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  1. In my opinion, we are all here because we are the rare people who actually care for others.

    It would be great if we can put our heads together to actually do something that will better a life or lives – people or animals.


  2. This is so unbelievably sad, the despicable rape and murder of Joan Ryther. She and her husband Cory had already been through so much, marrying in 2011 and waiting 15 months for her visa to come through so they could be together and live in Australia. They were finally together for four months, and she was expecting their first child when she was murdered. Her husband looks absolutely broken, and is now taking her body back to her family in the Philippines.


    1. Again. . .why? So very sad, SfA. Life is so cheap. The person arrested for this murder is still a teenager, a youth. At his age the last thing on my mind was violence. But then these are angry times, violent times. It is in our faces everywhere we look. Television, cinema, games. And in suburban streets.
      What are we doing to this generation?


      1. Meth amphetamines and ICE are cheaper than alcohol. Youth go for the cheapest high – ignoring the side effects/internal demons that the chemicals can release.
        IMO it all comes down to the cheapest drug to avoid taking responsibility for their actions.


            1. You poor thing, Mountain Misst, terrible how children are perhaps treated and what they feel they have to turn to to get away from it all.


  3. Speaking of alcohol and deaths, some young’uns have died after drinking home brew or moonshine near Toowoomba recently. The remainder of the party are crook; very crook. They were “gone fishing.”


    1. Methanol, a by-product of distilling. If the temperatures are not correct the alcohol is laced with this “drag car fuel” and it cannot be easily detected. Even the best home made distilleries are renowned for being problematic with temperature control.
      Only 8 millilitres is enough to kill, so when you think a normal sized can of coke is 350 millilitres, thats not much.
      It’s also accumulative, just like cyanide, so it stays with you for most of your life.


  4. I’ve starting toying with the election charts – Rudd and Abbott were born just over a month apart and so their stars are intermingled…
    Rudd’s chart is particularly interesting as we lead up to the vote – I know the word is that when the redhead falls that shorten will get the leadership with the help of the unions, however the stars are indicating that a certain Q’lander’s star is shining more brightly…


    1. So the rock star signing autographs isn’t simply ‘giving them a helping hand”? Perhaps he is waiting for people to plead for his return. What do his stars indicate about revenge being best served cold 😉


    2. Oh Boy! This sounds interesting!
      For what it’s worth, I hear that Rudd and all his fellow class mates were taught well regarding Politics and how the Political System works in Primary School from an enterprising teacher.
      Not saying I go along with his politics, but I DO go along with his teacher’s, education, slightly outside the set State, curricula. That, I applaud.


  5. Moussaka Recipe

    1. Cut the eggplant into slices about 1/4 inch thick, and place on paper towel. Sprinkle salt over the slices and allow to stand for 15 – 30 minutes on the paper towel on benchtop. This will draw out the moisture. Dab the eggplant dry with paper towel Lots of paper towel. This will help prepare the Eggplant for Cooking” by removing excess moisture and any bitterness.
    2. Heat some olive oil (or oil of choice) in a skillet or whatever cooking vessel you have, over medium-high heat until it shimmers. Add the eggplant to the hot oil a few slices at a time and sauté, turning as necessary, until tender and lightly colored, 2 to 3 minutes on each side. Transfer to a rack to drain while you sauté the remaining eggplant, adding more oil to the skillet as necessary. Eggplant to be slightly golden coloured.

    3. To prepare a meat sauce: The meat sauce can be your favorite spaghetti bolognaise receipe, minus the spaghetti.
    Heat oil and fry salt and pepper, then garlic (optional)
    Frying the salt and pepper will add an extra dimension to the overall taste sensation.
    Add the onion (if onion doesn’t agree with you, substitute with leek), and
    Cook over medium high heat, stirring frequently.
    Add mince meat and cook over medium heat, stirring frequently, about 5 – 10minutes.
    Add the tomato (canned tomatos pureed is fine) and about 1/2 cup water.
    Simmer until thick and flavorful, about 30 minutes. Add the tomato paste.
    Add Chopped celery. Chopped capsicum. red or green or both.
    Add Silver beet or spinach.
    Add whatever spice takes your fancy. Say Mixed herbs for beef mince or oregano for lamb mince.
    Only add spring onions at the last; no need to fry them.
    Add sliced black olives for a difference (completely optional)

    4. Prepare Bechamel Sauce.
    Heat butter in saucepan, add salt and pepper, and flour. Stir very well until all the flour is lightly golden (not burnt:….. well, little tiny bit burned ok) and the mixture all even, No lumps or bumps.
    Add milk and whisk briskly until thickened. Add a bay Leaf or two for the lovely bay leafy flavor. Don’t forget to remove the bay leaves before the Moussaka goes in the oven.
    Add grated tasty cheese to the white sauce mixture if you like. (Not Completely necessary.)
    5. Heat the oven to 350 degrees F.

