Paul Leslie Aiton-Toddler killer, applies for parole


My Say I remember this one like it was yesterday. This huge bully Aiton, finally beat his tiny stepson Daniel to death after months of abuse. Now near 20 years after the fact this mongrel is coming up for parole. A date every victims family dreads in this country, with the weak arse sentences and cuts offenders get…

Guys like him deserve nothing, earn nothing while in jail, and should be rotting  just like the poor little chap he beat on a near daily basis because he got annoyed! He used to brag to mates how he got the boy to stand “Star jump” style and kick him, as if he was football practice…Now I can see letting white collar crimes out for once being greedy etc but sick bastards like this deserve no sympathy or leeway.I do not want to report here in 15 months he lost it with another innocent lad who happens to be the son of a needy mum he picks up…

A photo of little Daniel Valerio before he was beaten to death by Paul Aiton

THE hulking thug who beat little Daniel Valerio to death in one of Australia’s most shocking child abuse cases will make his bid for freedom tomorrow.

Paul Leslie Aiton has served 18 years in prison for the murder of his two-year-old stepson and he wants to be out by November.

Daniel’s death, after months of savage violence by Aiton, led to the introduction of mandatory reporting of suspected child abuse in Victoria.

Almost two decades after his death, Daniel’s battered face remains a symbol of ineptitude by authorities who were supposed to save him.

He died after his internal organs were crushed when he was punched by Aiton at their West Rosebud home.

Daniel’s grandfather said he hoped Aiton felt remorse. “He was a lovely kid,” Ian Ottway said.

Aiton’s bid for freedom sparked a plea for authorities to warn single mums about starting relationships with child beaters.
Child Wise executive director Bernadette McMenamin said mothers who began relationships with offenders should be told by authorities of their background.

Adult Parole Board general manager David Provan said members would consider reports and recommendations from Community Correctional Services before making a decision on Aiton. Aiton, 49, will not appear in person.

The 188cm tall killer – who weighed 105kg at the time – was later to say he “just lost it” because Daniel was screaming and crying.

But former work colleagues told Aiton’s trial he made sickening boasts about his treatment of the boy. They told how Aiton would order the boy to stand in the shape of a star then kick him from behind.

They also gave evidence that he referred to throwing Daniel against a wall and watching him slide down it, shoving the child face-first into his own faeces and lifting him by the hair as he slept.

Evidence was also tendered that Aiton beat the boy’s penis with a wooden spoon when he urinated in the bath. A post-mortem examination found Daniel suffered 104 bruises and two broken collarbones in his brief life.

Aiton, who initially tried to deny killing Daniel, was convicted by a Supreme Court jury in 1993.

In sentencing him, Justice Philip Cummins said: “I consider you have not shown remorse for the death. You have shown concern for your own position.”

Aiton was sentenced to 22 years’ maximum, with a minimum 18 with good behaviour.

Grandad Mr Ottway said he hoped Aiton felt some remorse.

Mr Ottway said Aiton had served his time and he hoped what had happened to Daniel was a one-off.

Daniel’s case led to major change in child welfare in Victoria after it was revealed inaction by authorities failed to stop the abuse.

A judicial inquiry found 21 people, including five doctors, Community Services Victoria and police were involved in Daniel’s case after CSV received anonymous calls he was being beaten.

Laws were later introduced making it mandatory for police and health and teaching professionals to report suspected child abuse.

Aiton had lived with Daniel’s mother, Cheryle Butcher, after they met through an introduction agency. Ms Butcher last year spoke out for the first time in 16 years to beg authorities to do more to help children in peril from abuse.

Aiton’s earliest possible release date is November 26.

A Corrections Victoria spokeswoman said prisoners on parole were closely supervised.

Here are more comments from concerned Australians…

  • Mary of Ringwood Posted at 7:14 AM Today 

    We shouldn’t have to tell the Parole Board why this monsters should NEVER be released. We have to presume that the people sitting on the board have a degree of sense and responsibility..Often they have proved otherwise..This is another chance to tell us that they will do the right thing and keep this man locked up till he dies. He abuses and beats a little boy to death… and now wants to be let out..Lets hope the Parole Board does the right thing by little Daniel.

