Cop Tasers her boyfriend at party


TWO police officers from Western Australia have been stood down following claims one used her Taser stun gun to shock her boyfriend at a party.

Police said the two officers from Carnarvon, on the WA’s mid-north coast, are the subject of an internal investigation regarding the alleged misuse of Tasers.

It is alleged that while on duty on July 23, the officer visited her boyfriend at a party, where he asked her to stun him and his friend with the police-issued Taser.

Police confirmed that two officers had been stood down, with any possible disciplinary action pending the outcome of an internal investigation.

The alleged incident comes one month after allegations four officers at Rockingham police station, in Perth’s south, used Tasers on colleagues during initiation rituals.

A sergeant and a senior constable were stood down and two constables were confined to office duties while an internal investigation was launched into that incident.

Opposition police spokeswoman Margaret Quirk said the two alleged incidents were a sign that there was a growing culture of officers misusing Tasers within the WA police force.

“I think police need to come out and say what they found in the course of both the Rockingham review and this review and how they intend to address this emerging culture of Tasers being used as toys,” Ms Quirk said.


Mayor pockets million in aid for fake floods relief!

If you can’t get any government funding for your town just do what this mayor did in Brazil, he invented a flood with massive damage to get over a million in funding. Problem was it seems he kept the money for himself. One other problem was the officials got around to checking the weather patterns for the period and found the place was a dry as a nuns nether regions…

Ademar Pinto Rosa, mayor of Guaratinga

A MAYOR is under investigation for declaring floods that never existed in order to pocket $1 million in emergency aid, prosecutors said.

Suspicion fell on Ademar Pinto Rosa, mayor of Guaratinga, in Brazil, when the state prosecutor’s office found the national weather service had no records of any rain falling June 15-16 on the town as claimed.

The investigating prosecutor, Bruno Gontijo Teixeira, told the Globo news website he had found “bizarre” Pinto Rosa’s declaration that his town had been ravaged by heavy rains, flooding and mudslides that destroyed 10 homes and two bridges.

“These rains never existed. It was all a hoax,” Gontijo said.

If found guilty of fraud, the mayor will have to reimburse the state funds already paid and risks being fired.

Check out this idiot Driver

My Say

Check out this dude trying to save himself the $50 delivery fee, it ended up costing $478 in fines.I hope that furniture is nice and comfy, what an idiot…

A POLICE inspector says he was flabbergasted by a motorist busted carrying furniture hanging metres out of his passenger window.

Idiot Driver

"Hanging out just a little bit" tells police

Shepparton Insp Ian Bull says he was stunned to witness the motorist driving in peak hour down a busy two-lane road, The Boulevard, in Shepparton in Victoria’s north, with three large boxes protruding from the car.

He says the driver admitting his furniture was hanging out “just a little bit”, when he was pulled over about 5pm yesterday, but stressed he was “being careful” for the 6km drive home.

Insp Bull was unimpressed and slapped the driver with a $478 fine for breaching width requirements and creating a “substantial risk” to other drivers.

He said the motorist could have save himself hundreds of dollars, if he had paid the furniture store a $50 delivery fee.

Is Kevin Rudd Doomed-Julia Gillard challenging for Prime Minister

Off Topic But Is Kevin Rudd Doomed?

Julia Gillard challenging tonight for the leadership according to Laurie Oaks in Canberra tonight. Rudd the dud (and bullshit artist) might not even serve one term if the rumours tonight are correct.

He has done a great job of spending our hard earned on white elephant after another and to top it off he is and arsehole to work for with the biggest staff turnovers in history under him