    6. To assemble the Moussaka:
    (a) Place a layer of sauteed or fried eggplant slices in a large casserole Dish.
    (b) Add the meat sauce and spread it into an even layer. Layers may be repeated.
    (c) Cover the Bechamal sauce over the Eggplant and Mince layers.
    Add favourite grated cheese toppings mixed, e.g. Tasty grated cheese,
    Mozzeralla, dash of parmesan and sprinkle liberally with Paprika and maybe litle bit grated black pepper.
    Bake, uncovered, until the cheese sauce is thick and golden brown and the Eggplant is very tender, about 45 minutes. Let the Moussaka rest for about 20 minutes before cutting and serving.
    Serve with parsley butter fried potato wedges, and salad.

    Meat sauce may include:
    Mince beef or lamb mince.
    Onion (or if onion doesn’t agree, substitute with leek)
    Chopped celery, little bit (helps to soften the meat)
    Chopped capsicum red or green or both.
    Tomato pureed (main ingredient) about one large can’s worth. Tomato paste; Little bit.
    Spring onions. Add raw to mince mixture so that the only cooking occurs is in the oven.
    Spinach or silver beet goes very well also. (Again don’t overcook)
    Sliced black olives (optional according to taste)
    Any chopped parsley or coriander used is dependent on personal taste.
    Mixed herbs for beef or oregano for lamb.
    This basic meat mince recipe is ideal for either Lasagne, or Moussaka, or
    Spaghetti Bolognaise.
    Simply substitute Lasagne noodles for Lasagne, Prepared cooked eggplant for
    Moussaka, or Spaghetti for Spaghetti Bolognaise
    Just add or subtract according to how you feel on the day, or what you have in the garden.
    Lots of love from Queensland Country Lady


  6. Te he! No worries. Smells and tastes better than it reads! You are most welcome anytime GHS. Will blame Moonlight for the Greek theme.
    And Tishy for asking!
    And betcha can’t find a better receipe!


      1. Haha! Re Coriander! That’s why I said dependent on personal taste. This is my own secret recipe. You won’t find it like this anywhere else. It’s true it’s a bit involved, but the end result is worth it.


        1. QCL it worked!!!! And it was really yum, so much so that I am apparently allowed to make it again! So thank you. Saved you and Moonlight some for lunch today. Xx


          1. You just made my day! Isn’t it lovely to share? It was a favourite for my children.
            PS Thanks for keeping the two spares!


  7. G’day ,just in case I’m just a memory …
    I was a regular poster on this site until I read that our host (Robbo) had taken us down a road I did not approve of , that being his admission he’d stolen money in a similar vein to ‘The Fat Aussie Barstard’ whom he chastised with all his might … I did not and still don’t accept his behaviour.

    I was alerted to a posting supposedly made by myself and came here to see what I ‘had’ posted some time ago , I found nothing and left it at that , however a friend mentioned it again recently , so once again I searched.

    My conclusion, it must have been removed by a moderator.

    I am lead to believe the posting was most unusually written when compared to my general contributions over a long period , I’m here to refute the idea i’d made a posting of this sorts.

    Prior to Robbo’s admission he was a thief I had respect for the man, however after reading of his less than commendable ways I made the decision to no longer take part in this forum, just as both he and i had done so with the thieving ‘Fat Aussie Barstard’s ‘ you tube contributions.

    In recent days I was informed that ‘my supposed post’ had been , along with replies removed … this I feel was done so ‘ keep the peace’ and to soften the blow created by Robbo’s non appearance for a lengthy period (now over 6 months)

    At the time Robbo went to ground i’d received information that some of his excuses for not being at the helm were infact not true ,so I collected my hat and coat and departed.

    It was a decision I made with heavy heart as I had found the site one with which all appeared to have a common interest , this was thwarted by the site owner admitting he too was a criminal and that shook me to the core.

