View to a kill: the death of Jamie Gao

Jamie Gao murder: Rogerson and McNamara should be jailed for life, prosecutor says

Updated about 2 hours ago

The notorious corrupt former detective Roger Rogerson and his co-accused Glen McNamara should be jailed for life for the murder of drug dealer Jamie Gao, a Sydney court has been told.

Rogerson and McNamara are facing a sentencing hearing today, after being found guilty of murdering Sydney man Mr Gao during a drug deal at a Padstow storage facility on May 20, 2014.

Rogerson, 75, and McNamara, 57, pleaded not guilty to murdering Mr Gao and dumping his body in waters off Cronulla the next day.

New South Wales Crown prosecutor Christopher Maxwell QC told the hearing in the NSW Supreme Court, life sentences have been applied in the past for contract killings.

“They together executed a young drug dealer for their financial gain. The contract killing is a category for which a life sentence can be given and has been given by this court over the years,” he said.

“There is no distinction between killing for payment … or killing for the purpose of financial gain, which is what this was about.

“This was a killing to enable both offenders to obtain the drug … colloquially known as ice … a drug that results in much crime itself.

“The attitude that both accused had towards the deceased after the murder amounted to a completely cold, calculated, lack of feeling, which was all about making him disappear.”

Mr Maxwell said the pair had used their “experience and training for the complete antithesis of what was intended”.

“There is nothing to suggest they would..not be a danger to society.”

Mr Maxwell told the judge the offence was made even more serious because of their intention to “obtain and distribute a drug that is a scourge of our society”.

The crown said the both men were part of a joint criminal enterprise and a great deal of thought was put into it.

“There is nothing ludicrously incompetent about this,” he said.

“There’s a boldness in Mr Rogerson’s attitude.”

He told the judge they planned to make sure Mr Gao’s body would disappear.

“They did everything to make that happen.”

Differing accounts of Gao’s death heard during trial

During the trial, both men denied pulling the trigger and instead pointed the blame at each other.

McNamara’s defence told the trial it was Rogerson who shot and killed Mr Gao before threatening McNamara and his family, forcing him to help dispose of the body.

Rogerson claimed the 20-year-old was killed during a struggle with McNamara and the student was dead on the floor when he entered the shed.

The trial was told by prosecutors both had given “far-fetched and unbelievable” versions of what happened.

Mr Gao told his cousin Justin Gao he was going to be involved in a massive drug deal with a man called ‘Glen’ that was going to make him rich.

He held a number of meetings with McNamara in the months before his death — McNamara claimed these meetings were for a book he was writing about Asian crime gangs.

This explanation was dismissed by prosecutors, who said McNamara and Rogerson were preparing for the killing.

Prosecutors told the court the crown did not have to prove which of the defendants killed Mr Gao, just that there was an agreement to kill or seriously injure the victim.

It took the jury just under a week to reach the verdicts.

Justice Geoffrey Bellew thanked them for their service and excused them from ever serving again, unless they wished to do so.

Surveillance camera footage creates a detailed timeline of the 2014 killing of Jamie Gao. 

Jamie Gao and Glen McNamara cctv stillEarly January, 2014 Jamie Gao and Glen McNamara meet up at least 27 times in the lead up to Gao’s death, often at the Meridian Hotel in Hurstville.

Rent a Space unit 803Early March, 2014  Roger Rogerson obtains keys to storage unit 803 at Rent a Space, Padstow, from a friend called Michael McGuire. Rogerson says he wanted to look at office furniture. Gao is eventually killed inside the shed.

April 27, 2014  A white Ford Falcon station wagon with number plates BV67PX is purchased ­at Outback Used Cars in Lethbridge Park. The car is later used to transport Gao’s body. Rogerson and McNamara deny involvement in the car’s acquisition, but Rogerson’s fingerprints are found on the receipt.

McNamara removes his 4.5 metre boat cctv stillMay 19, 2014  McNamara removes his 4.5 metre Quintrex boat from Hunter Self Storage at Taren Point without notifying staff. This is later used to dump Gao’s body at sea.

Rogerson and office chairs cctv stillMay 19, 3.15pm CCTV footage from Rent a Space captures Rogerson removing office chairs from storage unit 803 and placing them in the back of his silver Ford station wagon.

A white Nissan Silvia, consistant with Gao's car cctv stillMay 19, afternoon A white Nissan Silvia, consistent with Gao’s car, does a U-turn outside Rent a Space.

Jamie Gao and Glen McNamara Meridian Hotel, Hurstville cctv stillMay 19, 7.50pm  The night before Gao is killed, McNamara and Gao meet at the Meridian Hotel, Hurstville. The meeting lasts about 30 minutes.

McNamara walks to Cronulla Mall cctv stillMay 20, 11.37am McNamara uses a payphone in Cronulla Mall to call Gao. CCTV from Cold Rock Ice Creamery captures him walking towards to the phone.

McNamara opening and shutting the door cctv stillMay 20, 1.17pm Rogerson and McNamara drive in separate cars to Rent a Space. McNamara is seen opening and closing the door four times in nine minutes.

