I’m an Australian True Crime blogger, I live in Melbourne where the famous underworld murder war  reigned for the last decade. This blog covers that war and the new wannabes who are set to take the place of those now 10 feet under or buried in places yet still unknown!

More precisely it is about the criminals, the crimes and the scum-bags that commit terrible crimes in our country or against our countrymen and women. It also has expanded to cover those that ought to be charged for their idiotic disgusting behaviour. Usually high-profile people who think they are above the law. I don’t really care who you, if you’re on here you deserve to be…

I also love family, Having a punt, Horse Racing, Photography, Cooking a great BBQ, a beer or 4 ,computers, Reading Crime Books, and solving crimes before the end of the show!!!




  • I the author of the content that can be found here within can assure you, the reader that any of the opinions expressed here are my own and are a result of the way in which my highly disorganised and somewhat dysfunctional mind interprets a particular situation and or concept
  • I would like to expressly convey to you (the reader) that were I to accidentally defame, purge, humiliate and or hurt someone’s person or feelings as a result of them reading and or acting upon any or all of the information and or advice found here at my site, it is entirely unintentional of me to do so.
  • Any comments that may be found here at aussiecriminals.wordpress.com are the express opinions and or the property of their individual authors.
  • Therefore, I the owner/author of this site cannot be held responsible for the fact that the minds of the respected authors may just well be as dysfunctional as my own. If not more….. and it is not a practice of my own to edit any comments left here by others.
  • Should you (the reader) identify any such content that is harmful, malicious, sensitive or unnecessary, I request that you NOT CONTACT ME, as I cannot rectify the problem. Failing that you may like to just sit and weep incessantly!



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    • Hey Rob,

      Just out of curiosity do you have a criminal past? Or have you had links with any criminals in your youth?

      If so I would be interested to hear your story.


      • Hi Laddsy, I don’t think anyone is interested in my past. I am here for the victims mate, so will keep that to myself, I do have links to certain people but it is irrelevant to what I do here…cheers


  1. Did read it, quite a famous case obviously, but I think we have moved on a long way in terms of evidence and onus of proof since Bradley. I am certain either way the same questions would not need to be asked now as the forensic side of a major crime is investigated extremely thoroughly.

    So its one we will never know as to whether the correct outcome was reached. I certainly do not wish for the death penalty to come back though, yet I also think keeping murderers in jail for life is a huge waste of money and a waste of their own lives


  2. I read it too! I cannot image what Ronald Ryan’s family has gone through for all these years. I cannot imagine how Robbo can be so “aloof” about it. For God sake, a man was necked by the government over no scientific evidence and we are supposed to forget about it? because it was a long time ago? Give me a break!
    Robbo, please go do your homework. You will find facts that one capital punishment case actually ends up costing taxpayers much more money than life in prison without parole. Think before you open your mouth!


    • You do really speak with a lot of passion but so much of what you have to say Leisha is a waste on sites like mine. This is not a university thesis here, just a blog about an interest I have, so therefore I am allowed to open my mouth about anything I like seeing it is my opinion on here.

      Just as you have the right to, a bit similar to people who whinge about television shows week after week but continue to watch them!

      It is NOT fact that capital punishment costs more than a lifetime of jail without parole.


  3. Hi Robbo,
    I stumbled onto your site. Crime and police stuff-ups (and or corruption) does not stop at the Victorian Border.
    What I discovered in Adelaide is bad enough, but the silence by police, politician and the media, is truly surprising.
    Those who point the finger at the third world and the evil that’s allowed to go on there must remember – three fingers are still pointing at yourself.

    If you would like details of what I discovered (evidence) and what I did about it, feel free to email me.

    Regards from Adelaide


  4. great site of yours that I stumbled upon when doing a search on the infamous Stan ‘the man’ Smith. I will bookmark and be back again. keep up the good work.




  6. Hello Mrs.Monaghan,

    I am sure that this whole situation has been devastating to you, your son and in deed your entire family. I have heard from several sources close to the family about how nobody knows the full story. Unless someone is willing to come out and explain the “Whole Story” as you say, I will not be removing this, or any story that I chose to cover on my website.

    I report and comment on what is freely available from the internet and will not be bullied or threatened into removing anything from my blog. As in other stories I report on, potential criminal acts have taken place.

