Mother charged with attempted murder of son at Murray River

Mother charged with attempted murder of son at Murray River – via @abcnews

Search for young boy reported missing in Murray River near Moama

Woman charged, boy missing in Murray River at Moama

March 3, 2017 10:15pm

A DRUG addict mum has been charged with one count of ­attempted murder after she allegedly tried to drown her two sons in the Murray River.

The woman’s eldest boy, 9, survived after a dog intervened and attacked her.

A desperate search of the river continues for his missing five-year-old brother.

On Wednesday, the 27-year-old mother — whose name cannot be published for legal reasons — allegedly took the children from the home of their grandparents in Deniliquin, in southern NSW. They had been caring for the boys for the past 18 months.

Buddy, the dog.
The children’s mother was arrested in Echuca.

Police allege the mother arrived at a friend’s property on Perricoota Rd in the border town of Moama, which backs on to the river, on Thursday afternoon.

Shocking details of the next hours were aired in Bendigo Magistrates’ Court on Friday. It heard that the mother took her sons to the water’s edge and demanded that the eldest boy get in the water, the Bendigo ­Advertiser reported.

Detective Sergeant Trent Swinton told the court that the mother was ­attempting to drown her nine-year-old when screaming from his younger brother, who was standing on the riverbank nearby, distracted her and allowed the older boy to escape.

As he ran up the bank, he was “savagely mauled” by a dog, who then attacked the mother as she turned her focus to her youngest son. He was last seen drifting face down in the river, the court heard.

NSW police on Friday night extradited the mother to Deniliquin on an arrest warrant for attempted murder. She was charged on Friday night and will appear in court for a bail hearing on Saturday morning.

Earlier, the incident was described by a senior police officer as “tragic” and one that “will rock the community of Australia”.

Up to 30 police searched to no avail until darkness fell on Friday night in the hope the youngest boy would be found alive in the fast-flowing river.

A marine rescue boat from NSW searches the Murray for the missing five-year-old. Picture: Hamish Blair

Victoria Police divers join the search. Picture: Hamish Blair
The search was suspended on Friday night and resumed at 8am this morning. Picture: Hamish Blair
Divers and police at the scene. Picture: Hamish Blair

Local community and emergency services are devastated by the tragedy.

The boys’ grandmother was on Friday night keeping a bedside vigil at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne where the surviving child was recovering.

A lawyer for the grandparents said they were “devastated” by the tragedy.


THE earthy banks of the ­Murray River at Moama now hold a tragic story.

Even hardened cops are struggling to cope.

Locals just shake their heads in disbelief.

The otherwise quiet country town, on the Victoria-New South Wales border, on Friday woke to the news that a ­Deniliquin mother had tried to kill her own children.

Her nine-year-old son survived, but suffered severe wounds after a dog bit him as he struggled up the banks of the river.

It was the last place his five-year-old brother had been seen and police spent the day ­combing the river, inch by inch, trying to find his body.

Police on a bank of the Murray. Picture: Riverine Herald
NSW police search up the river. Picture: Riverine Herald

Local police officer Superintendent Paul Condon would have seen many horrors in his years on the front line.

But even he was choking back tears when addressing the media about the horrific events of the past 24 hours.

“It will rock the community of Australia,” he said.

“It’s devastating. My police are devastated, the community is devastated.

“It’s something someone has to do and we’re the people that need to do these things.

“Things like this happen and it’s devastating, not only this town, the community, the whole local area command, New South Wales and ­Australia.

“It’s a terrible story, it’s a sad story. It’s a tragic story, not only for the community, the police, especially the family. It’s just terrible.”

Superintendent Paul Condon. Picture: Hamish Blair

But in true country style, he did not shut the door on a miracle of finding the missing boy alive.

“There’s every chance, we hope. We all live in hope.”

A woman who lived on the property in front of the stretch of river where the tragedy ­occurred said she could not comprehend how it happened.

“I was in my house at the time,” she said, crying.

Another woman, whose ex-partner was involved in rescuing the surviving boy, said he was “so distraught he ­cannot even speak”.

Neighbours of the boys and their mother in Deniliquin were also reeling.

“I’ve been crying all day,” a local trader said.

“The youngest boy was friends with my dog. He used to keep treats for him.”

FRI 3 MAR 2017 

Video: Victorian Emergency Services personnel search the Murray River. AAP

A mother allegedly told onlookers “I had to drown my babies” after holding her two children under the water in the Murray River on the Victoria-New South Wales border, a court has heard.

Key points:

  • Police were alerted when a dog attacked the mother and the older boy in the water
  • The family are from Deniliquin in NSW
  • The mother turned herself in to Echuca police

The woman was extradited from Victoria to New South Wales on Friday night and charged for attempted murder of one of her sons.

One of the two boys, who are both aged under 10, is in hospital after being injured by a dog reacting to the scene at Moama last night.

His younger brother is still missing, feared drowned, with police divers continuing to search the river today.

The Deniliquin woman, aged in her 20s, faced an extradition order by video-link in a Bendigo court this afternoon, where it was agreed she would be sent to Deniliquin, in NSW, to face a charge of attempted murder of her older son.

Police said the mother took the boys to a property outside Moama, south of Deniliquin, yesterday at 4:00pm where they went fishing in the river.

video:Police Superintendent Paul Condon discusses the charges (ABC News)

She allegedly asked the elder boy to get into the river and dunk his head in the water, the court heard.

It is alleged she then held him under the water in an attempt to drown him.

The court was told the boy was able to wriggle free when his younger brother started screaming on the riverbank and the mother turned around.

The older boy was then “savagely mauled” by a dog.

The ABC understands the dog that bit the boy was reacting to what was happening in the water and was not a family pet.

Emergency services workers in wet suits in the river.

Police told the court that the woman then held the younger boy under the water.

He was last seen floating in the river and a search of the area continues.

Onlookers came to the older boy’s aid, and the court heard they heard the woman say, “I had to drown my babies”.

Police said the woman later made full admissions, and told them “I killed my babies”.

The older boy was taken to Echuca Hospital before being transported to the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne for treatment.

As police read the allegations to the court, the woman occasionally cried, rocked in her seat and held her face in her hands.

Grandmother upset agencies ‘fobbed her off’

Police divers have been searching for the younger boy today.

Lawyer Dale Brooks, who is representing the grandmother of the boys, said the grandmother had approached government agencies several times with concerns about the woman but “they fobbed her off”.

“A number of organisations ought to be held to account,” Mr Brooks told the ABC.

Helicopter hovering above the river.

The administrator of Edward River Council in Deniliquin, Ashley Hall, said the community was reeling as news came through.

“This has sent shockwaves, you’ve got a boy being operated [on] in Melbourne for dog bites and [a young boy] missing, you’ve got to hope for a miracle but it’s not looking too promising at the moment,” she said.

The search of the Murray River is being conducted by divers from Victoria Police as well as a NSW search and rescue team, the SES and the Rural Fire Service.

The NSW Police tweeted earlier that the woman had been extradited from Victoria and was being transported to Deniliquin.

She is not expected to be released on bail, they said, and will likely face Deniliquin court on Saturday.

External Link: Moama, the Riverina District, NSW


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