Gao walking down Arab Road cctv stillMay 20, 1.35pm Gao is seen walking down Arab Road, Padstow, dressed in dark-coloured clothes, towards a white Ford station wagon that McNamara is in.

McNamara at front gate cctv stillMay 20, 1,42pm McNamara drives to the front gate of Rent a Space and enters the gate code – his hood is up and sunglasses are on.

Gao getting out of a white Ford station wagon cctv stillMay 20, 1.46pm Gao is seen getting out of the back of a white Ford station wagon and shielded by McNamara as he slips into storage unit 803. It is the last time he is seen alive.

Rogerson opens the door cctv stillMay 20, 1.49pm Rogerson opens the door to storage unit 803 exactly three minutes and 16 seconds after Gao and McNamara entered.

McNamara comes out of unit cctv stillMay 20, 2.03pm McNamara comes out of the storage unit, retrieves a silver Ocean & Earth surfboard bag from the white Ford station wagon, and returns to the storage unit.

McNamara and Rogerson are both seen dragging surfboard cover cctv stillMay 20, 2.18pm McNamara and Rogerson are seen dragging a surfboard cover containing Gao’s body, and load it into the boot of the white Ford station wagon.

Rogerson and McNamara are seen buying a two tonne chain block cctv stillMay 20, about 4pm Rogerson and McNamara are seen at Kennards Hire in Taren Point, buying a two-tonne chain block that was later used to lift Gao’s body into McNamara’s boat.

Rogerson and McNamara share a six pack of James Boag's cctv stillMay 20, about 5.15pm A few hours after the killing, Rogerson and McNamara share a six-pack of beer at McNamara’s unit in McDonald St, Cronulla. (McNamara claims he only helped to dispose of Gao’s body because his life was threatened by Rogerson.) 

Quintrex Boat being towed cctv stillMay 21, 7.28am A Quintrex boat carrying the body of Gao and a blue tarpaulin leaves McNamara’s Cronulla unit block.

McNamara and Rogerson are seen in the lift cctv stillMay 21, 7.32am McNamara and Rogerson are seen carrying fishing rods in the lift of McNamara’s unit block.

Quintrex boat being towed cctv stillMay 21, 11.05am After disposing of Gao’s body, McNamara brings his Quintrex boat back to Hunter Self Storage at Taren Point.

McNamara at Kmart cctv stillMay 22 McNamara says he was so worried when he found 3kg of ice in his car that he went to Kmart and bought two pillowslips, a measuring jug and a spoon. He claims this was to “seal” the drugs to stop them from exploding.

detectives arrest McNamaraMay 25, 6.30pm Robbery and Serious Crime Squad detectives arrest McNamara at a vehicle stop at Kyeemagh. He is refused bail and appears at Kogarah Local Court the following day.

Jamie Gao afloat inside a surfboard bag 2.5 kilomtres off the shoreMay 26 Fishermen spot the body of Jamie Gao inside a surfboard bag wrapped in blue tarpaulin about 2.5 kilometres offshore of Shelley Beach, Cronulla.

Rogerson arrested at Padstow Heights homeMay 27, 11am Police swoop on Rogerson’s Padstow Heights home. He is escorted out in handcuffs and taken to Bankstown police station, where he is refused bail.


24 thoughts on “View to a kill: the death of Jamie Gao

    • I hate to think of how many people have suffered at their hands.
      Finally, the circle rounds as it always does.
      And yes I definitely agree great work Robbo! Thanks!!☺


    • These two things invested so much plotting out how to gain the poor victim’s confidence, it is callous.
      It’s as if they also didnot give a hoot about any other human being. I am wondering about the storage facility – I know I wouldn’t rent a space in which someone had used it to murder another person – and here the dogs are – blaming each other.It takes two to tango.Their skins are not worth saving. Bloody liars.
      May we never ever forget this evil. It seems they are accustomed to throwing people in the drink and walking away. No conscience.


  1. As callous as it was unfortunately Jamie Gao made a choice to dabble into a very risky business which cost him his life. He wasnt streetsmart like these two hack crims with such a sordid history of crime. Gao was obviously mixing with some very sordid drug heavies. As careless as those two were Gao was just as careless. Cruel and callous to snuff out a young mans life regardless. A low act. Was life too dull for those two couldnt keep their noses clean in their retiring years. Rogerson was like a cat with 9 lives and always landing on his feet but not this time.


    • Gao did not ask to be murdered. Others planned and plotted – A PRIORI – against him to end his life. Don’t tell me about intent or people ‘choosing’ to ‘dabble’ (or not)! There is always some evil mongrel that intends harm on another (no comment). There IS no excuse. This was end result of what begins as ‘power over’ ‘bullying (whether driven by abusers to suicide – or murdered by the perpetrators). It’s in the home, in schools, in the workplace and online etc, with bullies saying they are not bullies, not abusers, and getting away with murder.
      It is the job of every decent human to EXPOSE THESE MONGRELS and hand the over to the law, and hope and pray that as has been done in this case the will forfeit every privilege given them by society: male female rich poor lawmaker or politician or police or citizen child or what- ever. There is no excuse. What comes around goes around.