    If I am ever found to be incorrect on anything I report I will rectify it, but certainly not because is it embarrassing to someone in the public eye. Finally the picture(s) are not hosted on this site or this blog but have been linked to as a source for those wanting to go and see what the fuss is about. If you wish to write to me away from the website you may do so at [email protected].

    (I have replied here because you made your threat here)


  7. How the hell do we know this guy did this? As always emotional people presuming guilt because THE COPS say he did this. If he did it he will get what is coming in prison but I want to see a little bit of evidence before jumping the gun. You do have corrupt cops on your list for a reason yes? I love your hands folded tats hard man look pal who is the pretender?


  8. Hi Robbo,

    Thank you ever so much for this website I love it and I think you have done an awesome job setting it up.

    I know some people have used my computer for some stories on here so I hope all ok.

    Once again thank you heaps and keep them coming


  9. Question – what information do you have on the three missing Michigan boys that they think the father killed them. Father is John Skelton.


  10. I found this on the net and i want everyone to know about this dirty scum bag

    Central Victorian man guilty of 38 child sex charges

    25 Nov, 2010 04:00 AM
    A CENTRAL Victorian man who used lubrication designed for pigs on a victim has pleaded guilty to 38 child sex and pornography offences.
    Jason Spradbury, 37, a piggery assistant for most of his life, assaulted two boys over a seven-year period.

    He fondled the boys and performed oral and anal sex, using pig lubrication stolen from his work on one of his victims. Spradbury also took pictures of the naked boys, and videoed himself sexually assaulting them.

    Spradbury appeared in the Bendigo County Court yesterday.

    His charges included 21 counts of committing an indecent act on a child under the age of 16, 11 counts of sexual penetration of a child under 16, two counts of possessing child pornography and one count each of procuring a child for child pornography, producing child pornography, using a carriage service to make child pornography and using a carriage service to access child pornography.

    Mr Jones said a lot of the images had been downloaded from a file-sharing site, in which Spradbury was a member. Chat room conversations between him and other users indicated he knew the police were onto him and that he knew what he was doing was wrong.

    The court was told Spradbury, who grew up in a small central Victorian town north of Bendigo, had a happy upbringing, however had struggled with drugs and alcohol as well as his sexuality during his teenage years and early 20s.

    He was co-operative with police when they arrested him in February, but continued to reoffend while on bail and was taken into custody in April. Spradbury also pleaded guilty to one drug possession offence.

    The defence has asked for a comprehensive psychiatric report before Spradbury is sentenced.

    He will be sentenced by Judge Lance Pilgrim in the Melbourne County Court on January 24.

    Crown prosecutor Peter Jones said that in February this year, Australian Federal Police raided Spradbury’s central Victorian home. Almost 54,000 images and 3751 videos of child pornography were found on his computer and hard drive.

    The graphics depicted children engaged in sex with other children, children having sex with adults, and bestiality.

    In some of the pictures children were tied up with tape, ropes and chains, were gagged or handcuffed and were being sexually penetrated by adults, the court was told.

    Some of the videos also included sexual activity between children, dogs and pigs. The children were visibly upset and crying in some of the images and videos.

    A number of pictures and videos of the victims were also found on Spradbury’s computer; they did not involve bestiality or animals.


  11. g’day mate, just came across the site, mainly as a result of searching for more info re Bendali Debs and the murder of Kristy Harty’. whilst i’d read a book on the Lorimer task force, seeing late night’s underbelly was the first i knew of him being charged with a 3rd murder. anyway, i read a fair bit of australian true crime, just bought ‘Gun Alley’ by Kevin Morgan and currently reading ‘Australian Murders’ by Jim Main atm. good to see an online aussie crime site so will definitiely keep checking in to follow whats going on.




  12. your a dickhead.Your a bald fat little idiot who thinks he would have made a good crim standing there fat and ugly showing off your shitty little tats.You judgemental,arrogant,pompous little prick.If you had ever gone to nick you would have spent your time in the dogs yard.Your a phony fucking joke(“its not about me ,its about the victims”)….please!..give me a fucking break you little poofter.Who are these so called crims you say you know? coz ive never heard of you ya dog.


    • Nicely said Jim, welcome aboard, I welcome all comments on here. I wouldn’t call myself little though, over 6 foot, a 100kg and can handle myself quite nicely. Who said I was a crim? not me, I don’t expect you have heard of me, why would you of? hahaha Thanks for you very thought provoking views though, come back again soon


  13. Hi Robbo is there any way u could contact me, I’m in catching 22 situation at the moment and honestly have absolutely no idea what else to do. You doing amazing job and I hope u will have some tips for me. You can check my case on Facebook group called Family Court Blunder. Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.