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  • Ross of woopwoop Posted at 7:15 AM Today 

    what makes a person like this? this is not human could this person change? unlikely

    Comment 102 of 235

  • Rick A of CBD Posted at 7:15 AM Today 

    yes let the maggot out. ill find him :D

    Comment 103 of 235

  • Lea of Melbourne Posted at 7:15 AM Today 

    Do not let him out to do this to another helpless child, he does not deserve a second chance

    Comment 104 of 235

  • MJM Posted at 7:16 AM Today 

    His papers should have been stamped NEVER TO BE RELEASED.

    Comment 105 of 235

  • Lesley of Duncraig WA. Posted at 7:18 AM Today 

    Will evil triumph again…and if he is released, will his evil once again be vented on some other dear little innocent child?

    Comment 106 of 235

  • Adam Posted at 7:19 AM Today 

    People like him don’t deserve to see any kind of light at all. I’d give him the death penalty if it were legal

    Comment 107 of 235

  • Jason of Melbourne Posted at 7:19 AM Today 

    This ..-./..-/.-.-/-.-/../-./–. -.-./..-/-./- should come around to my joint when he gets out. I would love to show him first hand what if feels like to slide down a wall, stand in a star and get kicked and pull his hair until his head came off. Of course the parole board will let this piece of excrement out because little Daniel will just be an inconvenience easily forgotten when they feel like it ……

    Comment 108 of 235

  • Whistleblower of Melbourne Posted at 7:21 AM Today 

    I’m sick and tired of minimum sentences! Thugs like this should serve the full term of imprisonment. Unfortunately the bleeding hearts and the parole board have more empathy with the “victim” standing before them than the victims of crime and murder.

    Comment 109 of 235

  • Andrew of Prahran Posted at 7:21 AM Today 

    Why was this life form even given the opportunity for parole?????

    Comment 110 of 235

  • Python of Oz Posted at 7:21 AM Today 

    “Paul Leslie Aiton has served 18 years…” It should be 180

    Comment 111 of 235

  • NK Posted at 7:22 AM Today 

    I dearly hope that those anonymous calls to the CSV were made by Aiton’s workmates. Inaction on their part would have been reprehensible (putting aside the shameful inaction of the 21 individuals involved in Daniel’s case). As for Ms Butcher, I CANNOT believe that she, at no point, suspected that Aiton was abusing her son.

    Comment 112 of 235

  • Liz Smith Posted at 7:22 AM Today 

    This man repeatedly and deliberately hurt a two year old toddler. It was not just a “one off” event. The poor child lived in terror in his short life, as this evil man revelled in sadistical power over this baby-child. Daniel’s own home was a place of nightmares and pain, but there is no where else to go when you are only two. The man is evil and will hurt again when he is out of prison. He has already shown he can cross way over the line of human decency. I don’t understand why he didn’t get life!

    Comment 113 of 235

  • Jack of Melbourne Posted at 7:23 AM Today 

    Why are we even considering letting a Child Killer out? Enough already, protect society from these animals

    Comment 114 of 235

  • Justice Scales of Melbourne Posted at 7:23 AM Today 

    Goal terms should be changed so that people like this are never released – same with murders – life should mean life.

    Comment 115 of 235

  • Kay Posted at 7:24 AM Today 

    It’s a pity he hasn’t been beaten to death like poor little Daniel.

    Comment 116 of 235

  • Arne Nevback of Alice Springs Posted at 7:24 AM Today 

    Closely supervised?????ha ha ha.Lock the monster up for life with no parole.

    Comment 117 of 235

  • john Posted at 7:25 AM Today 

    These attacks on this little boy were not out of frustration these were planned assaults on a precious life,104 bruises and 2 broken collarbones(thats dis graceful) why should he be able to live the rest of his life free when this poor boy didint get to see his 3rd birthday.Australian government is TOO soft in its punishment laws, wish we were more like america in there laws, as in if you stuff up you get punished accordingly.

    Comment 118 of 235

  • Reality Bites of Melbourne Posted at 7:26 AM Today 

    So Aiton wants freedom ? He should have found it at the end of a rope.

    Comment 119 of 235

  • Common Sense of Melbourne Posted at 7:26 AM Today 

    Look into the eyes of Daniel and see the pain and sadness, this poor excuse for a man made his life a living hell. Daniel would have been a young man now, he had another 60 years of living left, make sure this man spends the term of Daniels life in prison.

