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Bali police murder: British man David Taylor admits to hitting officer with beer bottle

Bali police murder: British man David Taylor admits to hitting officer with beer bottle, lawyer says


A British man accused of the murder of a police officer in Bali has confessed to hitting the man with a beer bottle and an old mobile phone, his lawyer says.

Key points:

  • Taylor’s lawyer said his client had wrestled with the police officer
  • Lawyer also said the couple burned their clothes
  • Connor’s lawyer said she was not involved in the murder

After almost 12 hours of interrogation, David James Taylor dramatically changed his story and told police he had struggled with the officer and admitted to punching him, although his lawyers said he could not remember how many times.

Taylor and his Australian girlfriend Sara Connor, a 45-year-old mother of two from Byron Bay, have been detained for allegedly murdering local policeman Wayan Sudarsa.

He was found with 42 wounds to his body, including his head and neck, on Kuta Beach.

Taylor’s lawyers said he had asked the policeman where Connor’s missing bag was, and after he had tried to check the man’s pocket, they had begun to “wrestle”.

“When he is struggling with this man apparently he found this bottle and then he is trying to hit this man with this bottle,” Taylor’s lawyer Erick Sihombing said.

“He found an old cell phone, he hit the guy’s head on the back maybe twice. There is a bottle and an old phone.

“After the fight was done, he went out on the street, he found his girlfriend on the street and then he’s just said to his girlfriend the bag has already gone so let’s go back to the hotel.”

Taylor also confessed that he and Connor burned their clothes.

“On Friday the 19th of August, they found on their clothes and trousers a stain of blood and hair, that’s why they tried to get rid of them by burning their clothes,” Mr Sihombing said.

The Australian woman has told police when she had tried to separate the men while they were fighting, the police officer bit her on her thigh and hand.

She said she had no idea the police officer was dead and her boyfriend had told her he was just unconscious.

“According to the result of the investigation today, Sara said that she was not involved in this murder, she was not involved at all with this murder,” her lawyer Erwin Siregar said.

“Sara tried to separate David and the victim, but she could not do it and then because of that the victim bit the right hand of Sara and also the leg on the left side.”


Officer also hit with binoculars, lawyer says

Earlier, Taylor’s lawyer had said he had also bashed the man in the head with a pair of binoculars that were hanging around his neck.

“During the wrestle, Sara tried to keep them apart during which David saw they’re were binoculars on the victim’s neck. Then he smashed the binoculars to the victim’s head,” Mr Sihombing said.

“He hit the cop’s head twice using the binoculars.”

Connor and Taylor both faced questioning late into the evening on Monday.

It is understood Connor and Taylor first met in Byron Bay, where Connor runs a pasta-making business and Taylor hosted a weekly radio show.

Police have up to 100 days to build their case against the two, who face a maximum of 15 years in jail.

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