  14. Hey robbo
    Just a short note mate to say I love your site.
    Pulls no punches and keep calling it as you see it,for to long we have been tied down by the scumbags using the law to their advantage.
    Most media outlets are bogged down by legalities that prevent them from telling us what we should be hearing.
    I also agree that it is irelavent what your background is or if you have been in the sights of the law/coppers,not sure what that would achieve .

    Mate keep up the good work,it is a very interesting site and am delighted I can find things that are impossible to find in media,but have long thought to be the truth.
    If giving your opinion helps educate us on what the scummgets up to,then give them he’ll Robbo.

    Keep on blogging my friend

    John L


  15. Hey reading this tonight and thinking wow, i knew well knew off so many criminals in my life, hey people are put thru injustice and i know that, i dont know what you did and im sure you will tell me love, anyway, I knew kevin mathews lol many yrs ago that got his wife contract killedalso ,, michael furrugia ,, a looser and lol i went out with im,, my hubby doesnt know but hey who cares,, i wasnt a looser, and still not i am a qualified nurse, and have been for 33 yrs makin >> omfg 50 yrs old lol i was young 16 then AND KEVING WELL I DONT GO OUT WITH HIM, i went with his best mte for 2 yrs, i try to talk to him now the .. best mate and he wont talk about the shit,, oh well im really good friend wqith his sister normal girl ,, normal family,, but trys to protect ,, him ??? hmm what can i say ,, he always was a leach then and now,, oh well im just vennting, … hey im normal and live in a house bought a nother house in wallaroo to invest anyways, ramblong now take care debbie


  16. Hello Robbo, can’t remember how I found this site, think it was while I was seeking things while using Twitter, new to all of this stuff!
    Whilst reading some of the articles I noticed you said Graeme Jensen would be in jail if he wasn’t dead. Would you please tell me and my sister why he would’ve been in jail if he hadn’t been murdered by the police? He had nothing to do with the Hefti murder, as was brought out at the Police Shootings Inquest. Regards, graemessisters.


    • Will you now consider answering my question please? Particularily because of possible changes to the Double Jepardy Law?
      Thank you.


      • WELL Firstly & personally I Think the Graeme Jensen arrest was botched & seriously floored from the start. Could of been handled a whole lot better.
        Didn’t know the man or EVER heard of him before. Like most people I just read about it. Was Proven in the end he had nothing too do with the HEFTI MURDER.
        Well in Regards to the DOUBLE JEOPARDY LAW, yeah bring it on. If someone goes to trial & is found not guilty at first, & further down the track, evidence or DNA or their OWN BIG MOUTH ( Peter David Mcevoy ) bring themselves to Public attention, I cannot see anything wrong with bringing them to trial once again!! The Tynan & Eyre Murders was a planned & Murderous Ambush on 2 young Policemen going about their duties.


  17. Ps. He also was NOT having and affair with Wendy Pierce. Wendy Pierce was very hurt at the time when she found out Victor was having an affair with some woman who ended up having his child. Thanks. Graemessisters.


  18. Hey Robbo,

    Just reading your posts on the terrible and tragic loss of life in the Bill Crews Police shooting. I was not present in that garage that day and do not wish anyone to think that this was anything other than a terrible accident.

    Here is a bit of a ‘scoop’ for you though which is based solely on my opinion and opinion of those who have inticate knowledge of the incident and those concerned.

    I am astounded that the media haven’t cottoned on to this as it has been the subject of much debate and talk in policing circles especially amongst those who knew the officer involved.

    The accident was a case of friendly fire. The officer who was involved is a fellow by the name of David Roberts. He is a highly aggressive / low intelligence person who has an extended history of using violence/ assaults to attempt to resolve matters. He was forced to resign in the 90’s by a senior officer after having seriously assaulted a person he had arrested. He was deemed unfit to become an investigator /detective for many years based on his propensity towards violence and lack of expertice in criminal investigations.

    The question on many minds is why this officer [Roberts] was put in this critical position when the Police knew full well that he was a high risk officer.


  19. Hi Robbo,

    Just wondering where I can find the Blog and comments on the Hectorville triple murder today? I drive right past the place it happened each day on the way to work
    and just want to make some comments on the lowlife who committed this atrocity.
    It, once again unfortunately, makes South Australia look like the place not to holiday at or live in.