    Comment 120 of 235

  • Jim of Carrum Downs Posted at 7:28 AM Today 

    He killed a baby boy.He should never be released.Life means Life.No Parole

    Comment 121 of 235

  • Angi Parsons of Bonnie Doon Posted at 7:29 AM Today 

    He should never be released or at best serve his full term. He didn’t show Daniel any mercy so why should he be given any.

    Comment 122 of 235

  • Big Jim of Brisvegas Posted at 7:29 AM Today 

    No probs 18 years to gain remorse thats good. Now another 18 years to make sure it doesnt happen again…..then they might think about letting him go……..nah.

    Comment 123 of 235

  • Rita Posted at 7:29 AM Today 

    Dont let him out of prison, he will do it again. Protect the community and childkillers.

    Comment 124 of 235

  • Mike Shaw of Mornington Posted at 7:30 AM Today 

    I am a grown man, but this sort of thing brings me to tears.

    Comment 125 of 235

  • Donna Pearce of Macleay Island Posted at 7:30 AM Today 

    He has served 18 years. If he is released now, it will be ‘because of good behavior’ as his sentence stated. The only reason he would be thought to have ‘good behavior’ is because there are no small defenseless children to beat up in prison. When (if) he gets out then we will see if his behavior is ‘good’ or if he starts beating up small children again. And if he does it will be because the courts released this monster when they shouldn’t have done so. This type of personality doesn’t change. He will ‘beat’ again. Keep him behind bars where he can’t harm anyone else’s child.

    Comment 126 of 235

  • Jamie Hobbs of Geelong Posted at 7:33 AM Today 

    As I remember this thug bragged to his work mates what he had done to this poor little boy . !! SHOULD NEVER BE RELEASED !!

    Comment 127 of 235

  • Bella of melbourne Posted at 7:34 AM Today 

    Lets hope somebody out there is already waiting for this scum, ready to dish out a good old eye-for-an-eye treatment!!

    Comment 128 of 235

  • DP of West vic Posted at 7:35 AM Today 

    Bring in the death penalty for cases like this

    Comment 129 of 235

  • didi Posted at 7:37 AM Today 

    with that amount of abuse, how could the mother have not known! She should have been charged too – and any woman who starts a relationship with him should have her children removed from her care!

    Comment 130 of 235

  • Mad Dog. of Hoppers Crossing Posted at 7:38 AM Today 

    bring back capital punishment. Oxygen thief.

    Comment 131 of 235

  • amanda robinson of hastings-victoria Posted at 7:38 AM Today 

    why should a child killer be free at all whats to say that he wont do it again to some other inoccent child he should rot in jail till the day he diesamand

    Comment 132 of 235

  • billy of Casino, NSW Posted at 7:40 AM Today 

    If there was ever a case for the re-introduction of the death penalty this is certainly one of them. There is NO excuse for killing a child, no excuse for child abuse. We dont need moronic thugs of the likes of this one living freely or closely supervised in the community.

    Comment 133 of 235

  • protect our kids of victoria Posted at 7:41 AM Today 

    Even with mandatory reporting the innocent children are still ignored! Stand up for those who have only a small voice, song quote:”I believe children are the future, treat them well and let them show the way.Give them a sense of pride” What would Daniel have ben doing this november? Time fades people’s memories, these thugs blend into the shadows of prison hope we will forget them. Keep him away from our children

    Comment 134 of 235

  • Granny of Melbourne Posted at 7:42 AM Today 

    I do hope the Parole Board consider the children this monster will come in contact when released and decide not to allow him to see the outside world ever again. If he is granted parole then he should have an order made against him to keep him away from children. He is frightning.

    Comment 135 of 235

  • DAB of Melbourne Posted at 7:42 AM Today 

    Just take a look at this beautiful innocent babies face in the photo. And this was before his fatal beating by the coward who now wishes to be released from his well deserved prison cell in November. How dare he even think he has rights and requests. What goes around comes around his sentencing is nothing compared to what the universe is going to lay before him for his shocking actions. I am surprised that none of the work colleagues called the police after hearing his disgusting boasts of torture on this tiny little boy. If the community had a say in the sentencing this man would never ever be released. This child experienced a lifetime of horror and fear. Shame on the legal system for his ridiculous short term sentence of eighteen years (minimum)from twenty years. To the Parole Board, do not release this disgusting person out the baby lost his life, he must also lose his..

