Rioting Sudanese gangs…No excuses

Ok lets get one thing straight…THIS is not a raciest story, merely a story where a race is waging some sort of violent rampage/payback over the last week.

Know I do not know if this started purely at a beauty pageant for the Sudanese beauties in our community or not. But to me personally, it stinks of some sort of drunken jealousy gone wrong…

The authorities need to nip this in the bud VERY VERY quickly or many will suffer at the drunken stupidity of a few…

Venues will refuse bookings, Community grants and or assistance denied, community support will plummet, not to mention the cops getting tough and enacting zero tolerance at venues where they once showed some diplomacy

Alcohol has been raised as a reason but who cares? Nip it in the bud now or every honest law abiding Sudanese male will forever be tarnished with the brush of these drunken hooligans…If they prefer we can arrange to take them back to where they came, and what a mistake that would be for humanity

UPDATE 2.49pm: PREMIER Ted Baillieu has called on local Sudanese leaders to start showing some leadership.

Dobuol Nyuon was attacked during a brawl at an after-party for a Miss South Sudan event

After three nights of violence across Melbourne involving young Sudanese thugs, Mr Baillieu warned the offenders would face the full force of the law.

The Premier said he was concerned and saddened by the events.

He talked to Sudanese leaders today about the problems and is planning further discussions.

“Anybody who breaks the law will be dealt with by the law, but we do have to recognise there are some problems in some communities that need to be addressed,” he said.

“What we need is young local leaders in all these communities stepping up to the plate.”

Mr Baillieu admitted problems with racism could be undermining Victoria’s approach to migrants and multiculturalism.

Three people were injured last night after reportedly being hit by bottles during a brawl in the carpark of Daisey’s Hotel, Ringwood, about 10.30pm.

Police were called after reports of a large group of Sudanese men fighting.

It’s believed up to 30 men could have been involved in the brawl, in which three people suffered head and leg injuries.

The latest incident comes after a man was stabbed and others injured at a “kickback party” for the beauty pageant in the early hours of Monday morning.

Then yesterday a policeman was hit in the face with a stubby and another punched when an unruly mob descended on them in Braybrook, in Melbourne’s west.

‘Sue’, whose policeman partner needed stitches in the head after he was hit with a bottle while trying to break up the Braybrook brawl said a crackdown on violent thugs was needed.

She said her partner also attended the brawl in Ringwood this morning.

‘Sue’ said she welcomed changes to immigration law which mean asylum seekers convicted of a crime while in detention would almost certainly be deported.

“I think we do need to take a tougher stand,’’ she told 3AW.

“Yes they’ve had a hard upbringing, yes they’ve been through a lot where they’ve come from but you really have to leave it at the door to make a fresh start.

“If they bring it (violence) with them how can we be a better country? We’re going to end up exactly the same.’’

Sue said the recent brawls by members of the Sudanese community were terrible.

“It’s been an issue for months and months and months it’s just that it’s been on such a large scale over this weekend that it’s sort of really been brought to a head,’’ she told 3AW.

“When you’ve got hundreds of people you could get every police officer in Melbourne and they wouldn’t stand a chance.

“Unfortunately it’s becoming really scary out there.’’

Police are looking for any links between the three brawls.

Police Deputy Commissioner Sir Ken Jones this morning said he was “open to discussion” about police keeping specific statistics on crimes involving the Sudanese community.

Sir Ken said police had previously collected statistics about crimes against Indian students.

Police keep some statistics documenting offenders’ country of birth, but Sudan is not currently listed as a stand alone category.

“We do collect some statistics which give us an indication about racial make up,” Sir Ken said.

“I think there is some pretty impressive data within Victorian Government databases. I have seen it on Victorian Government indices and there is some good data Commonwealth-wise. Whether we need to replicate that at police level is open to discussion.”

He couldn’t say if there was a higher offending rate among the Sudanese community compared with other nationalities.

Former police chief Christine Nixon said in 2007 that Sudanese people represented only one per cent of criminals dealt with by the force.

Sir Ken said migrants who fled war-torn countries like Sudan often didn’t know anything but violence.

“I think, broadly speaking, you can have difficulties with migrant groups as they adapt to the laws of the country that are hosting them and that can take some time but usually government will step in, local government committees to make sure that transition is as smooth as possible and clearly that’s been an issue for some groups coming into any major city, including Melbourne,” he said on 3AW.

Sir Ken said he didn’t think the recent violence involving the Sudanese community was linked to racism.

“I’m afraid there is racism in every society,” he said.

“This isn’t about racism. This is about groups getting out of hand over a pageant, over a party confronting our cops. It’s a very, very nasty incident and the law will be enforced. People need a lot of help to assimilate and integrate.”

In last night’s incident, a 20-year-old South Australian man was reportedly hit with a bottle during the clash.

He suffered head injuries and cuts to his legs and hand.

Shortly afterwards at Ringwood Lake, police found a Bayswater man, 20, with cuts to his upper body and a Balwyn man, 19, with head injuries and bleeding to his leg.

The Balwyn man was taken to Maroondah Hospital in a non-life-threatening condition.

Most of the men involved in the clash were perceived to be of African appearance.

Police said they all appeared to be intoxicated and were being uncooperative.

Maroondah CIU detectives have not established a motive for the brawl.

No arrests have been made.

Police believe at least six people in the brawl were from interstate.

It’s believed they had been in Victoria for the Miss South Sudan Australia beauty pageant last weekend.

A trail of blood in the hotel’s carpark appears to lead to a car, with spots of blood on the ground around it.

The silver Holden Commodore’s tyres are flat and its registration has been removed.

A spokesman for ALH group, which owns and operates Daisey’s Hotel, David Curry, said the men had not been at the venue before the stoush.

He said the hotel would assist police with their investigation in any way it could.

Police are investigating whether the brawls are linked.

Beauty pageant winner Nyakor Tut has called on the state government to help engage Sudanese youth in the wider community in an effort to quell violence.

Anyone with information about the brawl is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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