    I have nothing but respect for the regular contributors who have shown their disdain for those who break our laws , in saying that I believe you all have theories on all law breakers including Robbo … I have asked myself where he could be and my only conclusion is that he must be in a situation where he cannot use the net ……. his “baby” , this room had him posting daily , then suddenly he disappeared only to resume to admit he’d stolen money then again departed , if nothing else that is a mystery … however I digress , this post is an attempt to give all readers information that any past, current or future notes from me have and will always be recognisable by my way of posting , to the person claiming to be me my message is simple ….. get a life !

    To those who continue to post , although I feel the forum has been greatly down graded by it’s owners actions , I have nothing but admiration for your efforts , I do wish I had the same fire in the belly … thanks for taking the time to read this and I must add I do have a gander every other week , so keep it informative with a dash of humour every now n then to keep it interesting.
    Kind Regards to all ….. Mike.


        1. Really it is nobodies business at all what is going on with Robbo, how do we know, he could be ill for all we know. Nobody knows who any of us are on here (except a few of us that are friends on fb)..anyone of us could be crims, thieves or anything else. (I sure hope not) ….all we have to worry about is how we conduct ourselves and be thankful to Robbo for giving us this site where we can meet and chat and join together in friendship and to hopefully see justice for Allison…..I for one miss Robbo……so, Robbo did wrong…..he admitted it….he apologized to us all…..what more do you want from him ? would you like to cast the first stone ?? GET OVER IT !!!!


          1. Justtdreaming – really dismayed by your response to Sad for Allison…”GET OVER IT!!!!”

            I think she was just saying that this poster may not, in fact, be the same “Mike” we used to know here.


              1. Your post comes up as a reply to Sad for Allison, not to Mike. Hence my donning my Mother Bear suit.

                Sorry for misunderstanding – I thought it very odd and unusually harsh language coming from you.

                Mike was a rather jovial regular here some time back, but I do recall that he took umbrage and departed.

                As he has raised similar issues in this new message, I think it may very well be him again – but as SFA points out, there’s always the possibility that someone with an axe to grind has commandeered his name.


            1. I’m actually sitting here crying to think you would think that I would say that to one of our long time friends….maybe it’s time I left this site…maybe it makes me to emotional….and I’m sorry that you think I said that to SFA;


              1. Oh no – my reply and explanation has not reached you quickly enough.

                I hope you are still up to read it.

                You have always been so kind and compassionate – I thought it out of character for you to write in such terms.

                And on my computer, it showed as a response to SFA, so I jumped in to defend her.

                But I am a luddite when it comes to computer stuff, and I have clearly stuffed up big time tonight.

                I implore you not to leave – I’m happy to do so instead if you will please stay.

                I cannot apologise enough….I totally misread the situation and have reacted with my heart and not my head.


                1. Hey justtdreaming and GHS, emotions run high sometimes and there is no harm done. Of course neither of you should consider leaving, you are both caring souls who make extremely worthwhile contributions which are highly valued by us all here.

                  For what it’s worth, I was merely pointing out to Mike, that he may have been misguided by another person that someone may be using his name here. I’m fairly sure in the past there has been more than one Mike (but don’t really have the energy to go back and check their avatars). In any case it’s entirely possible that another poster would surface at some stage with the same name, who is NOT trying to impersonate the Mike who posted above.

                  I agree with you justtdreaming, we are very fortunate that Robbo provides this forum for us to discuss matters close to our hearts, and that is all I think about Robbo. His personal life has nothing to do with the discussion.


    1. He who is free of sin, cast the first stone.
      We are all flawed, imperfect people, aren’t we? I still contend that there are more guilty people out of jail than in it.


  8. mike what is it exactly that robbo is accused of.i think I remember you posting back in the carl Williams demise ;saga.i recall robbo saying he was a jerno once; does anybody know his current situation? but lets be fair and ask robbo to explain. I thought it a bit odd being out of action for so long with a prem baby we had one 5mnths ago 5 weeks prem after a month when the danger has passed all goes back to normal.he seemed like a nice genuine bloke .is there any proof he’s a thief;or just an accusation.


  9. Correct me if I’m wrong…

    Re: If you note, this site address is not a sub directory of aussiecriminals, but a separate blog of Robbos.

    When you are a WordPress client you can have as many blogs as you like, some free, some not – aussiepaedophiles was a freebie. Maintaining the blogs is a separate thing. As the administrator, Robbo can give partial access to his blogs for people to moderate comments, delete spam etc. Log in is required for each blog. is able to be partly maintained by Yoshi and other generous volunteers however to the best of my knowledge Robbo has not given admin access to any of his other blogs (eg aussiepaedophiles) and that would mean that without a moderator, the spam boxes and comments would be overfull and taking into consideration the subject – most likely serious spam which would breach anyone’s guidelines needs to be deleted.

