Have criminals got it TOO good in jail?

Every now and then I get a news item or a report on the telly that really spikes my attention. Whenever a story about prisoners either whining about conditions (like a paying renter does to a landlord, who actually have legitimate complaints and pay for the right) or an expose’ on what they get and don’t get in jail comes up, I get really frustrated. 

A  list was revealed from the ACACIA UNIT at Barwon prison, a haunt for the major crims in Victoria down the road from me. The other day we had a story about Fat Tony Mokbel, cooking his own food, as he did not LIKE the prison food…I could swear my head off, but I ask others not to so I wont….grrrrr

What happened to porridge for breakfast, some sandwiches for lunch and some meat and 3 veg for dinner. Dessert a few times a week?

I will tell you why, because surely it cannot just be me who thinks “No wonder they go back for more”. For starters, yes it is a sentence and their freedom is taken away, but bloody hell, not much else is. Just consider the savings on rent, electricity, food, clothes, dental, medical, entertainment, EDUCATION and all the books, materials and computers and stuff. Sports, recreation, pool tables, gym (think of the savings on gym membership!) all the legal aid they need. Transport…I could go on.

If one were unfortunate enough to be on the streets, but NOT commit crimes, maybe they should reconsider their career. I am not joking, think about all the benefits versus the negatives. What are they, let me think, ok you are behind 4 walls, and get locked in your room at night. The cost to the taxpayer is massive, and the jail population is growing. I bet my last dollar they grow by returning crooks who just throw the towel in and say it is too tough on the outside I am going back in…I’m better off inside…Some with money, may even think…Gee maybe even rent out my place for 400 a week while im here…leave jail and not pay back one bloody cent, have a nice kitty when I get out. pay the victim nothing either…I’m a mere poor prisoner…

Driven to court and back, unlimited free calls and correspondence to lawyers etc It makes my blood boil actually. I want the view of all you guys, I’m sure (well I hope) we also get the view from the other side, those who have been in, or have partners on the inside.

I will tell you know, it will take a lot of convincing to tell me that beyond all of the above, these poor people are suffering the lack of freedom etc. Well that IS the point of it all, the committed crimes, and suffer the consequences, my point is most Aussies would have no ides how generous these consequences are! Cheers Robbo

Barwon Prison in Victoria, which contains Victoria’s worst criminals

THE state’s most dangerous criminals are enjoying cut-price junk food and luxury items in our most secure prison.

While working families are struggling to meet grocery bills, our most heinous inmates jailed at Barwon Prison, including serial killers Peter Dupas and Paul Denyer, are living on discount smoked oysters, ice cream, popcorn and cheese.

The Herald Sun has matched prices at an inner-city supermarket chain with the Barwon Prison canteen, finding prisoners are saving up to 22 per cent compared with average consumers.

Overall, 16 items of a basket of 22 were cheaper at the Barwon Prison one-stop shop. The items were taken from 267 listed products available to prisoners.

The biggest win for the crooks was for John West Temptations, a mega-saving of a dollar from a supermarket price of $2.36.

Prisoners were also able to buy Mint Slices for $2.23, well under the supermarket price of $3.10, while Tim Tams were 10c cheaper than the going rate.

Other cut-price items at Barwon canteen included a 25-cent saving on Coon cheese, a 50c cut on a Gillette Mach 3 razor and a pack of Salada crackers down 35c.

But it wasn’t all red-spot specials for the bad guys.

Delicious Chocolate Royals were 20c up on the supermarket, Lipton tea (50s) 12c higher, baked beans 26c dearer while Palmolive shampoo was a rip off at the canteen, with a marked price of $5.41, 42c higher.

A Corrections Victoria spokesman said prison shops were run by each prison and no profit was made.

He said products were purchased directly by the prison, usually at wholesale prices.

“They are allowed to a purchase a basic range of items such as telephone credit, toiletries or food products in limited quantities from the prison shop,” the spokesman said.

“Prisoners pay for these themselves at no cost to the taxpayer.”

RMIT criminal justice advocate Peter Norden said people should be questioning the cost of building and staffing more prisons for more inmates – which is estimated at $500,000 a cell – rather than the price of food.

“They can get cheaper food in the prisons because it’s an expanding population,” he said, tongue in cheek.

“They can buy in bulk.”

Pam Greenbury, the mother of murder victim Tracey, said prisoners should not be getting sweets or any other luxury item, let alone at a discount.

“I wouldn’t like our daughter’s murderer to get any luxuries,” Mrs Greenbury said.

“Luxuries at a discounted price? I’d say no.”

Dupas sentenced to third life term, no parole

Finally this wicked gutless piece of scum has been sentenced to life in jail for a third term with no chance of parole. A small victory for the families of the victims this bloke murdered. He has sucked the system of more than 3 million dollars on legal aid and top notch lawyers with our tax dollars to play with the courts for years. Already sentenced to life it is such a bloody waste.The government needs to do something about it. I hope we never see this gutless little loser ever again spending another dollar. Feeding him and keeping a roof over his head is too much spent already.One other thing that  shits me is the drug smuggling ex solicitor, Andrew Fraser, who was serving seven years, is lined up to get a million dollar reward, he shared a cell with Dupas, and apparently got information off him only the killer would know. Jailed crims benefiting from jailed crims…Stuff that

SERIAL killer Peter Dupas has been handed a third life sentence with no parole for the 1997 cemetery murder of Melbourne woman Mersina Halvagis.