    Comment 136 of 235

  • Kylie Brown of Melbourne Posted at 7:42 AM Today 

    18 years is NOT long enough for this monster. Keep him in prison whhere he belongs!! That poor little boys face is etched in my memory, RIP sweet Daniel, fly high with angels where no-one can ever hurt you again xo

    Comment 137 of 235

  • malph of Melbourne Posted at 7:43 AM Today 

    Bring back capital punishment, he earned it.

    Comment 138 of 235

  • Kathie of Hobart Posted at 7:43 AM Today 

    ht of b I couldn’t agree with you more. Keep this thug locked up so society can be certain he doesn’t get an opportunity to inflict the same violence on some other child whose mother was foolish enough to get involved with him.

    Comment 139 of 235

  • Craig of Melbourne Posted at 7:43 AM Today 

    This is why you should bring back the death penalty…. so the question of releasing these low lifes is never raised again…

    Comment 140 of 235

  • sickened by story of melbourne Posted at 7:44 AM Today 

    saddens me to read this about how this monster boasted about what he had done and no one contacted authorities. What is wrong with people!

    Comment 141 of 235

  • Haseeb Saleem of Melbourne Posted at 7:45 AM Today 

    Death sentence.. bring it on seriously. It will solve many crime problems.

    Comment 142 of 235

  • Gerard ransom of Hobart Posted at 7:46 AM Today 

    it saddens you deeply to think this monster could have a chance of release. 18 years isnt life. Little Daniels life was taken away from him by someone who was supposed to protect and love him. Life should be until you die in jail. Little Daniel possibly had anothe70 years ahead of him.. Who knows. Now nobody ever will.

    Comment 143 of 235

  • JS of Cairns Posted at 7:46 AM Today 

    Dont risk it, never let him out

    Comment 144 of 235

  • CB Posted at 7:48 AM Today 

    Does corrections Victoria think we are all idiots? How often do we see in the media that someone has reoffended. This man, I use the term loosely, should serve his full sentence as punishment for the horrific treatment he metered out to an innocent and defenceless child. He also needs to serve the full sentence to send a message to others that this behaviour is intolerable.

    Comment 145 of 235

  • W of Tyalgum Posted at 7:50 AM Today 

    Australians don’t want people like Aiton on the street. Keep him in prison until his full sentence is served and then some more. RIP Daniel – you never had a chance to know how beautiful life can be.

    Comment 146 of 235

  • Maz of Vic Posted at 7:50 AM Today 

    Hope he rots in hell and gets the living crap kicked out of him in gaol. NEVER release this poece of scum!!

    Comment 147 of 235

  • MMM of Melbourne Posted at 7:50 AM Today 

    He still has hell to look forward to also.

    Comment 148 of 235

  • David Posted at 7:50 AM Today 

    I was revolted and distressed at the time and I remain so today. For those that cannot recall this was not a one off event. That poor child was subjected to months of savage beatings. How can someone look at that picture of the poor kid and not be repulsed? I am sure the beast that did this is sorry, I am equally sure that had capital punishment been available I would have supported the use of it in his case. 18 years or 38 years that mongrel should not be released! Weep for that poor child not the parents.

    Comment 149 of 235

  • DeanEvans of Lilydale, Melbourne. Posted at 7:51 AM Today 

    Justb read the list of injuries. Never let him out.

    Comment 150 of 235

  • Jack of the sea Posted at 7:51 AM Today 

    Why has this piece of garbage been allowed to survive prison all these years? Surely someone should have shown him the blunt end of an exercise bike by now. I sincerely hope that once freedom is in sight for this gutless cockroach, he gets taken out in the showers.

    Comment 151 of 235

  • Peggy Hand Posted at 7:51 AM Today 

    Let him rot in gaol. Let some of the other prisoners treat him like he treated that poor little boy.

    Comment 152 of 235

  • Brenda Wilkin of rowville Posted at 7:51 AM Today 

    Little Daniel had no one to protect him from the violence of this man, and the least we can do, as a community, is to keep his killer behind bars. One little boy, defenceless, against a grown man, beaten regularly,how can that be something we can forgive?