    So you see folks, there is naught we can do… we need the boss to return from leave.


        1. You had the address, Mountain Misst, as your link provided.

          I have contacted WordPress, on behalf of who knows, although reading their directions, I’m not allowed to, they haven’t responded as yet.


  10. Hello Moonlight and Mountain Misst
    It’s Saturday and many people might simply be off doing what people do Saturday morning, errands, away from home activities. As I had to do. Looked in here briefly, that’s all.
    There was also a misunderstanding here late last night, which I think might have caused some angst. Enough to make people want to simply keep away from the whole site for a while.
    Moonlight, your huge effort here has not gone unnoticed, ever. I didn’t realize the police had made contact or of the creep pedaphile had been making threats. Clearly there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes. I applaud you, I thank you, and I love you!
    Mountain Misst, your work also is wonderful. So many people benefit by your work.
    I am grateful that you can help try and iron out some of the glitches here too. Soft ware hard hare and computer ware etc. And I love you too.
    Me, I am a complete computer klutz. Got the new Windows 8 some time ago, and needed lots of help not just learning how to drive, but needed lots of input just make it driveable at all.
    Back to the site woes:
    It is horrifying that there are so many evil vile creeps around. And they appear to have no concept that THEY might have a problem. They think everyone else is like they are. Slewed, crude, lewd and rude.
    They come through the hospitals all the time too and think they are normal. Plenty sickening warped individuals expecting to be treated as normal people.
    My animals show more sense of right and wrong than these.
    Personally I wish the Police could run a site such as this. They would surely be well informed as to what’s going on. And they could input from normal people. Not just people trying to twist things around towards their own ends.
    I believe this site has huge benefit. Even if we can not ensure justice is done, we can be well informed as to what is happening.
    I am thinking of writing a letter to Campbell Newman, not a Facebook letter though.
    Am not 100% sure of the content just yet. But it’s mainly the conglomeration of the current concerns of everyone here.
    One of the best things about this site is the contributions made by such a wide variety of people.
    Probably from all different sides of Politics and religion. But yet we are united (generally speaking) in JUSTICE and truth.
    Brainstorming might be another word for it.
    Now there I started this off two hours ago and will just send as is.
    The main message here is THANK YOU.
    Should anyone from here decide to continue this BC saga on another blog, I am happy to contribute to its upkeep financially.
    It would be a disaster to lose this site in my opinion.
    Best wishes and lots of love, QCL.


  11. Nicely put QCL.I would also like to add that I don’t think anyone is using Moonlight. I for one didn’t know he/she was even doing all that background stuff. It does indeed sound like a lot of work and angst as well. Now that I know just has what transpires in the background of a blog I take my hat off to Moonlight (and others who run blogs (MM) and those that help out with this one). I hope you don’t go Moonlight, a big hug for you and many thanks.


    1. This child had evidence of a history of physical abuse. Dead by age 7. Breaks your heart, doesn’t it? Home should be a safe haven, a soft place to fall, but what hope when you’re safer OUTSIDE your home? I can’t believe this story, it makes me sick to my stomach.


    1. Hi MM, I really feel deep pain for poor Jill and her family…I’m pleased with the sentencing though and lets hope he dies in jail just before his release date !!!! Adrian Bayley doesn’t deserve to ever walk free again !!!!

      so pleased your still with us, I was worried about you x


      1. Don’t worry about me JD. When I started working with o/s cases they needed to check me out – that’s when my local constabulary needed to know what I’m up to. They local boys-in-blue have supported me for many years.


    2. Dear MM

      I’m prepared to wager that Adrian Bayley is unlikely to even see 50.

      Where he’s going, he will be the most reviled person in the place by mutual agreement of his co-inhabitants.

      I hope it doesn’t happen too soon, because I would like him to experience Jill’s fear and terror for as long as possible.

      Normally, I’m a nice person. But can muster not a jot of understanding for why this dangerous creep was even allowed to be on civilised streets.

      Let him suffer, as so many victims have at his hands.


  12. Hmmm – that seems to have got through..

    Good ole ……… heh?

    Slandered and defamed mightily in both his lifetime and thereafter by people much wiser than we little latter day Antipodean bloggers, surely?

    I wouldn’t even bother playing in the sandpit with whomsoever has taken up the cudgel on his behalf.


    1. Post going out of whack again. I am replying here in the little reply box belonging to Admin’s last post, instead of the proper big Reply box at the bottom.


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