (HD)! – On YouTube – An undercover Sting leads to the takedown of an online paedophile ring and the arrest of two high- profile suspects.
    30 seconds Promo trailer. Only on YouTube, unless you subscribe and buy it for $2.99 YouTube – NBCUniversalTVAU.
    It did first Air on television on Thursday 2 June 2016. And was Released on DVD on February 10 2016. Should be in JBHI, to buy online or in their stores. Cheers.
    Their all good the many Law & Orders SVU Series, I have many of them, from the early years. I like the way the New York police investigate the heinous crimes and then in the same episode the criminals face their trial in court. And mostly real tough long prison sentences are hand down to the rock spiders.


  7. :Royal Commission into Drug Trafficking [Justice … – Search. – api.records.nsw.gov.au – Notebooks Royal Commission into Drug Trafficking [Justice P.M. Woodward – 05/08/1977 – 31/10/1979. Discoveries of marijuana plantations in several places in New South Wales, allegations that a criminal organisation existed based in the production and distribution of drugs and the sudden unexplained accumulation of wealth, especially in the town of Griffith lead to lobbying for a Royal Commission into the drug trafficking business. The pressure culminated after 15 July, 1977 when the disappearance of Donald Bruce Mackay, an activist against the drug trade, was believed to have been engineered by drug trafficking interests.
    The Royal Commission into drug trafficking was established on 5 August, 1977 when Honourable Phillip Morgan Woodward was appointed sole commissioner to ‘enquire into and report upon.
    “1. The cultivation, production, manufacture, distribution, supply, possession and use off:
    2. The identity of persons involved in. – NSW Government State Records. Mostly records of Royal Commission restricted access not available to public perusal online…

    [PDF] Countering organised crime through strategic planning and effective… http://www.aic.gov.au – The Woodward Royal Commission into drugs (1977-79).

    :Government secrets revealed / Criminal underbelly right under our noses… – http://www.smh.com.au – January 1, 2011. – Donald Mackay missing… the Woodward royal commission visits Griffith in 1980.
    The Federated Painters and Dockers Union, especially in Victoria, had a mean reputation partly because it was one of few organisations likely to employ men finishing sentences at Pentridge prison.
    A colourful union member, Billy “The Texan” Longley, who served many years in protection in H.Division Pentridge Prison, said he could name 30 people who had been “knocked off” by the Painters and Dockers.
    The union secretary, Jack “Putty Nose” Nicholls, said: “We catch and kill our own”.
    Within a year he, too, was dead. Nicholls body was discovered in his car outside Wangaratta after he had fled to Brisbane with the union memberships roll.
    A memorandum to cabinet warned that the union was fleecing both the Navy and the ANL. One shipping line staffer said, ” I cannot see any problem employing criminals when we know they are criminals”.
    Of course the unions thuggish hierarchy did little to stop the public from being alarmed.
    The union’s nefarious activities fitted happily with the Malcolm Fraser government’s continuing campaign against union’s industrial unrest.

    Victoria Police investigated Billy “The Texan” Longley’s claims but got nowhere.
    Francis (Frank) Xavier Costigan,QC, was picked to head a joint Federal – Victorian royal commission. He started hearings in Melbourne at Williamstown Court on October 1, 1980, just down the road from the navel dockyard of The Federated Painters and Dockers Union.

    Cabinets interest had been sparked by the findings of the Woodward inquiry in NSW and the discovery in a bush grave near the Victorian surf beach of the bodies of two Sydney operatives, drug couriers of the Mr Asia drug syndicate, Douglas and Isobel Wilson. These murders are suspected to have been committed by Victorian Painters and Docker Hitman James Frederick Bazley who also was sent to Pentridge Prison for the murder of Griffith furniture businessman and outspoken anti drugs campaigner Donald Bruce Mackay, paid for on the orders of the Griffith Italian Mafia Marijuana and Wine, Fruit and vegetable trade cartels.

    The tone was set early in the year when the report of Justice Phillip Woodward’s NSW royal commission into drug trafficking – looking in part at the murder of the Griffith businessman Donald Mackay – was criticised by the colourful former Whitlam minister Al Grassby as “ethic slander”.

