Corrupt cop Sgt Stuart MacDonald gives Bar 20 free pass

UPDATE 4.45pm: A CORRUPT cop who tipped off a a strip joint owner about a police crackdown has avoided jail because he has already suffered, a judge says.


Sergeant Stuart MacDonald told showgirls Bar 20 about police crackdown

County Court Judge Joe Gullaci today convicted former Sgt Stuart MacDonald of misconduct in public office, handing down a two-year jail term, wholly suspended for 30 months.

(what a crock of shit, he has suffered enough???? What a tired old “Passed it’s use by date” term that is.Update the laws to suit the crimes.Every Crim gets embarrassed etc etc.Why is this turd any different? Tell me. I dare anyone to give me one legitimate excuse?)

In sentencing the disgraced officer, Justice Gullaci said: “The offending is serious, it erodes the community belief in the entire police force and undermines the standing of all police officers in the community.

He said he had suspended MacDonald’s sentence because he had already been punished enough, noting he had lost a 25-year police career, suffering a marriage breakdown and had suicidal thoughts after being humiliated by the incident.

Earlier the County Court had been told former police sergeant had been put on a month of Safe Streets patrol, where he led a team of junior officers targeting King St venues for breaches of liquor licenses and other illegal activities. mentoring the new recruits how to go about it?

Crown Prosecutor Claire Quin told the court on three weekends between March 13 and April 25, 2009, MacDonald telephoned a manager at Showgirls Bar 20, whom he had known for 10 years, to tell him police plans for the sting over the weekends.

MacDonald told the man about operational orders where Bar 20 was underlined as a target for the night, when undercover police would be patrolling the venue, and on another occasion warned undercover police would be targeting party buses.

Police were monitoring the manager’s phone for a separate investigation during this period, Ms Quin said, and conversations were captured on tape between MacDonald and him.

The man was also recorded calling John Trimble, owner of Bar 20, to relay the information given by MacDonald.

In one conversation the man told Trimble Bar 20 was being targeted because of a VCAT case against the venue, but added “at least I got someone givin’ us a bit of a tip off nowadays”.

“For the next four weeks we’re pretty much in the clear because he’s, ah, working King St for the next four weeks,” he told Trimble on another occasion.

County Court Judge Joe Gullaci said he disagreed with MacDonald’s counsel Damian Sheales’ submission that a conviction and fine was appropriate punishment.

“He is a sworn officer who knows precisely what it is about, making a decision to undermine precisely what he’s sworn to do,” he said.

Mr Sheales told the court there was no criminal intention in the disclosure of the information to the manager of Bar 20, but instead it meant the venue even more stringently kept to its legal obligations.

“The only effect of the releasing of information can be one of two things. One that it had no effect or two it made Bar 20 adhere more stringently to their obligations,” Mr Sheales said.

MacDonald, whose address is suppressed by the court, pleaded guilty to one rolled up count of misconduct in a public office.

This total tool will take up some top job with a security mob, representing the same filthy bars he tried to protect as a copper…And use his contacts to covertly stay in the loop.. Some things will never change

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