A Supreme Court jury last week found Dupas guilty of repeatedly stabbing Ms Halvagis, 25, near her grandmother’s grave at Fawkner cemetery in 1997.

Today, Justice Elizabeth Hollingworth handed Dupas, 57, a life jail term with no parole.

Dupas is already serving two life jail terms without parole for murdering Nicole Patterson and Margaret Maher.

Justice Hollingworth said Dupas attacked Ms Halvagis “suddenly and savagely” with a knife.

“It must have been an absolutely terrifying ordeal for her.”

She said Dupas went to the cemetery that day probably seeking an easy target.

“Tragically, it seems Ms Halvagis was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

Justice Hollingworth said Dupas had an appalling criminal history dating back to 1972.

She said Dupas had shown no remorse for his brutal crime against Ms Halvagis and there was no suggestion he had prospects of rehabilitation.

She said he seemed to be motivated by a “deeply entrenched perverted and sadistic” hatred of women.

Dupas showed no emotion during the sentencing.

Members of the Halvagis family hugged outside the court after the sentence was handed down.

Dupas was first convicted in 2007 of stabbing Ms Halvagis more than 30 times near her grandmother’s grave, but the decision was overturned and a new trial ordered last year.

The retrial jury heard three witnesses placed Dupas at the cemetery at or near the time of the killing.

The jurors also accepted the testimony of star witness Andrew Fraser, who shared a unit with Dupas at Port Phillip Prison while jailed for drug crimes.

The former criminal lawyer said Dupas had performed a mime of his attack on Ms Halvagis and told him he did not leave any forensic evidence at Fawkner.

Dupas had also appeared shaken when a Greek inmate accused him of Ms Halvagis’ murder, saying “How does that c— know I did it?”, and stroked a homemade knife found in the prison garden, saying “Mersina”.

The jury rejected the defence’s suggestion that Mr Fraser’s evidence was driven by the promise of an early jail release and a $1 million reward.

Dupas has previously been named as a suspect in the murders of three other women.

Dupas to rot in hell, finally

Finally the Halvagis family can live in some piece, Peter Dupas has  wasted more than 3 million, yes three million dollars of tax payers money in legal aid, appeals, retrials etc when he was already sentenced to live. What a waste of money on this maggot. The family has had this drag on since their daughter was killed at her grandmas grave site back in 1997. This bastard has just laughed at the sytem and decided to suck it dry all he can. Must give him something to do in jail. What I hate about it is he probably laughs and giggles to himself at all the waste…Peter Dupas a vexatious litigant. NO MORE HULLS the people have had enough of him, and those like him

THE family of cemetery murder victim Mersina Halvagis have begged the State Government to ban her killer from appealing against his latest conviction for the crime.

The Halvagis family last night pleaded with Attorney-General Rob Hulls to ask the Supreme Court to declare serial killer Peter Dupas a vexatious litigant.

They want Dupas, whose legal fight has already cost taxpayers more than $3 million, to be denied the right to lodge any further appeal.

A Supreme Court jury yesterday found Dupas, 57, guilty for the second time of stabbing Ms Halvagis to death as she prayed at her grandmother’s grave at Fawkner Cemetery on November 1, 1997.

Dupas showed no emotion as the jury foreman announced the verdict just after 3pm. Why would he? he has no feelings, he knows he is guilty, been terrorising woman and children since his teens

Ms Halvagis’s parents, sister, two brothers and family friends and supporters were all in court to hear the verdict after a three-week trial.


Their relief was palpable but they remained silent until Dupas was led from the dock, when Mersina’s mother, Christina, told him to “rot in hell”.

The jury of nine men and three women had deliberated since Tuesday.

Ms Halvagis’s father, George, said outside court it was “time for the legal system to decide what really matters”.

“He’s been allowed to play the system at our expense for too long already and our nightmare should end here,” Mr Halvagis said.

Dupas, with three prior convictions for rape, has now been convicted of slashing to death three women.

He remains the prime suspect in the unsolved murders of three others.

His Legal Aid lawyers have appealed after each of his murder convictions. He has nothing to gain from another appeal because he can never be released from jail.

Dupas, 57, is serving life with no parole for the mutilation murders of Margaret Maher in 1997 and Nicole Patterson in 1999, and was given a third life sentence in 2007 after being convicted of Ms Halvagis’s murder.

He was granted a retrial after appealing on the ground the trial judge had misdirected the jury on identification issues.

Justice Elizabeth Hollingworth will sentence Dupas on November 30. He is likely to receive a third life sentence.

At least $3 million of public money has been spent by Victoria Legal Aid, the Office of Public Prosecutions and the courts during 33 separate legal proceedings since Dupas was first charged.

Police investigations involving Dupas are estimated to have added at least another $2.5 million to the total.

Pam O’Donnell, the mother of Nicole Patterson, said the Government and the courts should have the courage to do the right thing by his victims and their families.

“It can not be allowed to continue. Enough is enough,” Mrs O’Donnell said.

Legal experts said there was no precedent for a prisoner to be declared a vexatious litigant to thwart an appeal, but it was possible.

Mr Hulls last night called Dupas “an evil human being who will die in jail”, adding: “Having met the Halvagis family, my heart goes out to them. I hope this verdict brings them some closure.”

Now go take his computer and crap away now he has more more proceedings to Hulls and let him live in his comfy cell with nothing…