    Neil V


    • Hi Neil, sorry I have not been updating blog last few days, I have had a house full of people staying for a few days.I will do be doing a story today…stay tuned for the latest


  20. Giddy Robbo!!

    A Good True Crime book to read. Its called THE JOB. By CHARLIE BEZZINA.
    Excellent read.
    Cheers Bigmouth………..


    • Hi Bigmouth, from memory wasn’t he a detective with the Pirana taskforce chasing Silk/Miller killers, Bandali Debs and the Jason the young fella? he wrote a book about it without Vic police knowing about it and got in the shit.I recall reading it No I got him mixed up, yes Charlie, excellent detective, was in all the big cases, I will grab this book.As soon as I saw his face, it rang bells…Thanks


      • Giddy Robbo.
        Yeah he did deal with all the big cases.
        Was the head of the homicide squad for a while, then got the old he-hove.
        Yeah there was a book written by a detective that was taken off the shelves about the SILK & MILLER MURDER. By memory I think that was written by by Paul Sheridan. I did have a copy of that particular book, but never received it back from the person whom I loaned it too, he had a family member who was a Serving Member. Most of that book was from secret recordings taken from Bandali Debs house, talking to his daughter & others on the Murders??
        No but that book THE JOB by Charlie Bezzina is a good read..
        More about his life story & his rise in the force, & crimes he dealt with.
        Like I said excellent read..
        Cheers Bigmouth……


      • Gidday Robbo.
        Just from Memory, the book taken off the shelf was called, One Down, One Missing by Joe D’Alo…. It was a fairly detailed account of the investigation surrounding the Silk/Miller murders…. Mostly taken from secret recordings. Victoria Police had it taken off the shelves for a while if i recall correctly, they werent too happy that it revealed a lot of operational procedures etc…Joe was one of the detectives on the case….If you can get a hold of it & read it just shows you how much Bandali Debs daughter knew as well….
        Cheers Bigmouth…..


        • HI BM once again you hit the nail on the head…I actually got the book from our mobile library at the time ( as the first person to lend it) as I had a true crime “red alert” at the time and they looked after me… The other book in the case is one I actually have, not sure if it is still in print etc but it came with a cd of actual covert police recordings…Amazing to me at the time and to this day. because I would love to get hold of that stuff on a case by case basis. But anyone interested in those recordings can email me and we can work out some way to ” Share” the love…


  21. Hi hope you can point me in the right direction to locate which jail Suzanne kane is in ??? She was a personal friend of mine when she lived in Perth. I lost contact with her when she returned to Melbourne. I have some very important items that belong to her son, couldyou help me with a address or email/contact number for her. ???


  22. Gidday Robbo – Geez you have to put up with some real crazy’s doin this blog aye?
    You seem a very patient bloke-must have kids-nothing mellows you out and teaches tolerance more I reakon!
    I was just curious If you have a working relationship with an excellent blog at


    And just an observation,

    its so funny how people interested in true crime always feel they have to vent some vitriol when blogging about the criminals we read about so that everyone knows we dont admire or condone them at all.It must come from that deep feeling of guilt we have for being interested in the macabre.
    Cheers mate


  23. Any chance you could include a search function on your blog site?

    Looking for any info on a Liam Birnie, who reversed over a 76 year old woman while snatching her handbag in Burwood East around 2001 to 2002, The woman died as a result of her injuries shortly afterwards.

    On an appeal I beleive his sentence was reduced to 10 and a half years, eligible for parole after 8 years.

    Any info on previous convictions, time incarcerated and release dates would be appreciated.

    Think you do a great job Robbo.



    • Yes i agree with Daniel ..this page would be the best blog of its kind in Australia if you added things like search functions etc. and even a full criminal history link on every crim that gets talked about here.
      I just came across this Aussie Crims and Crooks blog before, after i googled “Mathew Johnson” and “Carl Williams” and yep, must agree that this Blog has got potential lol.
      Apparently Mathew Johnson might beat the murder charge, as the jury came back with a question during their deliberations, and they were asking what “beyond reasonable doubt” means. So it seems there is a doubt in their mind about his guilt.
      Aniway keep up the good work on this Blog.

      And by the way, your pro-death panality attitude fkn sucks Robbo, from Robbeeeeeeeeee lol


  24. Thanks for the platform Robbo … it’s been interesting reading through some of your material.

    Love your site, very informative and educational and highly relevant to me and some things going on for me at the moment.