    The attorney-general , Peter Durack, and the administrative services minister, John McLeay’ recommended a joint-federal state inquiry to investigate the Mr Asia syndicate and said there was “great public concern an announcement of the government’s intention is urgently required”.

    Donald Stewart was appointed commissioner and eventually had his terms of reference extended to take in the Nugan Hand matter.
    In the years to come, the various royal commissions exposed a world of corruption few Australian’s realised was taking place under their noses.
    The late Kerry Packer was enmeshed in the Painters and Docker’s inquiry.
    Another result was the introduction of legislation, the Crimes (Taxation Offences) Act 1980, that put an end to bottom of the harbour tax schemes.

    Meanwhile, the tide came in when Justice Edward William’s royal commission into drugs identified Sydney as the centre of a $59 million heroin trade.

    :Disappearance of Donald Mackay – YouTube – 55mins.
    :Who killed Don Mackay? (Part One) – 2010.
    :Who killed Don Mackay? pt-2.

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  8. Very interesting. Australia certainly has a fasinating but repulsive collection of sordid crime. Also I will check the series Law n Order SVU.season 17 the most realistic of the many crime shows the yanks produce. Cheers F.P.O.

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  9. On the subject of yet more big Drug seizures and arrested Drug Traffickers above, watch these two documentaries listed from a few years ago, very interesting eye openers to the large quantities of all types of recreational drugs that are making a fortune for who knows how many pathetic greedy drug pushers that are yet to be discovered and caught. It’s all about ‘supply and demand’, and there are always plenty of rich idiots cashed up to get their next snort of Cocaine or young party goers and the nightclubs in the cities and nightspots for the MDMA – Ecky’s – Ecstasy (Party pills). And of course there is the desperate addicted fools committing the worst desperate crimes in the community, that are keeping the Outlaw Bikers and their associates in cash by their control over the distribution and manufacture of the evil Meth Amphetamine (ICE), (SHARD). And of course all the money made from illegal growing, cultivation and dealing in Marijuana Crops, Cannabis, Grass, Dope. Which probably should be legalised, if only to take the criminal money making element from it, which is keeping the Mafia rich and all dope dealers from selling it at a High price. If dope users want to use grass, then if marijuana plant growing was legal, then their would be now need for dope drug dealers and hydroponic growing houses. Legalising any drugs is not a good thing, but while at least the drugs like Marijuana only, could be legalised, so as to remove drug trafficking criminals out of the large money from manufacturing, growing and selling of illicit drugs? … Cheers Reagan.

    :Australian Druglords Episode 1. Richard Buttrose HQ. – YouTube. – 42mins. – 2012.
    :Australian Druglords Episode 2 HQ – Nathan & Drew Bagley. – 24mins – 2012.

    :101 East – The ice age. – 25mins. – 2014.
    :The Crystal Meth Epidemic Crippling Rural Australia. – 43mins. – 2014.
    :Ice Towns: Crystal Meth Addiction in Regional Victoria / The Feed. – 27mins.

    :Four Corners – The Ice Age Documentary. – 45mins. – 2012.
    :60 Minutes “Ice” Special – 2009. – 9mins.

    :The Real Walter White – 17mins – 2008. – The real Breaking Bad, Alabama’s most successful meth cook who built a massive meth empire. His name Walter White. In this documentary, Walter tells us the secret behind his product, how he stacked up thousands of dollars per day, and why his partner is now serving two life sentences.


  10. :Glen McNamara activist against Lola Scott Paedophile Immunity granter: Framejob or Fall from Grace? – YouTube – 23mins – 2014.

    :Roger Rogerson Interview The Enforcer Classic video – 18mins. – 2015.

    :Storage unit CCTV played at Jamie Goa murder trial. – 1.29mins. – 2014.
    :Jamie Goa Murder – 5mins – 2014.
    :CCTV played in Roger Rogerson trial allegedly shows final moments of Jamie. – 1.57mins. – 2014.


  11. I heard Roger and Glen have pleaded not guilty of course, their story Gao turned on them with a gun it randomly went off and killed Gao they were worried the Asian triads would come after them so they had to dispose of Gaos body. It still sounds bad what a shambles that sounds so lame just like a B grade crime movie.


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