    Comment 153 of 235

  • What was he thinking? of Melbourne Posted at 7:55 AM Today 

    When a dog bites a person,the dog is usually put down. This animal killed an innocent little human. He should of also been put down, let alone released!!

    Comment 154 of 235

  • roseswithlove of QLD Posted at 7:56 AM Today 

    People who beat children DO NOT change their ways & he should of got LIFE for what he did to poor little Daniel, Daniel died at the hands of this monster & he should stay where he is & die in prison….Bring back the Death Penalty for crimes likes this!

    Comment 155 of 235

  • Wayne of Narre Warren Posted at 7:56 AM Today 

    This poor excuse for a human being should rot in jail!!

    Comment 156 of 235

  • rob Posted at 7:56 AM Today 

    Freedom what the **** he should rot in hell.

    Comment 157 of 235

  • Howard Green of Melbourne Posted at 7:56 AM Today 

    This wasn’t a one off occurrence; he systematically beat Daniel day after day until he finally killed him. It is time for someone to make a stand and say enough is enough. The courts wont do it, soft sentencing reflects their attitude so it is time for the parole board to step up and keep this disgrace behind bars

    Comment 158 of 235

  • NickiM of Melbourne, VIC Posted at 7:56 AM Today 

    Now who says capital punishment is a bad thing??

    Comment 159 of 235

  • S.S. Posted at 7:57 AM Today 

    I want to know where the mother of this child was or the grand parents surly they would have been aware of the is animal that should suffer the same death as the little boy. I feel sick to my stomach just thinking of what this child went through. BRING back capital punishment for animals like this PIG!!!!!!

    Comment 160 of 235

  • Sharon Posted at 7:58 AM Today 


    Comment 161 of 235

  • Bart of Melbourne Posted at 7:59 AM Today 

    If someone beats a child, we want to name them. If someone sexually abuses a child, their identities are protected by the court. I say, make it public and name them all!

    Comment 162 of 235

  • Kim Posted at 8:00 AM Today 

    I am sitting here at the moment watching my 2 year old daughter eating her breakfast. The thought of this man being released is sickening. How could anybody even contemplate harming a defenseless child? Considering the animal ‘joked’ to his work colleagues at the time about the pain he inflicted on Daniel and his brother – he obviously showed a lot of remorse! He should be left in jail to rot for the rest of his pathetic life. If the parole board do grant him freedom (and I am sure they will), please publicise the whereabouts of this cretton and maybe the disgusted public can pick him up, throw him against a wall and watch him slide down like he did to poor Daniel?! RIP Daniel xx

    Comment 163 of 235

  • Jackie of Melbourne Posted at 8:00 AM Today 

    unfortunately no matter what we think he will be able to get out after 22 years and walk a free man, if this happens there is no supervision or parole requirements, he will have served his full sentence. If he is released early he will be supervised that sadly is a better option.

    Comment 164 of 235

  • Jess Posted at 8:00 AM Today 

    He took away a life before it began, therefore he should have his taken away forever! He is just lucky that he got to live part of his, unlike poor Daniel. Dont let this sick man out…

    Comment 165 of 235

  • Anthony Posted at 8:02 AM Today 

    Leave this thug in jail to rot for the rest of his un-natural life, piece of S#$t! And i hope he dies a horrible death as this kid did.

    Comment 166 of 235

  • Mel Posted at 8:04 AM Today 

    What a feral animal. he should have got longer than 22 years to start off with. If you take a life your life should be taken. You dog. I hope you die in hell for what you did to that little boy.

    Comment 167 of 235

  • Kris of Melbourne Posted at 8:05 AM Today 

    too sad :( l pray he gets refused…..

    Comment 168 of 235

  • David Posted at 8:07 AM Today 

    CAPITAL PUNISHMENT!! Take a life, you lose the right to yours!!

    Comment 169 of 235

  • mim Posted at 8:07 AM Today 

    Why should the community tolerate this child killer being free ..he should have been exterminated.