    I do some of my own writing, still evolving, after having recovered from a little something something. My work involves a change in perspective which is much needed by EVERYONE.

    And even though change is an individual thing, I would love to hit the Government with a ‘shift’ in thinking. Their priorities are viewed from the top down, am aiming at giving them the reverse perspective, from the bottom up.

    Your site is certainly assisting my plight ~ thanks & peace


    • Hi Xena, I don’t often get anyone thanking me personally, so cheers for that. My whole reason for starting this was because surely others read and see the news like me and are flabbergasted by the decisions, logic and unfairness of the laws, procedures and unchallenged bullshit that goes on…So whilst me alone cannot say much, a place like this gets read by movers and shakers.If we all said it was too hard well then they may as well put batteries up our bum and treat up like robots…

      They know people here can say what they really think and not get edited like in the news or paper…If there is anything I can help with email me, the addy is on the top left hand side (in code re slimy spammers)


      • Thanks ~ I will keep that in mind.

        Thing is, the legislation is all there, if the processes used by Government more closely facilitated the intent of the law already enacted, they wouldn’t need what I call ‘recovery’ legislation.

        The focus should be on quality decision making, and a huge part of that went ‘out the window’ when KPI’s were introduced and numbers came before quality. The Government’s ‘pull on the reins’ in resourcing the most integral sectors of Government is what’s giving us all something to sit back and shake our head at.


  25. four questions.

    1. what did the cctv show of gangitano murder?
    2. how come they left the exercise bike, same as used in other muder, so the stem could be used again. have they not heard of welding? and why was no one watching cams when said bike stem was removed, or when carl was killed?
    3. why does carls killer refer to carl as evil when this is absulety chillingly evil and so cowardly
    4. why do murders get out of nick to go kill again?


  26. Hey Robbo,

    I have been reading the blogs on this site since the Johnson trial for the murder of Carl.

    I was just wondering why there is no forum setup relating to the Toby Mitchell shooting in Brunswick last week?


    • Hi Janice, thanks for reading the blog. It is ironic you are asking this question today, which would of been the first time I would of had the chance to answer.

      I have been interstate for a week and have not been in a position to update anything let alone use the internet.

      It is a big story here in Melbourne and I will be updating with a thread on the very subject of Toby Mitchell the whole situation



  27. I originally posted this note under the comments for Roll of honour. Can you delete it from there, as I should have posted it here. Thanks.


    I sent this note to Rob Hulls earlier this evening from my twitter account to his.

    Hayden_ Bradford
    @RobHullsMP I’m curious. Do you know who introduced that very dangerous law in Victoria that protects sex offenders and paedophiles and not the victims?

    I doubt if I will get a reply. Would you happen to know which political party did it.

    Reference horse racing scams. I written a bit about them myself on my website. Have a read of the notes under http://racestrat.com.au/index.php/news.



  28. Hi Robbo, thanks for this site. I’m one of these poor souls who believe it’s the media’s job to report this kind of stuff; especially the material regarding corruption. Ha, poor idealisic me.

    It appears that all journalists seem to excel in one of the subjects run at Unis these days.

    Vacuity 101.

    Keep up the great work.


  29. Hi Robbo,

    Do you know the name of the Chatswood police constable who recently appeared in court on fraud charges related to claiming sickness entitlements? It was mentioned on Channel 7 and 10 news on the evening of 7th March 2012, which showed the constable with his female partner entering and leaving a Sydney court surrounded by the media. Yet bizarrely there is no mention on the web or in any of the papers – very strange.


  30. Hi Robbo
    A Tasmanian Member of Legislative Council got away with abusing a 12 yo girl last year whose parents worked her as a prostitute. He said it was his medication that made him do it and the court accepted that and he walked free.


  31. My boyfriend who had only just turned 18 years old was murdered 16 years ago and they found the accused NOT GUILTY. He was missing for nearly 4 years when the Police finally recovered some of his remains…. some have never been found. I hated the way the media and those involved in the trial portrayed this as some kind of ‘underworld’ activity (they often said they met through drugs but it was actually at a 17th birthday party!)
    Anyway he was a good, kind, gentle loving person kid who was targeted right from the start by that violent psychopath. He is currently in prison so I hope justice for killing another human being, and a beautiful one at that, will prevail.