  2. Fowler (NSW) also – was one amongst many who said he was not corrupt. But time exposed the reality of this cop too. Other cops suffer the brunt of social stigma as a result of these no gooders. It’s up to us all to support the good ones. Drag the corrupt ones into the light. Stand against corruption no matter what.
    What amazes me is that others in seats of authority protect the corrupt ones and penalise innocent people for speaking out. Take [legal] action against such people who reveal their hearts and minds are filled with deviance and stand up for your rights.
    Dirt comes out in the wash.
    We all have rights including the right not to be abused, framed, lied about, harmed (reputations ruined, work lives destroyed, relations blown to pieces, misery imposed upon us, ostracised etc etc. Stand AGAINST anyone and everything that would harm you in any way at all. There are jails and consequences for such mongrels who hide away behind their positions. Bring the to light and NEVER EVER BE AFRAID OF WHAT ANY HUMAN CAN THREATEN YOU WITH OR DO O YOU.Truth ALWAYS wins out. ALWAYS.


  3. Everyone knows the saying when you lay down with dogs you can get fleas! Well Gao dabbled on the dark and dangerous side and he got more than he bargained for of course it was a callous unnecessary murder. Also I noticed its all about Rogerson not much said about McNamara. I believe in speaking up from the minute a bully starts inflicting their misery not next week, next year or several years later. I frigin sued an arsehole for bullying me and won. I also kicked the arses of the non believers, that did not take me seriously. I gained self respect and dignity for my self worth. Through the years after that I came across some more arseholes and never let them beat me. I have been stalked, robbed, chased through a park, chased by an unknown person in a car, threaten to shoot me in my flat saying there is a gun pointing at me through my kitchen window. Its been quite a journey I actually feel at ease knowing that the stalker has vanished its been 2 yrs and not a sign. Im sure Im not alone it must happen alot but IIl be stuffed if Im going to let some sick deranged arsehole beat me. I wanted to track down the individuals that tried to hurt me over the years and still do think about what I would like to do to them but it is stronger to walk away and stay away from arseholes. The only time I would smash someone would be if I was in a face to face situation where I would have to defend myself. I actually stalked the stalker he walked fast everywhere I had a car as an advantage the stupid prick. For someone to kill a person and try and hide them is ludicrous, if it didnt haunt them and rack them with guilt and worry then they are the root of all evil. Im well aware there are some real c..ts out there female and male.


    • Good on you, Reagan! Innocent, undeserving people have been bullied, bashed, raped, falsely accused, framed, drugged, harmed by media and gagged by State yet survived such terrible ordeals with no thanks to others. Jamie Gao is a prime example of how it can all begin when a young person is sucked into the evils of this world by arseholes. Sadly, unlike some others, he did not survive. But let this be an eternal lesson to us all and especially for those to come…
      I used to be against cameras in public spaces and so on, however, now, all I can say is put them everywhere!
      McGuire had responsibility to not hand over keys in the first place.
      I want to know why MacNamara is not being held fully accountable ALONG WITH Rogerson!? He couId only be buying his way out and everyone knows that when an arsehole who has committed a crime is cornered and caught they will turn around and create havoc.
      They BOTH deserve to never be released.
      If not, then the socalled Justice system has a lotto answer for.
      PS. Reagan, I want to sue, but I can’t find a lawyer who has the gutz to take the bastards on. Surely they ALL can’t be corrupt??


  4. Nice work Robbo, great pictorial summary of events. These two pieces of filth deserve to suffer for the rest of their lives and die in a cage like the vermin sewer rats that they are.


  5. I bought the dvd Blue Murder The mini series it was excellent. The actors were brilliant they all played their part so realistically and so uncanningly similar to the real people. When you see Richard Roxburgh play the part as the dodger its easy to get lost in thinking its really him.Tony Martin as Neddy Smith was incredible. Surely they would have won an award I dont know. Gary Sweet plays Christopher Dale Flannery, and the legend Bill Hunter as Black Angus he played a great part as a crooked cop. The whole lot were bloody amazing. Great work to the writer and director and filmaker I hear they are planning a Blue Murder 2 now good move there sure is plenty to add on I know it was really a glimpse of what dodgers character was about but it was more than enough to have me thinking how much of a bent and crazy bastard he really was and still is.


  6. I reckon Neddy Smith should be released he struck me as getting a bit of a raw deal. He informed Police. If and when he did kill it they were only shit anyway. No innocent bystanders there. Used up by the cops to an extent. They let the wrong ones out hes served his time.


    • Reagan, it’s time for coffee! Misha and Neddy Smith always had what we all have-choice. It’s never god when someone befriends a person only to betray them but then we need people like Smith to continue to do that! So, yes, I agree with you – he should be released.


  7. Ok then the tow truck driver was very unfortunate and didnt deserve to die just because he flashed his lights that was wrong of course. Lets just say the majority.


  8. Some murderers, child killers and rapists are set free but my guess is Neddy knows too much and if he was released the media would love to talk to him.


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