    Comment 170 of 235

  • DISGUSTED!!!!! of VICTORIA Posted at 8:08 AM Today 

    The fact that this disgusting coward got power from beating a BABY is bloody disgraceful!! I am 6″ 1 ( 186cm) and weigh 115kgs, let me have a crack at the “BIG MAN” ! COWARDS like Aiton should face capital punishment & be dumped at the tip! Even then the $ 17.50 would be to much expense to waste on that piece of SH*T !The fact that he has the opportunity to be released is yet another flaw in the Australian justice system!!!!!!!!!!! stamp his file “NEVER TO BE RELEASED”!!!!!and throw away the key!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Comment 171 of 235

  • A of Melton Posted at 8:10 AM Today 

    The suffering and death of Daniel was terrible. In Victoria children are destroyed, even at the time of their birth. This is legalised child abuse and killing. What hypocrisy and double standards!

    Comment 172 of 235

  • Rae of Burwood Posted at 8:12 AM Today 

    This just makes me feel sick.. This animal took a child’s life. He took away any chance little Daniel had of growing up, going to school, playing with friends, falling in love, getting married, having children and watching them grow up. Possibly 80+ years of life was taken from Daniel. The animal should remain in jail for at least that long. He didn’t just take away 18 or 20years. He took away a lifetime and he should have to repay that. By my calculations, he still has about 60years to go. I hope you rot!

    Comment 173 of 235

  • Lisa Peters of Melbourne Posted at 8:15 AM Today 

    Parole Board, Why should he be let out now on good behaviour when poor Daniel never got any better treatment for being good?. Daniels face is remembered by many and if you let this poor excuse for a human being out, whats to stop society dealing with him in there own way as justice for Daniel when you are not doing justice to Daniel or our society by letting him out again. There is too much hatred and anger for this animal to be able to feel safe out of jail and is best left to rot where he is, thats the safest option for eveyone.

    Comment 174 of 235

  • Geoff of Brighton Posted at 8:16 AM Today 

    There is only one cure for sickness like that – it involves a small amount of fast moving lead. Bring back capital punishment.

    Comment 175 of 235

  • Carl Tennant of Notting Hill Posted at 8:17 AM Today 

    come on people this is victoria he’ll be let out early, your lucky he went to jail at all with our judiciary.

    Comment 176 of 235

  • james of melbourne Posted at 8:18 AM Today 

    The Victorian government will have made sure he is rehabilitated. Everybody should stop worrying.

    Comment 177 of 235

  • T.J.Keats of Melbourne Posted at 8:19 AM Today 

    It seems we have plenty of comments…. Another product of the labor system…. If we elect libs, dogs like this will stay caged for life – where they belong. Wake up Victorians….

    Comment 178 of 235

  • Megan from Croydon Posted at 8:20 AM Today 

    This evil man should never be released. Daniel lost more than 18 years of his life.

    Comment 179 of 235

  • Louis of Cranbourne Posted at 8:20 AM Today 

    This animal must never be released. Fancy doing this to a defenceless small child.

    Comment 180 of 235

  • Jboy of Newman / Melbourne Posted at 8:21 AM Today 

    PLEASE RELEASE HIM, on one condition, That this child beating filthy animal comes to stay with me.

    Comment 181 of 235

  • xxx of Echuca Posted at 8:21 AM Today 

    I agree with protective mother of melbourne – Where was the mother in all this. I would kill anyone who laid a hand on my children. LET HIM ROT IN JAIL.

    Comment 182 of 235

  • Loving single mother of A loving, nurturing home! Posted at 8:24 AM Today 

    Greg Byrne – YOU ARE A TWAT!

    Comment 183 of 235

  • Trish of Sunshine Posted at 8:26 AM Today 

    Please do not let this monster out!

    Comment 184 of 235

  • Paul Chao of Box Hill Posted at 8:27 AM Today 

    This is one of the many reasons as to why the people should bring back the death penalty because those dead people can NEVER commit murder again. Michael Portillo, a political commentator and MP for the UK, had studied various methods of execution documented in a video ( He showed the various methods of execution and the flaws that are inherited. In the video Michael demonstrates a flawless and humane method for execution if reintroduces. Nitrogen asphyxiation has been used for euthanising animals which have been approved by various animal rights groups. It is cheap, easily to install, does not require a special skill to operate it and mostly, the condemned does not feel any pain before meeting his or her maker. Australia should bring back the death penalty to murderous crimes and similar however use the Nitrogen asphyxiation method.

