Peter John Lasdauskus, you just got UPDATED

UPDATE 8th Jan 2014

This bloke had the audacity to write to me with threats of legal action as he felt he was not in the category of being a paedophile, even though he sexually assaulted teenage girls aged 16 and bragged about it.

WELL WELL WELL This tool has inspired me to  encompass all the sex offenders just in case they think they get a chance to feel better about themselves on a word.

Peter you committed a disgusting dirty crime, were convicted for it and was placed on the sex offenders register.

Just because you relaxed in jail for a while does NOT mean the outside world forget what you did!

It is sizzled red hot into history,I hate to imagine the memories the young girls have of your disgusting behaviour.

Next time you consider writing to a blog demanding removal like some almighty god, think again loser.

Jailed for assault on lesbians

DAVID KILLICK | December 08, 2010 11.04am

A DRUNKEN man who indecently assaulted two teenage lesbians as they made out in a tent has been jailed.

Vodafone worker Peter John Lasdauskas, 37, of Rose Bay was sentenced to nine months in prison by Justice Shan Tennent in the Supreme Court in Hobart this morning.

He had pleaded guilty to three counts of indecent assault.

Justice Tennant said Lasdauskas had been drinking at a party at a friend’s house on New Year’s Eve.

When he discovered the 16-year-old two girls were kissing in a tent in the backyard he and another man went to watch.

They were told to leave but Lasdauskas returned and touched one of the girls on the leg before by indecently touching and licking her.

Justice Tennant said the girl was terrified Lasdauskas might become violent if she didn’t comply.

He subsequently indecently assaulted the girl’s partner.

The court heard Lasdauskas said shortly afterwards: “Did you see what I was doing to those bitches?” and had boasted of his encounter with two lesbians.

Justice Tennant said the incident had cost Lasdauskas his marriage and would probably also cost him his job.

She sentenced him to nine months in jail, with three months of the sentence suspended provided Lasdauskas be of good behaviour for three years.

She also ordered he be placed on the sex offenders register for the same period.
Man ‘lost everything’ after assaulting teens

Posted Mon Nov 29, 2010 12:51pm AEDT

A southern Tasmanian man has admitted sexually assaulting two 16-year-old girls at a house party.

Peter John Lasdauskus of Rose Bay has pleaded guilty to three counts of indecent sexual assault.

The father of three had taken his wife and children to the house party late last year, and started drinking heavily.

Later that night he assaulted a 16-year-old girl and her best friend, who were sleeping in a tent in the backyard.

The Supreme Court in Hobart heard Lasdauskus’ wife found out about the assaults and left him the next day.

The matter was supposed to go to trial today, but Lasdauskus pleaded guilty at the last-minute.

His lawyer said the evening of stupidity had cost his client everything.

Lasdauskus will be sentenced next week.


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A new section dedicated to Australian Paedophiles

Finally the Victorian State Government  announced a reversal of laws that have allowed paedophiles to remain anonymous behind court suppression orders. It has been a long time coming but WE the public are soon to get what we have always wanted and that is protection and disclosure from the courts so these rock spiders cannot hide any more under ancient suppression orders that these animals hid under like rats, to hide and sneak around and gnaw away at our children undetected and unknown. Without doubt the other states MUST FOLLOW SUIT and change their legislation too! VICTIMS AND THE PUBLIC MUST COME BEFORE THE CRIMINAL

Judges considering suppressing publication of the identity of a sex offender will now have to place the interests of any victims first, followed by the protection of children, families and the general public. The change was about protecting the public rather than “these weak individuals” who prey on our children in the shadows.

Remember this bloke I named the other week? We he was the catalyst for me starting up this new section Sex abuser wins right to suppress his name  NOT HERE he doesn’t PETER VERSI

I have a list on known and convicted paedophiles as long as my arm of these disgusting individuals, that I have been drafting with the help of a few dedicated concerned participants of this site and via a source or two as well. This is a dedicated section on the PAEDOPHILES, on what they did, who they are, and if known, where they live, photo and all!

I have incorporated the site into this one and you will see it at the top in the menu titled Aussie Paedophiles ( trending with Aussie Criminals” of course).

It is a new wordpress address but I am hoping to match it all up when I kick of our own domain.It looks and feels the same as this site.There is also a link on the top menu to get back to here Aussie Criminals.

The idea being you can search at the top menu and in a single click search for these creeps by the following:

  • State by State,
  • The Conviction
  • Whether or not they are a registered sex offender
  • Their status, In jail, on parole, or released
  • Whether or not we have the court transcript
  •   Identifying photo(s)

I am refining the posting format but soon we will have hundreds of these rock spiders on here for anyone to check on.If you have info on someone, email me with details, any newspaper articles and transcripts if known, and of course confirmed images.(I do check this stuff though) and I will put them up!