  32. Gday Robbo, like a few posters have mentioned earlier, I merely stumbled upon this website and I instantly related to your views. Since the arrival of my daughter 9 years ago, my hatred for pedeophiles has only intensified. Murderers, rapists and pedo’s deserve special treatment – their first offence should be their last and to deal with them is very simple : feed them feet-first through a tree chipper and the slop can be used as blood n bone for farms.. by doing this it ensures that they give something back to the community whether they like it or not. I despise the tree-hugging hippy civil libertarians who fight to uphold the rights of scum, their very existence is what has turned society into what it has become today.

    You might vaguely remember the Tynong Murders back in the early 80s with appeals for new info in the media every several years. I’m indirectly connected to 1 of the victims and have occasional contact with detectives.. I can happily say that some new info will be soon passed onto them so we’ll wait n see if an arrest is made down the track. Whoever was behind Tynong is unfit to be called human – the details are so graphic that they’d be suitable for a SAW movie.

    Recently I was selected for jury service but I told them to shove it up their rear end because justice is never served as it should be and I want no part of it.

    …And last of all.. GOOoooooooooo Hinchyyyyyyyyyyy!!! the perennial martyr for natural justice.


    • Hello Paul, welcome aboard…I’m just glad when people who bother to go type into google something that concerns them, they find a place they can be heard mate. Those bloodly snakebellys we call pedophiles are the lowest of the lowest. They may not murder, but they KILL the child inside, and it lasts forever. I know, put it that way!

      Judges are reducing the effect of juries every day with their bullshit 2 day long directions pre jury deliberations, and their brains are numb by the time they go in that room, only to be bullied by loud-mouths…Justice hey! haha

      Tynong was awful, I hope to see some significant breakthroughs shortly Paul…These pricks can spend years looking over their shoulders but one day, they will get the tap on the shoulder they dreaded…

      All the best


  33. Hey Robbo,

    Stumbled across your great blog mate keep it up.

    Have not had a chance to read everything yet but I have something that may be of interest to you and if you do turn anything new up I’d love to know as I have a personal interest in this.

    The guys name is Shayne Wigney he murdered Mark ‘Jacko’ Jackson a mate i worked with and held another mate at gun point during the robbery of Taverners hill pub back in 2001. He only got 16yrs for this and is now wanting to sue the NSW government for sexual abuse he suffered as a ward of the state, as if it’s an excuse for his crimes (to the best of my knowlegde this wasnt his first crime or stint inside). If he did indeed suffer this the maggot that did it to him does indeed desverve to be punished, but this tide of people blaming the bad things that have happened to them needs to be addressed.

    Keep the good work up.



  34. I work in criminal prosecutions. I am just aghast that you could be so stupid as to post your highly defamatory comments on this site. You are making comments on cases not yet tested in the courts and you could actually prejudice the outcome by doing what you are doing. Sure true crime is very interesting and sure post all the interesting facts about cases that have been finalised. However you are leaving yourself wide open to be prosecuted for what you are doing. You can’t just try to write a disclaimer that the opinions are the product of your mind etc. That has absolutely no bearing on the laws protecting people who in this country are innocent until proven guilty.

    I will certainly be reporting you – it’s a very, very stupid thing to do and frankly you should be ashamed of yourself.


  35. Hey Robbo….. Just wondering what ‘My Son’ (password protected) was?

    and have enjoyed tonight’s reading of all the blogs….. Noticed that Ivan Milat isn’t in your main list of criminals???? Would love to hear your opinions on Ivan and his great nephew Matthew… Is it nature or nurture? Cheers…..


  36. Hi Marshmellow

    That is a little page I made for my young baby who was born 7 weeks premature.He is still in hospital. Some good folks have sent us many many good wishes asked to see a pic or 2 of him. I password protected it because I do not want troublemaking comments etc in there.This way I know who has access, thats all.

    Re Milat, that list is an ongoing project, there is no reason for anyones inclusion or exclusion.Just who I feel like writing a piece on.I have many drafts done I have not published.He is one of them…

    That family is one sick bunch. They had a evil father and were raised tough, but so were a lot of us…The nephew comes from the same stock, but I reckon he would of killed more if not caught this 1st time. His motivations are all totally different to his great (what a word) uncle


  37. Hi Paul. Without feeling you need to give too much away, I would love a update on the info that was given and the results..
    Im really curious what victim your connected to, as I too have a indirect connection that keeps the need for closure alive.


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