    Comment 185 of 235

  • skye trezise Posted at 8:28 AM Today 

    he needs to rot in arrarat with mr baldy and the rest of the dogs….

    Comment 186 of 235

  • Christian of Avondale Heights Posted at 8:30 AM Today 

    Disturbing, violent, sad, traumatic, painful, chilling, fright, fear and so much more. This is what this defenseless child felt and experienced as this coward killed and murdered him. Has this coward felt the same as young Daniel? I believe not, so why should he be permitted to experience more? I support to keep him locked away for life and may he be removed from the prison cell in a body bag and then just tossed into a bin like the human genetic filth that he is. Do not release this pathetic coward !!!

    Comment 187 of 235

  • rob Posted at 8:33 AM Today 

    comment 15…he should have got life, no parole,never to be released,he should die in jail, then i would say he did his time, even this is to good for this low life.

    Comment 188 of 235

  • Nicholas Van Danziger of Sassafras Posted at 8:35 AM Today 

    Yes, by all means, let him out by November…….. for an appointment with a Firing squad….. Oh, I forgot aren’t we collectively suffering from the “delirium of democracy” ? Poor guy, …….. why don’t we let him out? He’ suffered enough, he’s not likely to “re-offend” is he now?

    Comment 189 of 235

  • FerntreeGully bloke of FerntreeGully Posted at 8:35 AM Today 

    Poor little Daniel copped a life sentance, why cant this piece of crap? It should never be released.

    Comment 190 of 235

  • MAC Posted at 8:36 AM Today 

    So stop bleating about it in the papers. Get together, get organised and do something about it. There are professionals who can deal with social problems like this. All it takes is money and organisation….

    Comment 191 of 235

  • getridofhim Posted at 8:38 AM Today 

    Leave the psycho bully thug in jail

    Comment 192 of 235

  • Mrs Petunia Morningstone of Shady Pines Nursing Retreat Posted at 8:38 AM Today 

    As tough as it is to say, if this person is released, the only people you have to be angry at are the authorities for the light sentence. He has served his time and that’s that. He should be let out as he has done all that has been legally asked of him. He should have been given life and we wouldn’t be in this situation we are in.

    Comment 193 of 235

  • HEART BROKEN of SOMIE Posted at 8:39 AM Today 


    Comment 194 of 235

  • Disgusted Gran Posted at 8:40 AM Today 

    This man should never be released. He should have been given a life sentence. Our laws must be changed that anyone who does this to an innocent child should get life imprisonment. If I was Daniels mother I would not have stayed with this monster or allowed him to lay a finger on him, but she may have been a victim too. It makes me sad this little boy would have been 20 now wasn’t given the chance to make a life for himself.

    Comment 195 of 235

  • KP of Pakenham Posted at 8:44 AM Today 

    He should never have been put in jail in the first place. HE SHOULD HAVE BEEN GIVEN THE DEATH PENALTY. BRING IT BACK.

    Comment 196 of 235

  • 123 Posted at 8:50 AM Today 

    Not even animals behave in this manner. I hope the world never forgets what you did and you pay dearly for it, for the rest of your life. That little bloke didnt stand a chance against a monster such as yourself.

    Comment 197 of 235

  • Derek Drinkwater of Melbourne Posted at 8:52 AM Today 

    Why not let him out? Why is he any different from every other violent sadistic criminal that this government is determined to wrap in cotton wool?

    Comment 198 of 235

  • no-baby-killer of moonee ponds Posted at 8:52 AM Today 

    18 years for killing a lovely TWO years old baby. Just TWO years old! The killer should stay behind bars. the sentence should be life long – at least 50 years behind bars!

    Comment 199 of 235

  • moose of the north Posted at 8:52 AM Today 

    Stop calling Paul Aitken a thug !Hes no thug , otherwise he would have served his time in general population in jail , not protective custody .Enough said about this waste of space !

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  • Matt Cook of Melbourne Posted at 8:53 AM Today 

    He has taken the life of an innocent child & the system entertains the idea of parole! This depraved, gutless animal should remain incarcerated for life. I’m surprised fellow inmates have let him survive his time inside. I can only hope he has been subjected to incredible pain, torture & shame. Close the door & lock it for good. His acts have forfeited the right to live amongst society.

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